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Friday, December 05, 2008

Not a fun Friday

Today should've been awesome. It's Friday. It's pay day and we get our annual holiday bonus (don't get too excited - it's not much, more of a token, but I realize I'm lucky to get even that). I have a three-day weekend ahead. I was scheduled to leave work an hour early to finally finish some paperwork at the bank.

But even as I arrived at the office, I had a feeling of foreboding. I told KarmaChameleon that I just had a feeling it wasn't going to be a great day.

Minor thing that I've been meaning to do but I finally remembered to follow-up on some test results at the dr's office, fully expecting to be told everything was negative/normal. Of course that wasn't the case or I wouldn't be posting this.

My world is in a bit of a tailspin right now. In the scheme of things, this is not a big deal. It's very unlikely that I'll be facing anything more than a minor inconvenience. But since it's happening to me, of course it's a big deal!

I see a specialist for further testing later in the month. Merry Christmas to me!

If I was having trouble finding my holiday spirit before, this certainly didn't help. It's been a long day and I'm ready to curl up with a glass of Cabernet and call it a night. I started out my morning like any other - with a nice, organized list of tasks to complete. I accomplished almost none of them. I'll catch back up tomorrow. (Some of those tasks were blog-related so I'll catch up on comments and following and such in the morning.)

Please come back tomorrow when I'll be less of a Debbie Downer. That's not the general purpose of this blog but tonight forgive me for feeling a bit self-indulgent.


angi_b72 said...

we all have to be self indulgent at one time or other!! Cheer up!! We are never given more than we can handle!

Call Me Cate said...

Thanks. I have to think so and yet tonight the world is looking a bit dark. Perhaps a good night's sleep will help.

angi_b72 said...

your letter for your favorite things in "M"...can't wait to see yours!! I couldn't find your email addy to email it to you...hope you get this!!

Call Me Cate said...

Got my "M" and will get to work!