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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Apparently we have a hot neighbor

In case you haven't heard, there's a presidential election coming up in less than a month. I look forward to it all being over for a million reasons, among them the ceasing of phone calls and removal of annoying yard signs.

Note: I'm registered as an Independent. While you'd think I would get more calls because my vote's more likely to be up for grabs, I haven't received a single call or piece of mail. My husband, who has registered with his party of choice, receives constant calls and mail. Who's the smart one? (Hint: me!!!)

Anyways, back to the yard signs. I hate them. I think they're tacky and I think they don't mean anything. Everyone knows who the candidates are for the presidential race. What good does it do to put a sign in my yard advertising my vote? I'll tell you what good it does - it tells everyone my vote! Which means anyone who disagrees with my vote now has reason to target my house with trash, eggs, rocks... No, I don't live in some unsafe 'hood. I just live in my own little world of paranoia.

Joe (the husband) never mentioned signs this political season until the neighbors across the street placed not one but two (TWO!!!) signs in their yard for the opposition. We'll call them Team A so as to avoid the politics. Joe's response was that of any grown educated man - he wanted to put twelve signs in our yard for Team B. Even though we're voting for the same candidate, I said no. He argued that he was afraid everyone driving by would think our entire subdivision supports that other candidate because their house is right on the corner but finally he relented (only to put the sign in the front window of his office upstairs - don't think I didn't notice!!!) and we moved on.

So imagine my surprise to come home last night and find a yard sign sitting by the front door, ready for installation.
me: Umm, what's the deal with that?
Joe: It's a yard sign!
me: I didn't ask what it was. I asked what the deal is with it.
Joe: I was getting the mail when a neighbor stopped me. She asked if by chance I was supporting Team B. When I said yes, she asked if we'd mind putting a sign in our yard.
me: Why? What difference does it make?
Joe: She said a bunch of neighbors were afraid people driving by would think our entire subdivision supports Team A and seeing those signs makes them angry. Just like I said!
me: And you said you would.
Joe:I couldn't really say no. So she came back later and left us a sign.
me: Why couldn't you say no?
Joe: It would've been un-neighborly?
me: No, that's not why. Was she hot?
Joe: What's that got to do with it?
me (more firmly): Was she hot?
Joe: (no answer)
Which means the answer is yes and this is why I now have a political campaign sign in my front yard.


penguinsandladybugs said...

Too funny! I 100% agree with you about the signs, just lets other folks know who you are voting for. Never once have I been swayed to vote for someone becuase of signs in someone's yard.

Tiffany said...

Okay, you are just so funny. Love your writing style and am adding you blog to my blogroll.

BTW- LOVED how you told the story without getting political.. I too am a registered Independent.

Ryan and Katie said...

Hilarious! Dontcha love politics!