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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One is the loneliest number

The voices in my head are getting lonely. They want someone to talk to besides each other.

Or Joe. Conversations with Joe make us want to bang our head against the wall sometimes. Like this:
me: I hate it when I look up the spelling of a word and both options are correct. How would you spell "worshiped"? One P or two?
Joe: One.
me: How about canceled?
Joe: No Ps in canceled.
Gee, thanks. Don't ever forget that he's the one with the MBA!

Anyways, another blog I read (I Used to be Witty - and don't let her fool you because she still is) linked to The Secret is in the Sauce (SITS). SITS is all about comment love. Just look for the snazzy SITS logo (like I'm now displaying to the right - see it over there?) and comment away. I'm not above begging!

So my plan for December is to show some comment love in hopes of seeing some comment love. Or, in other words, giving the voices in my head someone else to talk to. Twitter was a total failure for me yesterday and caused a panic attack so we'll see how this goes.


Lyndsay said...

Hey - didn't even notice your mention of me ... thanks! I'm new to SITS, but since comments make my day, I figured I'd give it a try!

Call Me Cate said...

How's it working for you so far? I'm pretty happy to have a few comments trickling in and I've found several new blogs to follow.

Lyndsay said...

It is working out well for me. I've found a lot of great new blogs (that might NOT be a good thing, LOL). I've had a ton of visits, but I'd like to see it translate into followers/repeat visitors, but we will see ;)