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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

&%*#@ Fish!

Today is Ash Wednesday, which begins the season of Lent. Or, as I like to call it, "The Season of Arguing with Joe About The Meat-Status of Fish". But more on that later.

Let me get this out up front so nobody thinks this is going to be a heavy religious post. Nope, not here. I figure I should have a clue how I really feel about those things before I attempt blogging about them. I do know that I was raised in a very conservative Christian family and some of that has stuck with me. Joe was raised Catholic. Together, we sometimes attend an Episcopal church when I'm not completely fed up with them over one thing or the other.

Anyhoo... (And boy do I hate "anyhoo")

Just like with Valentine's Day, I love having an excuse for something. Lent, I will admit, is less about religion for me and more about an opportunity to form a good habit - or give up a bad one. Maybe this involves a failed goal from New Year's or perhaps it is something new. Whatever, I believe that if you make a change for long enough, chances are it will become routine and continue.

This year, I am going to attempt to curb my potty mouth. It's gotten quite out of control lately so it's time to do something about it. So, no more swears. I'll allow myself "hell" and "damn" but that's it. Anyone want to take bets on how long it lasts and who/what causes my first stumble? I'm willing to bet it's work-related but we're traveling this weekend so that's a possible candidate as well.

And now, as promised, let's discuss the concept of eating fish on Fridays during Lent. The origins of this, I believe, is that fish is cheap. Only the poor folk ate fish. So by giving up more expensive meats on Friday and eating fish, that was a sacrifice. Probably you are supposed to turn the money you save over to the church.

Each Lenten season, Joe "gives up meat" on Fridays in exchange for fish. Let me explain to you the three reasons this fails.
  1. Joe loves fish. He'd eat it every night if I'd agree to it so this is not a sacrifice. It would be the equivalent of me "giving up" Cabernet Sauvignon in exchange for Pinot Noir.
  2. Joe doesn't often eat cheap fish so he's not saving money that can be passed along to a worthy cause.
  3. Fish IS meat. So if he's giving up meat, why is he still eating fish?
And yes, I've read the explanations about why fish is not meat. That doesn't work for me. It's a living breathing creature of which we eat the flesh. This means it is meat. And since it's my blog, I'm right. (Kidding! Sort of...)

But, since it means something to Joe, even though I don't understand it, I'll humor him. Just like he humors my blogging. And just about every other thing I do. That's how we roll.


Deb said...

they're not called fish anymore... they're "sea kittens". and if you think i am joking, google it. maybe that will help your argument?

Lora said...

i love this post way more than i should. i'm smirking at my desk because i totally relate to every single sentence

Yaya said...

Good luck giving up the potty mouth! (but potty mouths are so fun!)

Isabella said...

Haha...ah, the Lenten season "fish fridays."

I wish I had a solution to your problem, but I don't. Maybe do a take-off of the "every time you [insert action here], god kills a kitten" campaign?
I mean, they are called sea kittens, right? (that comment made me LOL) I'm sure you can get creative with this one.

Since many bishops allowed the consumption of corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day one year (it fell on a Friday...back in 2000, I think?), I think the "rules" of what to eat during this season are a little cloudy.

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

That's gonna be a tough one, eh? Good luck. And I just read Deb's comment - sea kittens? Ewwww. Other than that, at least fish is healthier than other meat.

Stop by my place to pick up a little award.

Debbi said...

Uh. Fish are SO meat! I'm thinking you're sooooo right.

And the potty mouth.. I vote it'll be brought on by stupid family member antics. in laws or something.

Snarky A. said...

Haha... good luck with that fish argument. My Hubby is so stubborn that if he got something (like this) in his mind, I don't even try. You go, honey! I still know that you are wrong. :)

And good luck with the potty mouth! Err... I mean with the anti-potty mouth! :D
I hope you still will talk me, even though I have the worst potty mouth every!
I refuse to give it up until I absolutely have to! It is too much fun!
But if your own swearing is bugging you, you should definitely give it up. So, good luck!

