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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Reason #5736 I'm crazy: Family Vacation

I haven't talked a whole lot about my family, even though part of the reason I started this blog was to allow myself that freedom. But now that we're all BFFs, I can share a bit.

If you want to completely understate the situation, you could say I'm not close to my family. My mother is a total narcissist and the reason for a lot of my anxiety issues. My father is a great guy but has no spine. He's all about keeping the peace, therefore enabling my mother. I'm the oldest child and a five-year gap separates me from baby brother (Rob), another two years to baby sister (Tina). Rob is the most laid back guy in the world. And my sister is the golden child. The unplanned "gift from God" with the golden curls who can do no wrong.

Anyways, back to Reason #5736 I'm crazy. My parents have suggested renting a house on the beach for a week and all of us getting together for a family vacation. And I'm actually considering it.

This is the same family that we visited last May, resulting in a total mental breakdown for me. I didn't eat for 5 days and spent the entire trip shaking uncontrollably and crying. All of this when I was only seeing them for a couple of hours at a time, escaping at night to our hotel room. But somehow I think I can handle an entire week living under the same roof with them? And we're going to call it a "vacation"?

Maybe it's me testing myself and my chill pills. Maybe I have a death wish. The drama has already started because golden sister can't afford the trip so it's up to the rest of it to eat her share of the cost. If nothing else, family vacation should equate to a ton of blog fodder.

The one thing I'm certain of is that I could fill this whole blog every day with stories of the family nuttiness. Some of it is funny, some is insanely depressing, some is almost unbelievable. It all goes far in explaining why I am the way I am.

Yeah, this is totally not the post it set out to be. When I started this post, it was going to be funny but I guess it serves more as an introduction, setting up future posts.


andy said...

What you don't realize is that it WAS a funny post.

And I look forward to comparing fucked-up-edness. Bring it.

My mother and father didn't call me on my birthday. How's that for a teaser?

Kristin said...

Is it wrong to be excited to read about your "vacation"?

Sarah said...

*cough cough* That's you. Sick. Too sick for that vacation. Except for the bit where it'd be entertaining for us. I'm torn, morally, between your well-being and my hahas.

Call Me Cate said...

I'm totally getting a shirt that says "I'm SO gonna blog this" and wear it the whole week. It will either encourage them to behave or at least put them on notice that they're fair game.

angi_b72 said...

It was a funny post!! Gotta love family. When I had thought about moving back in with my parents for a few...i got this weird feeling everytime i thought about it.....

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

I look forward to your disfunction- er.. I mean... I hope you have a lovely trip.

You are inspiring me to get on with my secret in-law blog.

Debbi said...

oh my, you TOTALLY should get that shirt!

I can't wait-- But, sometimes I think I'd still beat you in a contest-- my family is hard to..uh...outdo! :(

PetalsYoga said...


I know I'm going to be the buzz kill here, but as much as I'd love to read about your crazy family, I actually care more about your health. I know, I'm a yoga teacher, I just can't get away from that "live your best life" place. Make sure that you are going ahead with this trip because YOU want to and not because you feel you HAVE to. Borrow someone else's family if you need to check off Family Vacation on a to do list! Just remember, whatever you choose, the only thing that you can truly control is your own reaction to others.

With warmest hugs,


Wow, reading back over this even I think I'm a loser!

cw2smom said...

My overwhelmind sense of control and mother hen-ish behavior wants to YELL!! ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR MIND? HELL NO! DON'T GO! But you are a big girl now and I am trying to mind my own business, so I can't wait to hear alllllll about it when you return from the psych ward! :P At least you're only sharing the bill for Golden Child's vacation. In my family we pitch in for funeral expenses. And..pretty much only two of us come up with the cash and there's been lots of people buried! YIKES! Blessings, Lisa

cw2smom said...

That should of said..My overwhelming!!!

word verification; dinkis
definition: idiot, stupid fool, moron.
used in sentence: You are a dinkis for not checking your comment for simple typos before posting! LOL!

blognut said...

Are you my sister? I think we have the same mother; but then I think that with a lot of people when they tell me about their nutcase of a mom. My advice if you choose to go on this trip (free advice is one of the many services I provide), set some boundaries and keep telling yourself it's not you. Years of therapy and boundary setting and mood-altering drugs are all good things!

Word verification: flumsori
"Fuck, I'm sorry" with a mouthful of crackers.

Lyndsay said...

This affirms the fact that we might be long lost twin sisters .. and in that scenario, I say, are you out of your effing mind?

Just sayin'

Lora said...

I say go, but have an exit plan. A work audit or something. That way you can leave before/if the madness hits.

melanie @ don't expect much said...

oh joy!! ::clapping loudly::

I can't wait to compare notes! This is going to be fun!

Are you sure we aren't sisters?

Bella@That damn expat said...

Oh no.
I'm all for family crazy fun but after reading what it did to you the last time, I say don't go.
Seriously, not worth your health.

Deb said...

sweet! i am ready when you are! i want to hear it all.

i will tell you that when i read your brief description of your family dynamics, i thought i was reading my own words. my mom makes EVERYTHING about her. everything. did i say everything, because i meant to say EVERYTHING!

Call Me Cate said...

Thanks for the concern, everyone. I DO have a plan, which will be forthcoming. In the meantime, it's nice to know I'm not on the crazy train alone when it comes to family issues.

SisterFriend said...

I think you are all kinds of batshit crazy to want to spend a week with the nut jobs. And to have to pay for a portion of your sister's vacation cause she can't afford it. KOO KOO!!!!! Wouldn't you rather go with the Mr. somewhere?

HairDizzer said...

My goodness! As much as I can't wait to hear about your trip... what you wrote about your last trip does definitely worry me. I agree that you should have an exit lined up... just in case the same thing happens again. It's just not worth it to be that stressed out. Life is too short for you to willingly put yourself in a horrible situation!

Good Luck!!!

soulbrush said...

all i can say is 'thank god my folks are all dead'! sorry if that sounds awful, but it's better for me that they are!!!i don't know you but i would say'hell don't do it!'

wendy said...

wow this may sound selfish but I like reading about your nutty family because I am tired of thinking of my crazy family.. NM and GC in my family have pushed me to the limit and I am now totally NO CONTACT. I am glad you can also find the humor amidst the craziness.. morw power to you