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Monday, November 03, 2008

Average Joe

Two facts about my husband:
  1. He has a very common name (Joe)
  2. He has a great and well-deserved sense of self-confidence (depending on the day and my mood, I might instead say he has a big head)
Because "Joe" is such a common name, he often finds himself in groups where he is not the only one. In these situations, some sort of differentiating nickname is often used when discussing the various Joes. He has been Tall Joe, Running Joe, Joe from New York, Joe the Programmer, Joe Momma (don't ask).

No, he is NOT Joe the Plumber. Totally different Joe, thankyouverymuch.

This past week, Joe was at a conference for work and there was, of course, another Joe. The chosen differentiation by his colleagues? Refer to the other Joe as "Important Joe".

I asked what that made him. Unimportant Joe? Average Joe? Loser Joe?

"No, just Joe".

Is it unwifely of me to be somewhat tickled that there was an Important Joe that was not him? You know it had to burn a little...

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