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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st Quarter Report

Looking back at March and I can't believe we're 25% done with the year. Or that I'm trying to do math under the influence of a celery migraine.

So how are my resolutions holding up?
  • Be 17% nicer.
  • Be 22% tougher when it comes to standing up for myself.
I did some of each. And starting yesterday, look for more of both. And also maybe 57% positiver. Which I just made up because I can. Try to stop me! Yeah, didn't think so.
  • Continue making progress on anxiety issues.
I'm doing pretty well with this. A couple of panic attacks but they've been over issues that I think anyone would freak about. Depression has been an issue but I'm actively fighting that.
  • Work towards better health.
So much failure. This needs a lot of attention starting immediately. Right after I finish this donut. Seriously, family beach vacation is in 2 months. HELP for so many reasons!
  • Support Joe as he supports me.
I have nothing to say about this that I really want in print so I'm going to skip it.
  • Consistent writing/blogging.
Here and there I suppose.

Word for 2009: FOCUS
  • I'm recommitting to focus.  I found myself focusing on the wrong things last month.  

As for the blog, the only big change was the launch of Feast My Face, which I'm not pressuring myself to update on a daily basis at this point.  It would be nice to update it daily during the week but the world certainly won't end if I don't.  It's more about filling my time anyways.

And now, let's check Google Analytics for some search terms!

  • angry neighbour where's my newspaper - Probably his dog ate it.
  • celery migraine - Maybe I need to patent my term.
  • easter bunny is a lie - But he's really good in stew!
  • i have holes in my face how do i get rid of them? - Spackle?
  • sick of my angry husband - I'm sick of your angry husband too!
  • tijuana surfing monkey - I'm so going to make up a post about this one
  • visiting my hot neighbor - wouldn't THAT be a nice change of pace?

Awesome.  Googlers rock. 

Coming in April?  A couple of blog swaps (first one will be tomorrow), First Fursday, an Earth Day event, a Kindle review, and other random stuff.  Hopefully of the entertaining kind and not the whining kind.  

On a slightly sappy note, thanks for bearing with me lately.  Reading your comments, your posts, your tweets, your emails...  You've all given me a lot of encouragement, a lot of distraction, and a lot of food for thought.  I really appreciate it.


mo.stoneskin said...

What type of rounding did you use? I worked it out that you had been 18% nicer...

Sass said...

64% of all statistics are made up on the spot.




Grand Pooba said...

I love you exact percentages, you must have thought about those items real hard!

Mrs Cooper said...

Cracking up at visiting the hot neighbor. Aahhhhh you make my mornings.:)

Debbi said...

I think you've made some great progress! 25% + 17% + 22% + 57% = 121%!!! You're awesome.

And, for the record, 47% of donuts are good for your health. Just saying.

Isabella said...

I love the Google search terms. Mine are never as colorful as yours though - Tijuana surfing monkeys? Wow. Just wow. :)

Call Me Cate said...

Mo - I totally used the new "migraine math". It's rather random and mostly involves picking numbers out of a hat. I like your math better!

Sass - 99% of my statistics are made up on the spot. Which makes me better than average. Woohoo!

Pooba - You have no idea how hard I had to think about those numbers. It took a lot of effort in between spilling my coffee and burning my toe on my space heater.

Mrs. Cooper - I really wish I had a hot neighbor. That would make my mornings!

Debbi - No, YOU are awesome. For adding numbers, probably even correctly! (I'm not gonna check your math, I trust you). The chocolate donuts are especially good for my (mental) health.

Isabella - I get the "monkey" reference, perhaps. But until this post I have never mentioned "Tijuana" or "surfing". However, if the masses demand it, who am I to argue?

Sassy Britches said...

I think that Google Analytics would be the best medicine for anyone who was having an off day. How funny is that?!

KiKi said...

I heart Google Analytics!!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Googlers are fabulous. Yours are, at least. Hot neighbor... was probably your neighbor trying to look himself up.

Blog swaps and kindles and health, oh my! Looking forward to another fab month.

Vevay Anderson said...

Is there a website that helps you determine your percentage of niceness or is it just old fasioned math? If it's just math, I'm screwed.

Ronnica said...

Love the percentages!

Snarky A. said...

I can't wait for the Tijuana surfing monkeys post! :)

It's been a fabulous 25%! And congrats on all your success with your goals, made-up migraine math or not.

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