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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An election day update

Yesterday morning, I made a discovery that I was sure would make Joe's day. So I called him on my way to work:
me: I'm going to get your day off to a great start by telling you something that will bring you extreme joy. Ready?
Joe (mumbling because he is not quite awake): Huh? Yeah, sure, ok.
me: You know how the neighbors had two signs up for Team A and they were making you crazy? Well, they both blew down overnight. And one of them is in OUR yard! Which is officially litter so you can throw it away.
Joe: What?
me: You get to trash one of those yard signs! They won't be able to put it back up!
Joe: That's what you called to tell me?
me: You're welcome.
First - I hate that there's no way to slam a cell phone when you disconnect. If someone wants to come out with that feature, I'm first in line to purchase.

Second - How can my husband be so ungrateful? Given all the anger and drama those signs caused, I thought he'd be overjoyed at the idea of throwing one away. His lack of enthusiasm was appalling.

Third - And after all that? I found out that he actually returned the sign to the neighbors' porch. I KNOW!!! And they promptly returned it to their front yard. At least there's only one sign up now instead of two.

PS: It's election day, folks. Make sure you go vote!

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