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Saturday, December 06, 2008

"M" makes me merry

No, I'm not having a Sesame Street flashback. Well, not exactly. Angi_b72 over at Making Memories posted her entry in a game this morning. Since I'm having a rather low-key day (after a really rough night and being ridiculously sick this morning), I requested to play along.

She has given me the gift of "M". The rules are this: Leave a comment either here or at I guess back at Making Memories that you want to play along, and we'll send you a random letter. Then make a list of your ten favorite things, beginning with your assigned letter. That's it! (Somehow, even though I stole the rules directly from her page, I wonder if I somehow screwed them up.)

Here I go, in no particular order.

1. Music - Doesn't matter what my current mood might be, I can always find a soundtrack. Tonight, it goes a little like this. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel more like this.

2. March - Spring, flowers, sunshine, green grass. I love Spring.

3. Mythbusters - Both fun and educational! But some episodes should not be watched during dinner. Enjoy a clip!

4. Mint - From candy to drinks, mint makes me happy and even soothes my tummy from time to time.

5. Merriam Webster -, where would I be without you? I'd have at least 5 typos and errors per post instead of just the usual 2 or 3. In fact, I just had to look up "typos". No e.

6. Macaroni & Cheese - Specifically Grandma's recipe which I make a mean rendition of.

7. Medication - Especially migraine relief and mental meds and Midol.

8. Mentalist - Have you seen Simon Baker? 'Nuff said.

9. Mocha lattes - Chocolate AND coffee together in one place? Add some of #4 to the mix and that's pure heaven.

10. Marriage - I really don't know what I'd do without my husband. I poke fun here and there but the man is a rockstar and without him I'd be wandering around aimlessly in the woods somewhere.

So there are my ten favorites that start with M. Twas fun!

1 comment:

angi_b72 said...

Great "M" favorites!! Love the links too!!