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Monday, February 02, 2009

Remembering resolutions

Today, I'm going to take a few minutes to reflect on how those resolutions are holding up. Mostly because I'm still sick and unimaginative and what I really want to do is punch that groundhog in the face for predicting more winter.
  • Be 17% nicer.
  • Be 22% tougher when it comes to standing up for myself.
I've been about 170% nicer (if by nicer you mean "doormat") and -220% tougher. So many urges to punch people (or groundhogs) in the face but I haven't done it yet!
  • Continue making progress on anxiety issues.
There weren't too many tests this month. I did experience some panic attacks but they were brief and I managed to regain control. We're booking a trip for February or March that should give me plenty of reason to spaz.
  • Work towards better health.
Being sick is hell on a workout routine. Also, I canceled my gym membership yesterday. Not sure how that fits in exactly.
  • Support Joe as he supports me.
Think I'm doing ok there. I'm certainly trying!
  • Consistent writing/blogging.
I actually think I had a really good month for writing and blogging. I'm finding a routine for the most part and feeling good about it.

Word for 2009: FOCUS
  • Focus my energies throughout my unstructured day in order to improve efficiency. So much time to accomplish things and somehow I never do.
  • Focus on following through on ideas. All the ideas in the world do me no good without putting them to action.
  • Focus on the what is important and what is within my control. Then, in the words of the wise Wife O Riley, Recognize, Embrace, and Release the others.
Some days are certainly better than others with this. I'm finding that on an average day, I do well. But I've been sick quite a bit - headaches for a week, then a cold - and on THOSE days it's impossible for me to find focus. I've been staying very organized though, making tons of lists and using the calendar.

Overall, things are going well so far.

This is the most boring post ever. I'm ashamed. Come back tomorrow when I'll post something I write while high on my narcotics-laced prescription cough syrup!


Sarah said...

Sounds like your drugs are gonna be better than Bloggess's, at least!

Moley Willows said...

high on my narcotics-laced prescription cough syrup - hard to think who the perscription might be written out to. don't want to be taking someone elses medicine.

Now I'm sure I'm supposed to be somewhere *yawns* but can't remember where. might look for some of those narcotics-laced prescription cough syrup!

Call Me Cate said...

My doc hooks me up with the good stuff. I probably should've gone in on Friday instead of suffering all weekend.

A. said...

I also resisted going back into the Dr. & was miserable all weekend... We really should get that support group going asap!


Feel better Cate! And have on your meds!

andy said...

When you feel sick for a long time, it will certainly start to drain on you mentally too:( I never think you're boring dude. And my syphilis is starting to drag on me man. When you have to smoke out the side of your mouth 'cause you have a canker sore in the middle of your lip on the inside, that is total dedication to the art. Or do I mean desperation? Doesn't still sucks. Feel better sunshine!

Call Me Cate said...

Let's all be not sick, k? I'm so done with it.

Lyndsay said...

Too funny ... writing on my NY non-resolutions was on my mind tonight.

Hope you are feeling better!

Yaya said...

I loved the post, I think you should do it every month as a check in!

The Wife O Riley said...

Where is it written that you have to focus everyday? Right now, focus on getting better.

Hey, and thanks for calling me wise!

blognut said...

Feel better - bring on the meds!

Mim said...

not boring - interesting