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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Confession: I'm not that picky

I have a confession to make... I drink wine from a box. And I like it.

I'll give you a moment to recover from the shock. Or not.

Truth is, I adore wine but I don't like spending a lot of money on it. I challenge myself to keep it under $10 for a bottle and have found some nice wines in that range. I'm sure someone with more refined tastes would scoff but if it satisfies me, that's what matters.

Anyways, back to the boxes. Even with my inexpensive tastes, I've always looked down on boxed wine (the same as I do on wine with a screw top). That is, until I came home one night to see a box on my counter.
me: What is that?
Joe: Wine.
me: Yes, but why is it in a box?
Joe: It was less expensive.
me: For a reason. It's going to taste icky.
Joe: No, it's not. It's the exact same wine you drink out of a bottle, only it cost less for more. Win win!
He was right, of course. Which makes me want to kick things (no, not puppies).

This means the new rule is that we don't buy anything in a box that we haven't enjoyed from a bottle. So far our list includes Turning Leaf Pinot Noir and Pinot Evil (another pinot noir with an awesome monkey on the label).

There you have it, my first Sunday confession. A little weak but I need to ease myself into the juicier stuff.


angi_b72 said...

my mom and dad have a bottle in their fridge at all times

Call Me Cate said...

Bottled wine is a fixture. In fact, we just picked up a case this afternoon. But boxed wine just seemed like such a 'low-class' thing for whatever reason.

Enjoying some Malbec (not from a box) right now!

Lyndsay said...

You know, I've had the same aversion to "boxed wine". Each time I've caved and bought some, I was disappointed. I guess I should follow the mantra of like the bottle, like the box. Makes sense. Since Pinot Noir is my fave, I'll have to check into whe ones you recommended.

Oh and Malbec's are great - although not too many people have heard of them. A local vineyard here brings the Malbec that they make in their Argentinian vineyard and it's awesome!

Call Me Cate said...

We actually had our intro to Malbecs from Target. Barking Sheep, haha. But it was decent stuff. This was on sale from $9/bottle to $5/bottle at Whole Foods. Astica I think. We switched to the Astica Cabernet Sauvingon and that's not bad either but the Malbec was better. Any feelings about Cote du Rhones? Also good and in the same vein.

A. said...

Love the "like the bottle - like the box" rule! Fabulous. I really need to venture out into box territory for some of my favorites.

Oh, and I like the Sunday Confession concept.

Lyndsay said...

Cote du Rhones - haven't done it, but I'll have to try it. Sounds like I'd enjoy it.

Love the Target Malbec story. I actually sampled it in a vineyard for the first time, under the direction of their head wine-maker. Makes me sound way more sophisticated than I actually am ...

Call Me Cate said...

A - the rule works, in concept. Plus, there's that handy little push-button spout. Very satisfying.

Lyndsay - head winemaker? I'm totally not worthy to be in your presence.

The Tildy Spot said...

I used to look down on wine in a box too, until I had some that was as good as the bottled version. And I love the spout. Makes life easier.

andrea said...

As long as my wine has an alcohol content of 12% or higher, I wouldn't care if it came packaged in a ziploc baggie. Does that make me desperate?

Lyndsay said...

Cate - Shouldn't the fact that I don't know what else to call him other than head wine-maker tell you that I wasn't fit to be in their presence? ;)

Call Me Cate said...

Tildy - biggest problem I've found with the spout is that it makes it really easy to top off a glass...

Andrea - the boxes basically are a ziploc baggie inside so you're in luck!

Lyndsay - the fact that it never occurred to me that you should've referred to him as something other as head wine-maker could also say something about me. :P

Grand Pooba said...

Oh it's so nice to find another wine lover! I only started drinking wine about 2 years ago and the first kind I tried was one of those little single serving box wines. I had no idea WHAT I was doing and my husband almost keeled over from laughter when he saw the wine I picked. But hey I was a wine virgin!

Our favorite right now is Clos du Val Cab. 2004. I've had 2005 too and it's yummy as well.

And when living in Utah where all the wine is 3x regular prices I say boxed wine is the way to go! However when I'm at a wine store I'm drawn to the bottles because their labels are just so pretty! Which is how I originally chose my wine, by the prettiest label :)

Call Me Cate said...

GrandPooba - I started drinking wine about 7 years ago and my first box was just within the past two months. My tastes are pretty unsophisticated but I sure do enjoy a glass of a dry red.

We have some go-to choices but I'll admit every so often a pretty bottle catches my eye. The last of those turned out to be a huge miss but that's why I don't spend much per bottle. Not as big a loss.