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Friday, November 28, 2008

Men are from Mars

Earlier tonight, I decided to share one of my favorite new shows with Joe since he rarely watches tv. About five minutes into The Mentalist, this happened:
Joe: That guy (referring to Simon Baker) looks fake.
me: Fake?
Joe: Yeah, fake.
me: Yeah, totally fake. As long as by "fake" you mean "completely and totally hot".
Joe: Umm, no.
This is the last time I bother sharing anything with Joe. There's absolutely no respect. Even though the conversation about The Mentalist took place only about an hour after this conversation about the movie Get Smart:

Joe: I think that chick in the movie was hot.
me: Anne Hathaway?
Joe: Mmm, yeah.
me: She's very pretty. I'm a big fan of hers. That's why I dragged you to see her other movie a couple of weeks ago.
Joe: She was in that other movie?
me: Rachel Getting Married? Yeah, she was in it. She was the lead.
Joe: Oh, I didn't notice.

Guess she wasn't hot enough for him in that one.

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