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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Healthy living at a discount

I just received the following email at work:
Your Employee Well-Being Committee is pleased to announce that {Employer's Name Here} employees will be eligible for a 10% discount at McDonald's. This only applies to the McDonald's on the corner of Elm and Main and you must show your ID badge before you pay.
McDonald’s does have some healthy options -please make wise choices!
Note: I edited nothing except for removing my employer's identifying information. The massive (red) font was their choice.

Their previous email was about including veggies as part of your New Year's Resolutions so I'm not quite sure how to follow their logic. Or if I even want to follow it. I particularly like the fact that McDonald's does have some healthy options.

I wish I could say I'm surprised to see such weirdness come from this committee. This past Summer, they offered a "complimentary nutrition class or evaluation". That's exactly what I want. A complimentary evaluation. "My, Cate, you're looking quite well today! Gee, your hair smells terrific! Have you lost 30 pounds because your body is ROCKIN'!".


MuseSwings said...

Yum. Fries is a veggie. Can I supersize that?

andrea said...

Our Health and Wellness "people" allow a $500 allowance per year to spend on "healthy living". They do not allow me to utilize the funds for glasses, but Blackberry's are okay. Hmmmm. And I agree with MuseSwings...fries are technically a vegetable.

A. said...

The veggie & McDonald's diet... I so did not see that one coming.

Call Me Cate said...

MuseSwings - not only can you supersize it, but you'll save 10% on the supersizing. What a deal!

Andrea - bizarre policy from your people. Glasses are purely cosmetic I'm sure.

A - these are the same people that told me shortterm disbility is for "pregnancy and other illnesses" so I'm sure it makes sense to them somehow.

The Wife O Riley said...

I don't think I can work at a place who has a commitee that would remind me to choose wisely at McDonalds. What if you didn't? Do they take away your 10%

Fries are a veggie, so it ketchup and a shake is dairy!

Call Me Cate said...

Wife O Riley - I'm pretty sure if you choose the Big Mac they'll take your birthday away.

Lyndsay said...

I'm totally ordering a Big Mac if it will make my birthday stop. Where has this program been my whole life?

Seriously though, they need some new HR people. We aren't all that clueless, I promise :)

Call Me Cate said...

Lyndsay - when you put it that way, yes, I'll have a Big Mac as well! I'm sure there must be a lot of great HR folks out there - something about working where I do seems to scrape the bottom of the barrel in all departments. Except for me, because I'm too awesome for them.

Yaya said...

Lol! I need one of those compliment sessions too!

A constant discount at McDonalds would get me in trouble.

Call Me Cate said...

Yaya - McDonald's I can still avoid. But Wendys or Hardees? I'd be in so much trouble.