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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Time for another Six Word Saturday post. For those that missed the first post last week and are wondering "what the heck is Cate on about this time?", clicky click.

Emotionally out of sync with world.

A brief explanation - there's been a lot of illness, loss of jobs, and other bad news/stress for friends this week. And this comes at a time when I received (mostly) positive medical test results, Joe and I both continue to be employed (he survived layoffs), and there has been major progress on a house/building project that has been held up for months. It was also a good blogging week. A million things to be happy about but I'm feeling slightly guilty and very concerned for some of my pals. My timing is never right.

As always, I'd love to see your Six Words if you're inspired to share!

P.S.:At Deb's suggestion, I'm going to try out this whole Mr. Linky thing for Six Word Saturday. Thanks, Deb! You're more than welcome to leave your Six Words in the comments but if you'd like to post a link to your own blog, we'll give this a shot!


Lyndsay said...

I can typically write the emotionally out of sync with world, but my luck tends to be in the other direction ... so don't feel guilty - just be thankful :)

Ryan Ashley Scott@Opitimistic Cyicism said...

Don't feel guilty. If everyone had a crappy week at the same time, nobody would be there to cheer us up again.

I'm still thinking on my 6 words, but it'll come.

Also, stop by and pick up your award - or just to look at it, whichever you like!

Deb said...

okay, i am going to play. i'm in! no mr. linky?

Lalapoo said...

don't feel guilty it's never bad timing to have positive things happen to you. and oh yeah my six words : Please go to sleep baby girl!

Colleen said...

Thanks for stopping by my "place" earlier. I love what you have done with yours!

Do not feel bad...embrace it! Have a great weekend.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hi! Dropping in from SITS. I've enjoyed reading your blog.

6 word Saturday, what a cute idea! I hope your good news continues and that your friends' news improves.

Call Me Cate said...

Ok, now with Mr. Linky.

And now I feel even MORE guilty for saying this but I am enjoying my good stuff for the most part. I've had my fair share of the other. I just wish more of my pals were in Snoopy dance mode with me.

The Wife O Riley said...

I know how you feel, I have read some aweful things this week and I feel terrible for them.

I'll snoopy dance with you!

I posted mine.

mommy4life said...

Came over from SITS. Poking around....

Debbi said...

seriously, Cate, I had a crappy week with patience too. I don't have a reason to be all cranky, but I was!

christinnjon said...

Hey! What a neat meme! It would be a hard one for me because I like to use many words when conveying something, lol. :)
Wanted to stop in from SITS and say HELLO! Hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. Your compassion shows. The fact that you empathize with your friends who are having rough times. Good for you. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks, Cate! Fun idea!

PetalsYoga said...

Sun is shining so I'm happy.

Guess this makes me out of sync with people too but this latest health study gives us a good reason to be happy around our friends.
Click here to find out about it.

Hope this helps,


Call Me Cate said...

Jan - really interesting article. I know the opposite is true - I've had to step back from certain people at times because their negativity was catching. Guess now we have a study to validate the existence of cheerleaders!

SisterFriend said...

Here's my 6 words: Feeling fat, need to work out.

kimber p said...

I think this helps us to look outside our own circumstances and see that we're not alone...I like it :)

Just say Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by. Here's my six words to link it up:
Went to gym. Sore all week.

It seems like there's usually an emotional inbalance in my life too. It's hard to navigate some times. But do your dance and feel good!

A. said...

Enjoy the positive things in your life, find happiness whenever it appears, and don't feel guilty for it. Life is too short for that. And never feel bad for living your life too the fullest. Support your friends that are having rough times, by being their friend.


KiKi said...

I feel ya -- it has been one heck of a dicey year-ish over this way..embrace when things are going better! You're positive feelings may just make that small amount of a difference on someone else. Y'know?

6 words:

I make fudge. Third chin erupts. :-P

KiKi said...

Oh, for the love of Pete. I meant "YOUR."

I have a migraine.

Please excuse anything that is typed out of me today.

6 new words:

Must Blame Grammatictardation on chronic headache.

Trina said...

I popped in from SITS.

My six words for today:
Please make this crappy cold leave.

Call Me Cate said...

Looks like most of us are cold, fat, or sore. Hopefully not all three at once!

Thanks for all the positive words. I am relieved to have some positivity but I have so many folks I'm feeling bad for right now. I'll just try to rub off on them. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Irene said...

Congrats on your Saucy week! I am having a great time reading your blog--will be back for sure!

BTW, I agree with others--don't feel guilty be thankful and remember you deserve good things!

blognut said...

My six words: I want some chips and dip.

andrea said...

Cate, being in sync with everyone else is boring.

Enjoy good things that come to you...slurp up your happy!

Hey! I did the Mr.Linky thing-y...which I don't usually, but since it is your thing I will lemming.

word verification: coesc

definition: arabesque's done with a partner.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for hosting this. It's my first time to play along and it was fun!

TuTu's Bliss said...

This is brilliant. It reminds me of Novellas. I love them. As always I am a day behind. I hope you stick with it long enough for me to join in. I'm excited!!!