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Thursday, March 05, 2009

First Fursday

Our humans won't let us have our own blog so we've reached a compromise. The long-haired human has agreed to let one of us blog on the First Fursday of each month and in return we don't pee in her shoes. Seems fair to us!

Since Tonya's sleeping, I decided it was my turn to use the computer. She's already had her chance.

Today, I think I'll tell you about some of the other kitties in my life. I spent some time on the streets and then at the kitty orphanage where I encountered a lot of other cats. I love making new friends! But then these fabulous humans brought me home from the orphanage and the only other cat I see on a regular basis is Tonya. And let's face it - she's not the friendliest feline in the world.

First, there's Vet Cat. He lives at the doctor's office so I don't see him all that often. Except for last year when I had scurvy - I visited him a lot then. He's pretty fat so they must feed him well. I think that would be a great place to live. Lots of new friends coming and going and excellent health benefits. Plus all the humans scratch his ears while they pay their bills. The only thing I wonder about is if they give him a lot of shots. I don't really like shots so it might not be worth it.

The other cats I see are on the other side of the glass. Most often it's Hungry Kitty. He's a scrawny little dude, kinda like me. Always picking around on the fire-making box where short-haired human puts the fishes before he eats them. I'm not quite sure why he does that - it's just as good cold. Anyways, Hungry Kitty once managed to swipe an entire tuna steak off the grill when short-haired human turned his back. He's one fast mover!

Ghost Cat only appears at night. My people say there's something called a "graveyard" behind our house. I think it's like a litter box but for dead people instead of poo? Long-haired human is easily spooked so she wasn't too excited when the short-haired human told her there was a Ghost Cat in the backyard. Me, I'm not scared. I'm big and tough. Especially since I'm behind that glass. Can't get me!

Probably the coolest cat out there is Cow Cat. He just sorta wanders around from time to time chasing squirrels. I wish I could sneak out there to chase some squirrels! One afternoon, I heard my people talking about the discovery of Cow Cat.
Short-haired human: I just saw a cat in the backyard.
Long-haired human: Hungry Cat again?
Short-haired human: No, it was a different cat.
Long-haired human: What color?
Short-haired human: Cow-colored.
Long-haired human: You'll have to explain what you mean by "cow-colored".
Only, he didn't explain. And then later long-haired human saw Cow Cat and understood.

And finally, the last cat I see is usually in the front of the house - Angry Neighbor Cat. It's a really strange breed of cat though. Big and drooly and makes really loud bizarre meows. Once, I saw that one jump up on short-haired human, causing him to bleed. When I make anyone bleed, they put me in my box but I don't think we have a box big enough for this weird cat. I heard them say he belongs to someone called Angry Neighbor. Glad I don't have to deal with that guy.

I think with the exception of Angry Neighbor Cat I'd be good pals with most of them. I'm very friendly and an expert cuddler. Too bad it's all wasted on Tonya. Maybe we can trade Tonya for Cow Cat? That would be awesome...


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Awww, Rusty, you poor kitty with all those cuddles Tonya doesn't want! Cow cat does sound pretty cool. Stay away from that angry neighbor cat - he sounds like kind of a dummard. ;)

Marrdy said...

What a cute post. I LOVE kitties!!! More than most anything else. Saw you on SITS this morning and I am so glad I stopped by!

Juliet Colors said...

Rusty, I love your illustrations! I agree, Cow Cat sounds really cool. I hope Tonya doesn't read this post, though, and get mad at you. She seems like she could be rather vengeful.

Snarky A. said...

So cute! Ha ha! I'm loving "First Fursday"!

Call Me Cate said...

RAS - Rusty is tortured indeed. He just HAS to love. Tonya makes him so sad.

Marrdy - thanks so much for stopping by! SITS is pretty awesome.

Juliet - it's possible "Rusty" spent about 3 hours at the boring job yesterday creating illustrations. It's also possible that Joe wasn't so impressed with this. I've got his back though if Tonya tries to attack.

Snarky A - First Fursday will be a regular thing. I feel like if I allow it a whole lot more than that, I run into dangers of being "that person" with the cat blog.

Sassy Britches said...

Yaaaay for First Fursday! I'm sad that Rusty and Tonya aren't BFF's, but even though Cow Cat and Rusty can't play together and exchange cuddles, I hope the long- and short-haired humans are supplying enough!

Yaya said...

Oh my gosh, this made me LOL!

Hungry cat and Cow cat, love it!

Sarah said...

Uhh, I'm not sure how supportive we should be of Rusty's interactions with Cow Cat. I'm pretty sure any feline that can skin a bovine, and then go on to wear said skin... he's from the wrong side of the fence... before you know it, Rusty's gonna be wearing Tonya.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my kitties would so get along with you! They are both chubby and like getting high on kitty weed. They kind of grew up on the wrong side of the tracks but they're still good kitties, well fed due to the constant case of the munchies!

S~DLT said...

It's SO nice to hear kitty commentary. I only ever get canine critique. Can't wait for the next installment.

Angela said...

My cat Harley sends "Meow-Meow" to you.

andy said...

Tonya is totally the boss in this equation.

Poor Rusty.

If I give you a pic of "the dog" would you draw his likeness? It is so neat how you do that.

Molly said...

Your vet cat looks a good deal like my vet cat! Who is kinda amazing in that he can sleep in that basket on the counter despite all the racket that sometimes occurs!

At my house we have MY adorable kitty and then we have Snaggletooth and Insane Cat who have come from That Place Where Cats Come From - wherever that is! Neither seems to want to be near a human despite the fact that Insane Cat spends a great deal of time making sad yowling noises at all hours of the night (hence the name). Snaggletooth is possibly the ugliest/scariest looking cat I've ever seen so maybe he's just shy. If you have any kitty insight on this feel free to let me know. ;)

Lyndsay said...

A writer and an artist, watch up Blogworld, here comes Rusty!

Lyndsay said...

Err ... watch OUT ... but I figure you got that, right?

Melissa said...

What a cute post.

blognut said...

Rusty, don't worry so much about Tonya. Girl cats can be a little bitchy, but that doesn't mean you should give up on her. At the very least, you're irritating her, and there's some value in that.

Call Me Cate said...

Sassy Britches - you bet long- and short-haired humans supply plenty of snugglies to Rusty.

Yaya - glad you enjoyed Rusty's blog. It's nice for me to take an occasional day off.

Sarah - Rusty's always angry Tonya won't share her warm coat. You may be right to be concerned!

Pooba - Christmas = kitty crack in our house. It's pretty awesome.

S~DLT - my cats have a lot to say, especially Tonya. I just wish she'd hold her commentary for after 9am or so on the weekends.

Angela - Meow on back to Harley. Is he a rough biker-cat?

Andy - you have my email? Get me a linky, I'll take a shot at your dog. Well, I mean, not a shot. Umm. Nevermind.

Molly - maybe we have the same vet. Are you stalking me? And if you ever find out where that Place is where they come from, please let me know. We need to slow down the invasion.

Lyndsay - Rusty has so many talents beyond just purring. Amazing. And I totally got it.

Melissa - thanks!

blognut - excellent advice. Plus, she's getting old and senile. She'll forget she hates him soon enough.