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Monday, February 23, 2009

Interview with Lyndsay from I Used to be Witty

Posting a little late today but for a good reason!

I can't remember exactly how I found Lyndsay's blog (I Used to Be Witty) but it's one of the first I started following. She's a fantastic writer and I really enjoy her sense of humor. Don't let the title fool you - she's still witty and her entries always bring a smile to my face. It was also Lyndsay who first introduced me to SITS. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So when Lyndsay called for volunteers to trade interviews, I was all "pick me, pick me!!!". Today, I'm answering her questions here and you can see her answers to my questions over on her blog.

In advance, I apologize for this being a lengthy post. Lyndsay's in HR and asks horrifically difficult questions (I kid!). Not kidding though, I think I could've made each into their own post. Treat it as a bonus - you get 5 posts in one today. And I'm totally phoning it in for the rest of the week.

1) You said that you often feel misunderstood or unheard. What is one misperception about you that people often have?

Some people find me stand-offish and think I'm cold or rude. The truth is that my anxiety paralyzes me. New situations and people freak me out. Also, I've been burned by a lot of people over the years, both family and friends, and it makes me even more cautious and nervous. But truly, I enjoy people. I just can't seem to overcome myself and it gives people the wrong idea.

2) So, what is with the boring job? What exactly is it that you do? If Cate could pick her perfect, un-boring job, what would it be? On the contrary, what job would be the most terrifying to you?

After my freshman year in college, I sold my soul made the practical decision to change my major from Communications to Computer Science. The Communications program at my school was really a "fluff" major to keep the athletes eligible for their sports. A combination of boredom (interesting subjects dumbed down), the realization that I'm terrified of people/public speaking, and a practical look at what would pay the bills all factored into the decision.

Which is a long way of saying that instead of pursuing a career I enjoy, I'm now in a very stable, well-paid, boring as hell job that completely squashes creativity. I'm a webmaster for a government entity and the two most highly prized qualifications for my job are patience and attendance. Patience - don't kill the boss or coworkers. Attendance - be at my desk from exactly 8am to exactly 5pm even if I only do 10 minutes of work each day. This leaves plenty of time for blogging, surfing, reading, and trying not to fall asleep.

Dream job? It wouldn't be a big move to get into creating actual content for websites or helping drive user experience - I've done both on the side and for myself. If only the economy would cooperate and provide some opportunities. I'd also love to be in PR/marketing/advertising or (let's dream big!) to make a living somehow from writing.

Most terrifying? Something high pressure with a lot of people interaction. Being "on" completely exhausts me and overworks my anxiety.

Wow, that was kinda long. Sorry.

3) Joe sounds like a wonderful guy. What is it that makes Cate and Joe such a perfect match?

Joe is the perfect counterbalance to my craziness. He's very calm and methodical, a total rock that I know I can depend on. If Joe says he's taking care of something, I can just let it go and trust that it's going to be ok.

He also pushes me outside of my comfort zone so I don't curl up in a ball and sing "Kumbaya" in the corner while life passes me by. But he's supportive when he coaxes me out of my shell and he's greatly enriched my life in this way. Without him, I'd no doubt be wasting away back in the little hole I grew up in. Instead I get to lead this fabulous life and enjoy so many things I never dreamed of, all with my bestest friend at my side.

Why I'm a good match for Joe? I couldn't answer so I sent him the question. For the first time ever, Joe speaks!
I love being with Cate and sharing all of life's experiences with her by my side.

Cate always supports me in everything I do or plan to do (no matter how crazy or overly-ambitious) and listens whenever I need to vent about random things - even if she is bored to tears. Cate is an inspiration to me...she is so incredibly creative and has some of the best ideas. Our shared background is an added bonus, since it helps us better understand the other's messed up family realities.

If I did not have to work, there is nothing I would rather do than spend all my time with soul mate! Whether traveling the world or sharing a bottle of wine while staring into her beautiful eyes, Cate brings incredible happiness to me each day - she is who I live for.
I didn't even have to pay him (or bribe him with cookies) to write that! <3 for sure!

4) If you were restricted with internet access to only four sites, which ones would they be and why?

As someone who lives online all day for work, narrowing it down to 4 is tough! It would probably be cheating to say my Google Reader (with access to all my blogs and news).

I'll go with my blog first. Being able to post and read comments is a lot of fun and therapeutic. I could spend hours working on my blog if I had no other distractions.

Gmail - I have to have my email and the task list/calendar. Without these, I'm pretty certain I'd just sit on the edge of the bed all day with no clue what I'm supposed to do. - I've just started watching Arrested Development episodes there.

Television Without Pity - I have to be able to follow discussions about my favorite tv shows.

5) If you had to pick the most significant moment/day/event of your life up to this point, what would it be?

No question - Cate Independence Day, July 22, 2004. This is the day I finally stood up for myself against my mother. Our relationship has always been bad and it had reached a major impasse. I put my foot down, set some boundaries, and things have vastly improved since then. We'll probably never be close, unfortunately, but the situation has become manageable. That day trumps so many other days that shaped me along the way by finally providing a sense of accomplishment and moving forward. This sounds sort of like a negative or bitter event but it was a very positive situation. We (me and Joe - I'm sure not so much my mother) even celebrate it each year to remember how far I've come.

