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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sound of silence

The day after. Votes have been counted, speeches given, parties partied. Congratulations President-Elect Obama.

And I woke up to a world that feels somehow empty.

Some magical fairy came overnight and took down all of the signs in our neighborhood for the various winning and losing candidates. The streets are bare.

Also, the house is eerily quiet. The phone has only rung once and it was Joe. No matter how many times I put us on the Do Not Call registry, he still manages to call here.

Still, there's a sense of "now what?". This campaign season built up for two years until it recently became so all-encompassing that it seemed we ate and drank election news. Especially living in a battleground state.

Now that everyone has spoken, the silence is deafening.


PS: Not silent? Me, chatting away while watching the results come in last night. However, at one point I had to go upstairs to discipline an unruly Republicat and Democat. I left my laptop with Joe and came back to find the following in my chat window:

[22:10] KarmaChameleon: *sighs*
[22:11] CallMeCate: this is not Cate
[22:11] CallMeCate: is her man
[22:11] CallMeCate: wazzzup?
[22:12] KarmaChameleon: Hi joe
[22:12] CallMeCate: gobama
[22:12] KarmaChameleon: indeed
[22:12] CallMeCate: ftw

Guess that gives away who Joe voted for. Also, he is no longer allowed to hold my laptop when he's drunk.

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