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Friday, January 09, 2009

About Cate and ShowMyFace

I'm working on making some changes around here to coincide with my 100th post (it's still about a month out) and one thing I wanted to do was to write a decent "about" page. I wasn't exactly sure what this blog would be about when I started but now that I've been at it for a few months, I figure I can start putting something together.

I like to start most of my projects with research so I decided maybe my Google Analytics account would be a good place to start. Maybe I could figure out what this site is about by seeing what keywords in search engines lead people here.

The following keywords have sent traffic to this blog:
  • "when mama meets jesus"
  • 10 things i hold myself accountable for 2009
  • cat scurvy
  • fat ass soup
  • festivus ribbons
  • what does cat scurvy look like
  • why it is good to have goals

Really, the blog is about me and my life though so I figure it's also a good idea to include what Cate is about by conducting a Google search (sorry if that was confusing before, I'll be back later):
  • Cate is about to begin shooting for the next Indiana Jones film
  • The department Cate is about to lead is under siege from every direction
  • You don't know what expectations I have, you probably never will, and you'd have more chance of knowing that than ever knowing what Cate is about
  • A consultation with Cate is about aligning with nature's cycles to empower your health
  • Cate is about to expire
  • Cate is about to change all that and more for all your staff
  • This is just as Cate is about to be Man-Handled
  • A person who is used to seeing botoxed women would think that Cate is about 50
  • Cate is about to be buried and it's time for the team to say their final goodbyes
  • Cate is about tax law
It's all very clear to me now. Cat scurvy, death, and tax law. Just what I dreamed my life should be when I grew up.


Maggii said...

Popping over from SITS to learn more about Cate..LOL

Lyndsay said...

Dude, I'm totally confused. Why do I feel like I knew more about what Cate was about before you decided to write what Cate was about.

I DEMAND (I repeat DEMAND) expansion on items #5 and #7.

Ryan Ashley Scott@Opitimistic Cyicism said...

You come up with the most fun ideas. How do you know what google searches have lead to your site?

andrea said... scurvy. Can you infect others with it?

Re: Google analytics...the only google that has sent traffic my way was "Breyers ice cream". I don't even enjoy ice cream except maybe once or twice a year. Wtf?

Perhaps I haven't done something right in the settings? Figure it out for me, oh great one.

I SO wish I was at home on my computer.

P.S. Or drunk.

Call Me Cate said...

Maggii - Thanks for stopping by! Not sure this is most representative of who I am but oh well!

Lyndsay - #5 and #7 scared me as well. All I did was put "Cate is about" into Google and apparently Google wants me dead and man-handled.

R.A.S. - I installed Google Analytics to the blog. It's free and tells you a lot about who is visiting and where they come from. I mean, not in a stalkery kind of way.

Andrea - All I know is that cat scurvy can be passed between cats. It was one of my first few posts here. I'm not sure why more folks aren't finding you in Google. Did you set your blog up to be searched? It was in the initial setup.

Lyndsay said...

Duh, okay, it's totally Friday. I so didn't catch on - I thought you were giving us some odd hints of distractions or something.

Lyndsay is about 5'9" and well toned.

Lyndsay is about to do some homework placement at Hallmark.

Lyndsay is about three weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy.

Lyndsay is about to do some homework.

Yup, those are the ONLY results Google gave me. I'm not nearly as interesting I guess.

On a serious note, I've struggled so much with my "about me" section. It's the one area I just can't complete. I thought about asking readers for their suggestions ...

Chitown Meg said...

I am laughing so hard. "cat scurvy" haha....I mean, that's what I think about when I read your blog!

Call Me Cate said...

Lyndsay - I had thought about that too. Let someone ELSE write what it's about because I really have no idea. Congrats on being tall and toned!

Meg - I've been serving up cat scruvy online since 2008. I'm happy to know my place in the world.

The Tildy Spot said...

Just wanted to say, hi. I've been away for awhile. This post made me do my own google search. Apparently, I'm not about anything. :)

A. said...

This is hilarious! Clearly I need to hook myself up with a Google Analytics account.

Looking forward to the new "about" page.

Call Me Cate said...

Tildy - Been missing you, glad to see you back around and I hope everything is well.

A - It's nice to see a spike in traffic on Analytics and to be able to see what site is referring people. I think I have about 30 more posts until I hit 100 so if I keep to about 1 a day, I have a month.

Yaya said...

Someone once got to my blog by googling 'baby bump porn'.....ewwwwwwww!!!!!

Good luck w/ your bloggy changes!

Hula's Secret Blog said...

Why yes, I think you're right! ;)

Call Me Cate said...

Yaya - baby bump porn? Ewww! One of my other sites has a message board that got spammed to bits with porn links and the google matches on that are horrifying.

andrea said...

I'm off to the woods once again Cate...I will miss you. I'm saying goodbye to my lovely computer right now...sniff. But I still get messages on my trusty little Blackberry...not that I hang on people's every word or anything. I am so sad.

P.S. But @ least I'll get to have loud sex for a change.
P.P.S. Was that my out loud thought?
P.P.P.S. See how much amusement I get from this? I just need to be able to blog in the THAT would be the life.

Kimberly said...

A while back, I saw that "love you long time" got someone to my blog.

I don't know.

The Wife O Riley said...

This was fun! Here's what I found.

Becky is bound to score
Becky is crazy
Becky is gone
Monkeys like Becky
Becky is a born charmer
Becky is arrested
Becky is a dude

Gotta love Google!

Call Me Cate said...

Andrea - have a fabulous time in the woods. I guess you were just practicing your "out loud" voice for the trip. ;)

Kimberly - have you ever used the phrase in your blog? At least most of my Google keywords are in reference to something I've blogged about. Which alarms me, cat scurvy and festivus ribbons.

Becky - I had no idea you were a dude but if monkeys like you, that's good enough for me!