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Monday, March 02, 2009

Home sweet home

What is it about coming home that's so fabulous? It can be the best trip to the best location with the best company but there's something about sliding between the sheets in my own bed that makes me feel so at peace.

Joe was amazing as always on this trip, supporting me and keeping my spazziness to a minimum. Especially once the weather turned sour for our trip home. In the end, our flight back was mostly uneventful. The pilot did ask the flight crew to end snack service rather abruptly/early and I spent the rest of the flight waiting for the crazy turbulence but it never really came. A little bumpiness on the landing but not even close to what I had anticipated.

And shortly after we arrived home, the snow began to fall. Yes, it's March and we don't typically see snow this time of year, but it was light and fluffy and accumulated just enough to reward me with a 2-hour work delay and a call from the boss telling me to work from home.

So here I am, snuggled in my Slanket with Rusty purring on my lap (my itty bitty kitty missed me). And even though it's cold and gloomy and I'm completely swamped with work (both for the office and personal projects), today I feel like life is good.

Speaking of kitties, our cat sitter left us a note as she always does. It went something like this:
Dear Joe & Cate:

Kitties were fine when I checked in Saturday around noon. Rusty gave me big cuddles. And Tonya ate a few treats when I tossed them to her. Hope you had a good trip!

That's my kitties! Rusty the snuggler and Tonya the... gimme food or I have no use for you.

Yes, there's truly no place like home.


Juliet Colors said...

Welcome home. I agree, homecomings can sometimes be the best part of a trip. Sounds like you have a cozy day at home ahead. :-)

Angela said...

Welcome back. Glad to see you tweeting and back in the blosphere. We missed you.

{Katie Lane} said...

Coming home from a long trip is the best, I totally agree! Welcome back.

andy said...

It's nice to have a day to regroup and relax...good for you:)

Have you ever posted pictures of the cats? Would be a hoot to see a live pic to put a face to the names.

Thinkin' of ya buddy!

Have a great day...I'm so jealous of your slanket right now. 'Tis cold in the jail.

angi_b72 said...

So glad you made it home safetly!!! I want a Slanket!

Yaya said...

Glad you're back and at peace!

I hate staying in hotels...yucky germy places...I bring clorox wipes w/ me and wipe the whole room down when we first get there...ick...

Grand Pooba said...

It's good to get away but even nicer to come home! Especially when you have darling pets waiting for you!

blognut said...

Welcome home! Aren't you glad you had to clean for the cat sitter before you left? Now you get to come home to a nice, neat place and you can relax in your slanket (whatever the heck that is).

Pamdog said...

Home is where the cats are. Welcome back!

The Wife O Riley said...

Welcome home!

kimber p said...

did you bring me anything??
oh yeah, welcome but really, did you bring me anything!!?

Lyndsay said...

I will be waiting for my souvenier to show up in the mail.

Welcome home!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

So glad you made it home without excitement and got a snow day! Sounds like the life to me - slanket and cuddles!

Call Me Cate said...

Juliet - it was a fabulous snuggly day. Lots of CoL!

Angela - it's nice to be missed, thanks!

Katie Lane - I even enjoy coming back from short trips. Heck, I feel happy coming back just from checking the mail!

Andy - I haven't posted pics of my kitties. They've asked me to protect their identities in case their vet runs across my blog.

Angie - Slankets rule! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And down with Snuggies!

Yaya - some hotels I love. But we've stayed in a few that made my skin crawl. This time we stayed at Auntie's, which is great except for twin beds in the guest room.

Pooba - oh, they were waiting. With empty dishes and hissy fits!

blognut - it IS nice to come home to a clean house, even if it was stressful trying to tidy up before we left. Slanket is a blanket with sleeves!

Pamdog - such true words. Home is very much where the cats are.

Wife O Riley - thanks for the welcome!

kimber - we didn't bring back much. Joe bought a photo or something for his office. And I bought some lip balm. I'll share though!

Lyndsay - it's going to be a long wait. I'm not sure the post office would know how to reach you with "Lyndsay at".

Ryan - snow days are the perfect welcome home from Florida somehow. Anything that means I can stay inside works for me!