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Monday, November 10, 2008

SWYMM: Baby Edtion

Say What You Mean Mondays - actual quotes from actual people. People who often have at least one foot in their mouth.

This week, several quotes on the topic of babies!

"Short term disability is for pregnancy and other illnesses." The obviously pregnant HR lady explaining benefits at my new job.

"This medication is safe if you decide to have a baby for some reason." My doctor, discussing my happy pills.

"You don't exactly seem like the nurturing type." Obnoxious co-worker, to me, when I said I was going to see my sister's new baby.

Must be I have quite the reputation because then this happened:

me: I started a new post while you were gone
about babies!!!
SomeMonkey: and how you eat them?
me: no, don't be silly
i don't eat babies
i kick them
Can't imagine WHY I have this reputation. Totally undeserved.

1 comment:

penguinsandladybugs said...

You don't eat babies....but you might eat dolphin....sorry, I must be on a comment leaving spree....