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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dun dun dun (pause), another one bites the dust

SomeMonkey and I generally chat through Gmail/GoogleTalk. We often use very timely descriptive accurate bizarre status messages. Bonus points if the status message causes confusion for one of our husbands.

On Friday, my status message read "dun dun dun dun another one bites the dust". It was in reference to my ability to bring another person to the dark side to use crack tired cliches Twitter.
SomeMonkey: you have an extra dun
it's been bothering me
me: no i don't
SomeMonkey: we're gonna have to agree to disagree
has that ever happened?
me: i agree to nothing
i'm sure it has, but not sure about what
SomeMonkey: i'm considering sending you the song
me: i have my ipod
whoever is wrong has to... write a blog post
subject determined by the winner
SomeMonkey: k
Pause pause pause...
me: oops, look at that, gotta run!!!
haha, just kidding
ok, i admit
you are correct
been awhile since i listened to Queen
they are the worst band EVER for not backing me up on this
SomeMonkey: lol
me: i can admit when i'm wrong because it happens so infrequently
so what's my punishment?
SomeMonkey: ok, i've got it
you have to do a post on why pandas suck
and not "they suck because they're so awesome"
me: wow, cruel
SomeMonkey: i go for the gut
Now you know the rest of the story. I don't really believe that pandas are blood-thirsty communists. And I would totally let one eat my face, if only it will let me pet him for a minute first. But Queen... Queen is dead to me now.


angi_b72 said... are too funny! That/those were to great posts!

Nicole O'Dell said...

No fair! Now I totally have panda fear!

Cute little bet you guys had going. For the record, I thought you were right.

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

After yesterday, I was afraid you were going to have a bunch of haters standing outside your blog with "I heart panda" and "Queen rocks" signs, all up in protest.

Still laughing about the face-eating panda.

Call Me Cate said...

Angie - glad you enjoyed.

Nicole - do not fear the panda. They really are cuddly snuggly peace-lovers.

Ryan - I'd love to see the I <3 panda people. I honestly have no opinion about Queen one way or the other. It would be a lot of fun to cause a protest of some sort though - can you imagine a crowd of panda and Queen lovers?

Debbi said...

That's awesome, and makes SO much more sense! haha

What was HER blog gonna be about?

Juliet Colors said...

That's awesome. SomeMonkey is awesome. Btw, I thought your argument for why pandas suck was pretty reasonable. Although it's hard to argue with pure cuteness.

R Susanna said...

Well darn! I guess I'll just have to go back to wanting a mink.

andy said...


Ahem...I'm sure I've seen a video of a panda grabbing a Chinese tourist through an enclosure.

But now that I think about it, it was a gorilla. Shit. Now I feel stupid dissing the panda's and all.

Angela said...

So that explains that post.

Yaya said...

That's funny!

Call Me Cate said...

Debbi - good question. I hadn't thought of a topic for her if she had lost. Maybe I just knew I was wrong.

Juliet - they may be dumb savages but that cuteness wins every time.

R Susanna - I think minks bite as well. Be careful!

Andy - most of my post was true, if not slanted a bit. There is one panda in China that has attacked 3 tourists - because they were deliberately poking at him or in his cage.

Angela - I don't always have an explanation for my crazies. This was a rare exception.

Hi Yaya!!!

KiKi said...

Love it!!! Very cute story! Dun Dun Dun.... said...

HA!! This is great!

RandomWonders said...

Love it! Too funny!

blognut said...

And now it all comes together for me. Thanks for clearing up the whole panda hate thing. I was a little concerned about you.

Grand Pooba said...

LOL! It all makes sense now!

Donnetta said...

You're a nut!

What about an African pygmy hedgehod...

A. said...

Great post(s)! I love it!

Beverly said...

Too funny!