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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What am I wearing?

(No, Andy, it's not the stilettos)

Help a girl out! As part of my preparation for the upcoming trip to hell Jack Bauer-style day camp family vacation, I am going to order a shirt to wear in their presence. I am currently torn between two I found on CafePress:

Option #1:

Option #2:

I'm also open to other suggestions if you've seen a great shirt to keep my family on their toes. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. And no, they do NOT have the address of this blog. That's part of the reason I started this blog. They just have a link to the boring one that says things like "Cate ate dinner at Pizza Hut."

I'm not big on wearing message shirts out and about, by the way, so this will be for pjs or for when hanging out with the entire family (including a baby, did I mention a BABY?!?!?) under one roof while plotting how many times I can excuse myself to go to the bathroom before it looks suspicious when really I'm chugging bourbon out of my suitcase.

P.S. This has nothing to do with anything but my coworker's daughter fell and broke her arm yesterday afternoon. She may need surgery because it has something to do with her elbow. Anyways, the message he left the boss was that he wouldn't be in because they had to take the 3yo to the obstetrician for her broken bones. How... very wrong.


Ribbon said...

happy holiday w the family :-)

just arrived here ........ nice blog!

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

I laughed so very hard at the utter wrongness (not a word? hmmm...) of your male coworker.

And I'm no help with the shirts - I like them both.

kimber p said...

I absolutely LOVE dragonflies, so that's the one I'd pick for myself...but you strike me as more of the Option 1 shirt. Have a great time :)

Kristin said...

I like em both.

I wish my obstetrician would do bones. I'm all about one stop shopping.

Deb said...

i like the first one.

i guess "you people make me want to jump off a tall building" would be out of the question?

Debbi said...

I like #2. Or, Nobody cares about your issues.

C. Beth said...


Juliet Colors said...

I vote for #1. It just seems more you. But you can't go wrong with either. Good luck!

Call Me Cate said...

Ribbon - thanks for visiting!

RAS - there is so much wrong with that particular coworker. I'd consider blogging about him but I wouldn't know where to start.

Kimber - I love that the dragonfly is a little girly. But the other shirt is so much more... "I'll punch you in the face".

Kristin - one-stop shopping is great but some things don't quite go together.

Deb - awesome, except I'm trying to be a little subtle. I'll be thinking it though!

Debbi - another good one. And oh, do they have issues.

Beth - nice and decisive. If only I could be either.

Juliet - thanks!

Hmm, it seems you all think I'm violent or something... You know me so well. And since I would never really hurt someone, I have to wear it on a shirt.

andy said...

I am totally going to seek out the shirt of all shirts for you.

Hang on.

A. said...

#1 would be my pick for you, but you really can't go wrong with either.

Don't forget to bring the necessary tokens for your trip: the [faux] rabbit foot, a horse shoe, a big belly Buddha, and maybe a 4-clover if you can find one. And booze. Seriously.
I'm just saying...

angi_b72 said...

I like #2 myself! I can not wait until you get back so we can hear the stories from this!! lol

Angela said...

I prefer the second shirt. Ummm, the obstetrician for the 3 year old? Men!!!!!

SisterFriend said...

First one.

What's the obstetrician going to do, put it back where it came from and hope for a new, whole one?

Grand Pooba said...

My pick is #2, isn't that what you're thinking in your mind ALL the time?

Good luck, drink a little extra burbon for me!

Donnetta said...

I'd go w/#2.

Have your flask full!

Sarah said...

The point is to HAVE blog fodder. Blogging about them is not a threat to make them stop their inane behavior, it's simply a fact. Choice 2.

ella said...

I like option one. It's less *cute*

Lyndsay said...

First one for sure.

As far as the coworker, OMG, that is all I have to say.

blognut said...

I want to know more about this co-worker of yours.

Plus, I'm making it my life's work to find you the perfect shirt. Neither of those is it!

Ribbon said...

Hello again :-) thanks for calling in and re "Deja vu"........I'm sure it's a good thing!

Best wishes and just go naked for the family holiday :-)

Call Me Cate said...

So, I've tallied up the results. I have 7 votes for shirt #1. 7 votes for shirt #2. 2 offers (andy and blognut) to find me a different shirt, and 1 vote to go naked.

Clearly the answer here is for me to run away to Argentina and skip the family vacation altogether.