And so that's your super-long response to Lyndsay's awesome questions. Check out her super-awesome answers to my probably pathetic questions over on her blog.

Also, since this was so much fun, let me know if you'd be interested in an interview swap with me.

P.S. Guess I offended SomeMonkey with my use of "bestest friend". She's just jealous because she thought SHE was my BFF, not Joe. Silly monkey.


Rachel Cotterill said...

I love the idea of having your own independence day :)

My Side of the Story! said...

Those were some really great answers! I love getting to know my fellow bloggers a little better!

Now, just a warning to Joe...

I remember, in the not so distant past, when Becky made me type something for her, just as you made Joe do.

Now look what happened!!! LOL!

So question #6: When will Joe get completely sucked into blogger world? LOL!

(Tell him I'll be one of his followers).

Great post! Later Tater ;)

Snarky A. said...

Fabulous interview Cate!
It really is an awesome way to get to know everyone better! Super fun!

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

What a fun thing to do. Your Kumbaya in the corner thing has me cracking up. And computer science? That explains a lot - and thanks again for guiding my non-tech self through so many bloggy thingys. :)

Juliet Colors said...

I love the interview! It has left me hungry to know more about Cate... In fact, I'd be interested in doing an interview exchange with you as well, if you aren't already interviewed out. :-)

andy said...

You know I'm ALWAYS up for the interview thing-y...even though it stirs up the OCD perfectionist in me. And I love that Joe speaks! Good interview...I wish I had more witty to share, but I am still trying to finalize negotiations between my a** and the toilet...sigh.

Melissa said...

What a great interview!!

Grand Pooba said...

Funny how people always interpret shyness as stuckup-ness! Good answers!

Doublebanker said...

Everyone needs a personal least once a month! A little visit from the click monster too!

Check out my Daily Gif Blog when ya have a chance...2 more days left for my contest!


Ryan and Katie said...

My husband and I just finished watching all of Arrested Development on Hulu. I felt like someone had been keeping an awesome secret from me for years! It's so funny. The movie is supposed to come out next year I believe.

Call Me Cate said...

Rachel - just wish I could get the day off. And fireworks!

My Side of the Story - Joe's far too busy for blogging. Probably the most you'll see from him is some occasional guest input here.

Snarky A - glad you enjoyed it.

Ryan - I hope that explains a lot as in my technical brilliance and not my dorkiness.

Juliet - I'll drop you a note, I'm not interviewed out yet.

Andy - hope you're feeling better. It would be fun to swap interviews.

Melissa - thanks!

Grand Pooba - oh, don't get me wrong. I'm also totally stuck up. But I'd like to be more approachable so I can just laugh at people behind their backs.

Doublebanker - once a month? Awesome! Thanks for stopping by.

Ryan and Katie - I'm only about 3 episodes in to Arrested Development but what a riot. So much fun, how did I miss out on this?

Yaya said...

I have a very 'iffy' relationship with my mother too....didn't talk to her for a whole year and a half and have now let her back in my life, but at an arm's reach.

Lyndsay said...

I love, love, love your interview answers Cate. I enjoyed doing the exchange with you. Thanks for participating. I can relate to quite a bit of your answer in #1 and Im just insanely jealous of answer #2...

So glad we got to learn so much about Cate!

Sassy Britches said...

I LOVE this! Some people aren't a fan of the interview, but I sure am. I'm such a nosy bugger, and the posts where you just tell it straight up are my favs!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

This was a very touching interview which I enjoyed. I wish I had your gift of writing. And boy, do I understand about being burnt. I much prefer dogs to people (except for my husband who is my Split-Apart). I want to tell you my Independence Day but it sounds so bitter and cruel ... eh, it fits, my father was bitter and cruel ... it was the day he died. Now I'm free. Sad, isn't it. ♥ ∞

blognut said...

What a cool peek into the real you! I think I like you.

R Susanna said...

I know exactly what you mean about how people perceive your shyness and also how you feel about new situations. I almost break down if I walk into a store that I always go to and they have changed it up a bit. And the independence thing brought back the first time I stood up to my mother. Are we related?

Call Me Cate said...

Yaya - I very much understand keeping a safe distance. For me, it was either a relationship with boundaries or nothing. Sucks it has to be that way.

Lyndsay - Joe's a good boy when he has 5 minutes to express it. The interviews were fun - am I a little less mysterious now?

Sassy Britches - I don't think I'd want to only read (or write) interviews but I really enjoy them from time to time.

Sparky - dogs are too big of a commitment for me but I totally agree with the concept! I don't think your independence day is bitter or cruel - sometimes, it's the only way it can work.

Blognut - aww, shucks!

R Susanna - I hope we ARE related just because I hate to think there's more than one of these awful mothers running around out there. Unfortunately, there are far too many.

angi_b72 said...

Awesome interview Cate!!!

C. Beth said...

SUCH a sweet message from Joe!

I love Television Without Pity! The amount I like you just tripled, when I read that you are a TWOP fan too.

Call Me Cate said...

Angie - thanks!

Beth - if I'd known all it took to gain your love was announcing my need for TWoP, I would've posted about it long ago!