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Friday, March 20, 2009

A small victory

Some couples fight about money. Or sex. Or family. Or paying their family for sex. (Ewww, that was just wrong of me, I'll punch me in the face.) Our annual debate is about "Fish IS TOO meat!!!". Ahh, the joys of Lent. Isn't it nice when religion brings people closer together? (Wow, I think I made myself barf twice in one paragraph.)

However, I finally made some progress in winning my argument about fish on Fridays during Lent. It was a couple of weeks ago and it went something like this:
me: Is lobster a fish?
Joe: No.
me: So is it meat?
Joe: No.
me: What about crabs? Or scallops? Are they allowed for Lent?
Joe: I say yes, they're acceptable for Lent because I group all things that come from the ocean into one category.
me: What about ducks?
Joe: Those don't belong in the ocean. So ducks are meat.
me: What about freshwater fish?
Joe (exasperated with me already): Ok, I group together all things that come from the water.
me: Dolphins? Frogs?
Joe: Yes, fine for Lent. Though dolphins may be somewhat illegal.
me: So now what about ducks? They come from freshwater!
See why I'm so much fun to live with and why he loves me so much? And do I even have to mention that conversation took place on a Friday night after dinner and wine?

With all of my circular reasoning, I did at least force trick lovingly help him to realize that while he may want to eat fish on Friday during Lent, he needs to refer to it as tradition and not sacrifice. Because he loves fish, buys not-cheap fish, and it is therefore not a sacrifice for him to eat it.

Yeah, petty of me I know. And he still won't admit that fish is meat. But at least I've brought him around to my way of thinking somewhat. I can't explain why that pleases me so.

Oh, and as for curbing my potty mouth? I think I've done well. But I'm still going to be making a sizable donation somewhere based on my agreement. I'm going to have to choose somewhere that will take installment payments.

TGIF folks and please come back tomorrow for Six Word Saturday!


mo.stoneskin said...

Are insects meat? Can I eat them during Lent?

Alabama Redhead said...

Luckily chocolate donuts, wine and twinkies are not considered meat. Or I'd be screwed.

Peggy said...

I am a lapsed Catholic. Don't really follow the tenets of the Church blah blah blah...but to this day, I still can't bring myself to eat meat on Fridays during Lent! They really did a number on me with that guilt thingy they do!

blognut said...

I agree - he has a tradition, not a sacrifice. If he were eating canned sardines, well... maybe. But real seafood, the good stuff, is not a sacrifice.

Comedy Goddess said...

I'll have to out myself as a heathen, but if I liked to eat fish I would eat it whenever. That's just how I roll.

SF said...

He's denying fish is meat? LOL! Well it sure ain't dairy, or carbohydrates, veggies or fruit ...

Have him look up the food pyramid, where is fish? Hmm ....

Call Me Cate said...

mo.stoneskin - He'd probably say only water insects are acceptable. Sorry!

Alabama Redhead - you and me both!

Peggy - Joe was raised Catholic. We're technically "Episcopalian" now. Sometimes. They have no official policy (about anything).

blognut - Exactly. And now that he's admitted that, it should be only baby steps to "fish IS meat!".

Comedy Goddess - Heathens are welcome here! And I roll the same way, minus any dietary restrictions.

SF - He would probably argue that it's a protein, not a meat. He's so stubborn!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Joe...from now on...tell her everything that was born in the water and does not spend a portion of its normal lifecycle on land is not meat.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

So what is lobster if it isn't fish and it isn't meat? Truthfully, I don't care what it is - as long as it comes with a bowl of melted butter. ;)

And Ahahaha at mo.stoneskin - insects, yum.

SparkleFarkle said...

LOL! Great blog! *takes moment-long ride on The Wayback Machine, then returns* Back in the day (Catholic grade school), the nuns told us it was okay to eat fish on Friday because "they don't bleed." *laughs, again* We didn't dare question our "Faith"! Have a good weekend!

Grand Pooba said...

I agree, fish is meat. It is the GOOD meat!

Call Me Cate said...

the iNDefatigable mjenks - Whose side are you on? I believe this is MY blog, not Joe's! Joe wants support, he can get his OWN blog!!!

RAS - Lobster appears to be a gray area. But I agree. Serve it up with some butter and I'm not going to question it!

SparkleFarkle - Yes, he's used the "doesn't bleed" argument before. I knocked it down somehow. :)

Pooba - I'm not opposed to some fish meat from time to time! Some of it is good stuff!

Captain Dumbass said...

I may be going to hell, but I'm going on a full stomach.

If its had blood coursing through it at some point I think it has to be meat.

Juliet Colors said...

Good work on the meat debate, Cate! I'm impressed that Joe has held his ground for so long. (Any sane person would have given in to your persuasion long ago, you'd think.) He must be as stubborn as... my husband. But I'm sure you'll get him yet.

I'm so far lapsed from my Catholic past, I don't even notice when Lent comes around any more. But traditions (not sacrifices) can be fun.

kimber p said...

this is yet another reason I'm glad I'm not ..god girl, you crack me up!!

Yaya said...

Whenever the hubby and I are having a never-ending debate I bring in the best friend for decision making. Or, just ask blog world. Blog world totally knows the answer to everything. And I say, fish is not meat.

Snarky A. said...

I find this discussion thoroughly hilarious. You can let Joe know that I am on "Team Cate" and fully counts fish as meat, thankyouverymuch.

It is an animal protein, full stop. So is lobster. And duck.
Insects though, not a meat.

But maybe that is just the biologist/chemist in me... Happy Friday to both of you!

cw2smom said...

It's a good thing you are not 7th Day Adventists as they can't eat those things crawling on the bottom of the ocean like lobsters and crabs, etc. Oh...the thought of living without that stuff!! Yikes!! Have a great weekend! Lisa

Ann On and On... said...

I'm glad you are talking about that instead of money or sex.

I'm thankful chocolate isn't in question.

Debbie said...

I completely understand! We are Catholic and eat better or Fridays in Lent than any other time of the year. Somehow I think that is missing the point.

Megan said...

Good thing I don't participate (is that the right word?) in Lent. I think I'd be way too confused. I have no idea what I consider fish. Fish is fish. lol

Call Me Cate said...

Captain Dumbass - brilliant. I fully approve of a full stomach. Can we sit together on the trip?

Juliet - Stubborn for sure. But after 14 years together, I finally made progress! Another 14 and he may admit fish is meat!

Kimber - I should've realized what I was getting into marrying a guy that was raised Catholic. Why did nobody warn me?

Yaya - SomeMonkey is frequently called upon to help my outnumber him. And yes, bloggyland rules!

Snarky - "Team Cate" totally needs shirts. Or hats!

Lisa - No lobster? Count me out!

Ann - we do enough talking about money and sex but I don't like to blog about it. And chocolate will NEVER be forbidden. Ever.

Debbie - See, this is my point exactly! But you admit to the fact. That's where my beef (which is meat) was with Joe.

Megan - I suppose to be safe people could just go all veggie/grains. But Joe loves his fish!