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Friday, October 24, 2008

Separate checks?

After grabbing burgers at Jack Astor's, Joe was eating leftover fries off my plate when our waitress approached.
Waitress: Will that be separate checks this evening?
me (in-my-head): Yes, two checks, and please charge this jerkface for half my fries!
Joe (for-realz, while giving me the look): Just one check will be fine, thanks.
Why would the waitress assume a man and woman out for dinner, just the two of them, would want separate checks? Did I somehow look unworthy of my husband?

Maybe if it was lunch during the week and we were in business attire. But a man and a woman on a Saturday night? Yes, there are situations which may warrant separate checks. Dating but going dutch would be one. Friends dining together would be another. Isn't it far more likely though that the pair are a couple of some sort? Even if it's a date, last time I checked the man usually ponies up the cash. Otherwise, he's severely handicapping his chances of getting any.

PS: After all that, my husband left her a huge tip. "What, she's quite pregnant, in case you didn't notice. She's serving for two!"

Which, I think, is absolutely brilliant. Pad your tummy, pad your tips. I bet everyone tips the pregnant lady generously. If I ever take a job as a waitress, I'm totally getting a fake baby belly.


Sassy Britches said...

Haha! Fake baby belly for sympathy tips! Love it!

As for the separate checks fella and I go out, and RARELY will the waiter/waitress ask if we want separate checks. I have to ASK! And sometimes I ask, and they STILL don't do it! We've passed the woo-me stage, so I don't want him paying for me (maybe I'm a tad too independent?), and I'm not forking it over for his sorry butt! (Love him!).

Jessica said...

I probably would have felt the same way you did. And she probably would have received a very nasty look from me as well. Prego or not.

holly said...

I worked as a waitress when I was pregnant, and my monetary tips didn't increase at all. However, I did get plenty of tips on receiving blankets and stretch mark lotion (that advice came much too late).

el vigilante said...

My husband would have said something he thought was witty like, "One check will be fine -- she earned it tonight," and add a wink to try and embarrass me. It usually works.