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Monday, January 05, 2009

Too much cake means Fat Ass Soup

It's Monday and like a lot of other folks, I'm starting the diet today. Damn Lexapro, saving my sanity and killing my waistline.

But before starting the diet, I did what any other good American would do - I binged like mad last night, saying goodbye to all of the things I won't be eating again for awhile. Like pizza, potato skins, crab cakes, wine (oh, never fear, wine will be back in moderation one week from today).

To celebrate the occasion, Joe surprised me by making us little individual cakes. Joe's quite the cook, actually, but this was extra nice. He bought a baking tin, filled them with yellow cake batter and chocolate chips, baked, then smothered in caramel, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. As you can see from the photo, these are heart-shaped cakes. Or, as Joe so proudly told me "I made you less than three cakes!" I do believe we have started a new tradition. They were delicious little cakes and much appreciated.

Also much appreciated is that Joe is going to try to tough out this miserable diet plan with me. He may not be able to stay on it because I don't think it will provide enough calories for his marathon training but he said he'll give it ago.

To jump start my weight loss, I'm following what's known as the "Sacred Heart Diet". Even though Sacred Heart says they have nothing to do with it. The short version is that you eat a whole lot of soup, supplemented with a few other specific foods each day (today is any fruit except bananas). You can eat as much soup as you like, but you get really tired of the soup. Or so I imagine, as I've only had it once so far.

I am lovingly referring to the soup as my Fat Ass Soup. It's not bad, actually. Just tons of veggies in chicken broth. After a week of Fat Ass Soup, I plan to move on to a more healthy eating plan that I can maintain regularly, plus add in exercise. This has worked for me in the past but mentally I'm really needing the big boost to get started.

I'm going to try to pre-blog as many entries as possible tonight so I can avoid cranky posts later this week. Also, I won't be blogging repeatedly about dieting but I tweeted a few times while making the Fat Ass Soup and wanted to explain myself.


A. said...

Ohh... delicious cakes! I love Joe's "less than 3" thing - so hilarious!
And the soup look nice, like fresh & clean tasting.
Good luck! You'll do great!

C. Beth said...

The soup sounds very good...but I'd definitely be tired of it quickly. :) Maybe that's the idea? Good luck!!

Ryan Ashley Scott@Opitimistic Cyicism said...

The soup reminds me of something we were encouraged to make at Weight Watchers. Much better than the picture I had in my head of a giant bum bubbling out of a crock pot... Anyway, YAY wine next week!

andrea said...

Howdy doodles Cate! I promise to support you in whatever you so wacky's need to stick together, right? But I'm thinking maybe you should just learn to type faster and burn some calories that way. I just fall back on my Irritable Bowel thing-y to maintain...s'all good;) Happy thoughts to you today...and I hope you blog when you're cranky. It should make for some amusing posts.

Kristina P. said...

Those cakes look awesome!

And I am eating a giant container of nachos right now.

Rachel said...

you had me at your title.

i might be needing some of that soup if i keep eating the birthday cake. sigh

Call Me Cate said...

A - The shoup is tasty, though not as good as that cake!

Beth - I think the idea was to lose a million calories cutting up everything that goes in the soup. I couldn't even taste it last night I was so tired of looking at it already.

Ryan Ashley Scott- This is way tastier than I would imagine an actual booty soup would be. I can't say for sure.

Andrea - Howdy doodles yourself! Be careful what you wish for with the cranky blogging. It could get ugly. I've planned my topics though so that's a start!

Kristina P - Any way nachos are a veggie so I can eat them?

Rachel - Whose birthday? If it's yours, the calories don't count anyways.

AJ said...

That reminds me of the cabbage soup diet. I think I would rather have Joe's cake.

Good Luck!

Call Me Cate said...

AJ - if cabbage had been involved, I would not be. Ick! And yeah, I just finished my soup dinner and I would totally rather have cake.

Yaya said...

"saving my sanity, killing my waistline" LOVE IT!!!!!! SO TRUE!!!

Lyndsay said...

Picture me saying "You Can Do It" all Waterboy style. I'll drink your share of wine tonight and tomorrow and the next night and the night after that. I can take one for the team.

Oh and were you really serious about the computer "hook-up"?

The Wife O Riley said...

That cake is a great idea! Little ones mean I don't eat a whole 9" cake by myself.

Good luck on the soup.

Call Me Cate said...

Yaya - Now I just have to get my waistline back before I go into a depression over my weight. Seems like a bad cycle!

Lyndsay - Lemme check my source, I may have access to an employee discount. Glad to know I can count on you to drink my wine for the week!

Wife O Riley - I think we could've even shared one cake to be honest. And how romantic is that, sharing a less than three cake?

The Wife O Riley said...

I have an award for you!

Call Me Cate said...

Thanky, I shall collect shortly!

Lyndsay said...

Cate - Thanks! Let me know what you find out. Otherwise I think I'm going to put this d@mn HP in my cart and push "PURCHASE"

Jennifer said...

Wow those cakes looks delicious!! I think I could do soup for a week? Not a bad idea!

Good luck w/ your diet!

Call Me Cate said...

Jennifer - so far so good on the soup. And it really is tasty. Thanks for stopping by!

Lyndsay - sent the code. Hope it works out!

Toni said...

I have no know how the soup thing turned out. It looks easy enough but it sounds "too good to be true" kind of.