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Monday, November 24, 2008

A brief boring status report

I feel like I should blog, preferably something entertaining, but I'm unfocused and unmotivated.

However, I did manage to go out to dinner with my husband last night. Not a big deal to anyone else on the planet but it's progress for me. My anxiety had reached such levels that I couldn't even go out for a casual meal with Joe without having a panic attack, becoming sick, and just picking at my food while I waited for him to finish and the waiter to bring me a box.

Last night, I had a wave of panic while purusing the menu. Who knew Kaiser rolls could be so trauma-inducing? I closed my eyes, took a breath, and pleaded with myself to relax. Which I did after about 5 seconds that felt more like an hour.

The food came, the $2.75 pints came, and we enjoyed our meal. First time that's happened in months.

Baby steps. I'm still working on it.

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