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Monday, October 06, 2008

My cat has scurvy

Or maybe he's having allergy issues. But scurvy sounds much more exotic.

However, it is truly the cat-owners who are afflicted by cat-scurvy because it is up to us to administer the "cure". In this case, two drops in each infected ear and a pill. Twice daily. For seven days.

As the patient regains his health (and strength), it becomes more and more difficult to give Rusty his meds. Especially since we have to give the first dose before we're really awake in the morning. Right now, we're up to dose #3 (of 14) and already he's learned to pretend-swallow the pill before spitting it back on the carpet. He bit my husband, causing blood and drama and a large amount of cursing in the early hours before sunrise.

His pills are awesome by the way. They come with a label printed just like on my own medications from the pharmacy. It says: "Give 1 tablet by mouth every 12 hours until gone. Give with food. Notify clinic if stomach upset occurs." Rusty's not very good at telling me about his stomach upset. Unless you count that surprise he left on the hall carpet. "Hello, my cat says those pills are making him queasy. Should I give him some ginger ale and saltines or do you have another suggestion?"

Maybe the same nausea remedy for kitty will work for that feeling in my stomach when they handed me the bill.

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