And, congrats on your award!

Nicole O'Dell said... by him "giving up meat" in exchange for fish, you are sentenced to having it and/or cooking it for dinner if you're eating at home. No fair! lol

I think I'll give up snickers in exchange for Milk Ways. ;)

I think the best way to approach lent or any sacrifice is like you said, in order to make a difference. I have friends who have adopted a campaign to give up coffee for a month and contribute all of the money they would have spent at Starbucks to a water treatment thing for a village without running water...great plan (but they don't have way I could give up coffee right now.)

Funny post!

blognut said...

Yeah, fish IS meat. Although 'sea kittens' may have cured me of eating for the rest of my life.

cw2smom said...

Laughing at this whole entry! Potty mouth...well, I have to say that at 55 yrs old, I've only recently began to be a potty mouth, thanks to my kids who think it's hysterical when Mom drops the "F Bomb!" Just like I used to find it so endearing when I heard my dear Grandma get exasperated and say "Welllllll ShiiiiiiiiiiiiiT!" The F word just kinda seems socially acceptable in some circles...definitely in blogging! Best wishes for a cleaner mouth! I am going to work on mine as well! Lisa

Juliet Colors said...

I'm with you on the opportunity for self-improvement, however you define it. I love an excuse to instigate change for the better. But um, good luck eradicating the potty mouth. That'd be a tough one.

Joe is definitely NOT giving up meat if he's still eating fish. My dictionary defines meat as "the flesh of an animal as food." Fish are animals, therefore fish are meat. So you are clearly in the right, not that you needed me to tell you that. :-D

Lyndsay said...

I'm totally with you on the not-so-cheap-still-is-meat-like-and-you-aren't-giving-that-money-to-the-church rational, but hey, you concede where you must, right?

Grand Pooba said...

I have really never understood lent. I guess lent is seperate from ash friday? Do you eat fish for ash friday? And what about pork isn't there something that says you can't eat pork? Or maybe that's just jews, i'm so confused!

Call Me Cate said...

Deb - oh, brilliant! I bet that WILL help my argument! I can't wait to give it a try. (Also, eww!)

Lora - I aim for smirks!

Yaya - potty mouths have their place for sure. But if by "giving it up" completely I manage to dial back to the important times? Success!

Isabella - combining your advice with Deb's, I bet I can win this one finally. Awesome.

Ryan - thanks for the award, I stopped by earlier. What a day! I do enjoy fish occasionally, but not as much as I enjoy picking on Joe about it!

Debbi - family members are an excellent possibility. I'm sure we'll have more vacation planning to do during lent!

Snarky A - of course I'll still talk to you! And you've got way better reasons for yours than i do for mine. So you can make up for my decrease.

Nicole - lucky for me I put him in charge of cooking the fish in our home. In some ways, it's a win! Last year I gave up wine and donated my savings to Stop Hunger Now. Not sure how to donate my swears... Except to Snarky A.

blognut - "sea kittens" definitely makes me glad that I'm not eating fish tonight.

Lisa - glad you enjoyed the post. I'm having a blast with the comments.

Juliet - I think Joe thinks fish aren't animals somehow. Because they're fish. I have no idea. I almost understood his reasoning once (but didn't agree with it). But then I got dizzy and passed out or something.

Lyndsay - I pick my battles. And sometimes I pick some fights too. :)

Pooba - I think it's only Ash Wednesday and all Fridays. Though Joe just informed me he forgot and ate chicken today for lunch. Pretty sure pork is just restricted for Jews. How do they live without bacon? I couldn't do it.

Feb 25, 2009 2:22:00 PM

Sassy Britches said...

I never took the time to think about the whole fish on Friday thing. I believe you're right! About the cheap sacrificial deal. Very interesting. And yes, Joe is not adhering to the principle of it whatsoever! :)

I'm going to attmept to give up soda. I may have to go from leaded to unleaded and then on to tea, but I'm determined!