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Sunday, March 01, 2009

February Progress Report

No confession today folks. Nothing good comes to mind so instead I'll give you the post I had planned for tomorrow - my monthly recap post. Total boredom for you, I'm certain. My apologies. Once (if) we get back from this trip I'm hoping posting will return to normal.

It's time to look back at February. First, how are my resolutions holding up?

  • Be 17% nicer.
  • Be 22% tougher when it comes to standing up for myself.
Tougher this month for sure but maybe a bit of failure on the nicer. These are really working against each other more than I thought they might.

  • Continue making progress on anxiety issues.
We went out to dinner a few times with little issue. And I'm currently in Florida without too much spazzing. However, the weather is rapidly falling apart for our flight back tonight and I'm starting to feel some stress.

  • Work towards better health.
Too much sick again but I did hit the WiiFit a lot more frequently. And I went running with Joe one morning so that's good.

  • Support Joe as he supports me.
I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back because I think I did a great job of this last month.

  • Consistent writing/blogging.
Until this past week? Yeah, it was going pretty well.

Word for 2009: FOCUS

  • Once again, being sick hurt my ability to focus but I soldiered on and did alright. It was a conscious effort for sure and there's definitely room for improvement.

As for the blog, there's been a few changes. Starting today, I plan to change the banner on the first of each month. Also, I finally managed to buy my domain name,, a week or so ago. I'm still trying to figure out how to get to work with blogger (in addition to, which is working). If anyone has an ideas on making the "naked domain" work, please drop me a line. I hate that I totally know how to do this "for real" but since Blogger has control I can't make it work.

Interesting search terms? Still many references to cat scurvy, fat ass soup and angry neighbor. In addition, I was amused by:

  • what fits my face
  • apologizing protects face
  • how should someone react if a sister-in-law called my family sick and crazy
  • fur pile groupies
  • mmmm daniel craig
  • reasons to skip out on family vacation

Sorry, it's hard to pick a favorite from that list. In fact, maybe I should turn a few of those into future posts when I'm hard-up for ideas.

So here's to March. And Spring. And many new bloggy adventures with all youse guys.


Pamdog said...

Wow how cool I get to be the first to leave a comment... if I hurry up here. So... nice job on those resolutions, keep it up, keep it up... I love your blog and plan to spend more time scanning it's archives since I just found you recently. Hope the vacation is amusing you...

Snarky A. said...

Good luck on the flight home tonight. It will be alright.

I love the new banner and all your new stuff on the blog. Clearly, I need to get my shit together... :)
Sorry I can't help you on the technical blogger stuff - I can barely get blogger to do the regular stuff.

And, good work on those resolutions.

My Teacher Hat said...

"Fur pile groupies" - I love it!

My favorite visitor this past week got to me by searching Google Korea for "What make are good teachers?"

(I personally think good teachers come in all sorts of makes - Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW,... - but definitely not GM these days.)

Melissa B. said...

One more thought: Enjoy your vay-cay! Hey, BTW, I'm giving away an actual PRIZE for Sx3 today...come play along!

Yaya said...

Don't you just hate being sick? Totally ruins any efforts of working out and eating right. Blah. Hope you're feeling better now. I still gotta get me one of those wii fits.

Call Me Cate said...

Pamdog - yay for being first! And yay for visiting. Vacation has totally amused me. Return trip weather? Not so much.

Snarky - yes, get thee in gear. ;) I wanna know what you thought of the actual Oscar wins!

My Teacher Hat - no, definitely not the GM teachers recently. Thanks for stopping by. I'll come visit you soon but it may not be until I return home.

Melissa - I'll try to make it over there before we bail. I'm packed and antsy to get to the airpot even though it's ridiculously early.

Yaya - WiiFit is so much fun. Being sick, not so much.

angi_b72 said...

Hope your travel home is safe! Here's to March!!

Juliet Colors said...

Happy March! Have a safe trip home.

Michael said...

Hi Cate,

I think you're doing well with your "blog consistently" resolution. I don't post often (I'm new to the Web 2.0 world, and still at the bottom of the learning curve!), but I have you in my Reader, and I see updates just about everyday. I can't keep up with that, but I'm going to try to write on my blog at least once a week. :)

I'm sorry I missed Six Word Saturday (all-day moving adventure!)--looking forward to it next weekend!

Tiffany said...

The new banner looks great! I love all the smilie faces and the flowers are just extra happy.

kimber p said...

ooooh.. I love the new header! Cate you make me want to be a better person..

not really, but one of these days when I get my shit together, I'm gonna use YOU as my example! :)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Sounds like you're doing really well on the resolutions.
I'm sorry you've got a mean sister-in-law. I wish we could sit around and have hot cocoa & chocolate chip cookies. If it's any consolation, every family has a mean ___-in-law (fill in the blank). Mine is a mother-in-law. She's the MIL from hell incarnate. Just remember we can't control others, just ourselves. That's all we're accountable for in God's eyes.
I always enjoy your blog. Have a happy day! :o) ♥ ∞

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

The new banner is so springy! It must have been the Florida. :) Hope the flight home is/was uneventful.

I do love your google things - they are always so funny. A testament to your posts, of course.

The Blonde Duck said...

I wish I could help! I'm not sure what to do. Good luck on your new goals!

blognut said...

Excellent month in review - have a safe, anxiety-free, trip home.

Call Me Cate said...

Angie - in like a lion, out like a lamb, right? Yay March!

Juliet - I still owe you questions. You'll have them tonight.

Michael - I've blogged each day but not the night before at a set time like I had been. Good luck with your blogging!

Tiffany - that's what I was going for. Happy!!!

Kimber - yeah, nobody has ever accused me of having anything together. Being an example is scary!

Sparky - my SILs aren't too bad. And they're many miles away which is awesomeness. But MILs? Yeah, mine's a piece of work as well.

Ryan - Florida is a good influence on banner design.

Blonde Duck - thanks!

Blognut - safe and anxiety-free enough. Also, they threatened to divert us to Pittsburgh. Ugh, really? No thanks!