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Friday, April 24, 2009

Discipline and brain barf

Remember the other day when I talked about that whole blogging with discipline thing? "Regular writing, occasional brilliance" and then I talked about some days the brilliance doesn't happen and I just puke up a post?

Well, I'm about to brain barf all over my blog. Sorry!

I'm in one of those funks where all I can think about are the heavy things weighing on my mind and while I don't want to blog about them, I also can't quite seem to move past them to something lighter.

I am, however, having a fabulous cleavage day. Unfortunately, it may also be an inappropriate-for-work cleavage day. Oops! And yes, they're real.

Last night, I was drunk-dialed by my boss. Who then asked me to babysit my coworkers today because he's out and apparently there was some misbehavior yesterday. Really, thanks for putting me in the middle of it! Boy would I love to say more about that situation but I don't quite dare.

Why is it I seem to think I function best when I have far too much going on? We're hosting a concert at our house on May 6th - and on a whim I decided to rip down the wallpaper in our kitchen. All the cool kids were doing it and it seemed like a good idea at the time so I jumped on that bandwagon. Only, now I need to somehow get two coats of paint up in the next (less than) two weeks and we'll be away this weekend. Brilliant plan!

Well, blogging muse, I did my part. I blogged with discipline. I let my fingers tappity tap tap. You did not choose to reward me (or my unfortunate readers) with brilliance today. Better luck next time.


C. Beth said...

Ugh, when we bought our first house it had wallpaper in the kitchen, entry way and both bathrooms (2 layers in one of the baths.) The Engineer removed all of it--WHAT A PAIN! I textured the walls, which I found I'm actually kind of good at--despite being such a crappy painter. :)

blognut said...

I kind of like painting. Need help?

I laughed at your fabulous cleavage comment. I'm having one of those, too. Kind of pushing it for working in a bank, but they are what they are!

Lisa said...

i like to think i blog with discipline, but then life gets in the way and it makes for a funnier post xx

andy said...

i wish more people would drunk dial me.

look @ it this are the most highly regarded employee by your drunk boss.

and i also am having an "inappropriate for work cleavage" day...whatever.

gives everyone some happy happy on a friday. i just like to do my part.

there aren't many nice breasts around these parts, so really i'm helping maintain morale.

good brain vomiting, by the way.

must gag one out myself sometime today. i like your new blogging theory my friend.

happy friday, and all that shit:)

Debbi said...

Your barf is oddly more entertaining than mine. Like, pretty colours and recognizable chunks, where mine is just kinda...milk curdles. lol

Have fun with the wallpaper. *shudder* I did that a few weekends ago with Will's mother, and do NOT need to do it anytime soon.

Snarky A. said...

Nice barf. So much better than regular old barf barf. Good luck with the painting. I actually kind of like painting, so if you need help let me know. I'll bring my painting arm, and you supply the wine?

Sassy Britches said...

I'm so with you on the functioning best when there's too much going on thing. I think if I have all the time in the world, I waste it. But, when I have little time, I get some much more accomplished!

Sass said...

You mentioning your cleavage made me have to touch mine.

Do you think that's weird?

I don't.

I'm just sayin'.

mo.stoneskin said...

Are cleavage and being stand-in boss working well together?

Eric said...

Good luck on the home changes, fresh paint on the walls is neat-o!

Is anyone having a fabulous leg day? That is more interesting to me, I think.

Call Me Cate said...

C. Beth - This is, thankfully, the last of our wallpaper. It was in the master bath, half bath, dining room and kitchen. Lucky for us, it was applied poorly and has all come off relatively easy.

blognut - I'm always up for help painting! I have to imagine bank cleavage is about as popular as gov't cleavage.

Lisa - I *wish* life would hop in the way and give me something funny! I'm having trouble seeing it right now.

andy - Alright, another one for the cleavage club! And yeah, yay my boss trusts me I suppose. When he's drunk anyways.

Debbi - It's like I barfed rainbows. Rusty would be proud.

Snarky - Here's a lesson I learned the hard way about painting. You shouldn't do it when you're drunk. Messy messy.

Sassy Britches - You and I operate the same way. I can accomplish much more in an hour than I can in two hours. I guess I fail at math.

Sass - I keep kinda touching mine to make sure there isn't any... spillage?

Mo - I have to use whatever techniques I have available to keep this crowd in order!

Eric - My legs are sorta sore from standing on ladders. My elbows are good though!

Veggie Mom said...

Hey, there's nothing "brain barfy" about a Fabulous Cleavage Day (please notice the capitalization). In fact, I think this is a darn good post, considering the circumstances...

Kay said...

Hey, I just added your "Blogging with Discipline" button the other day... and have only posted once since.
I'll post tonight, but it's going to be a brain barf just like yours. Everyone has off days, right? (Or is that just me?)
Damn, I'm not even having a good boob day that I can brag about.

Tori_z said...

Hope you can at least get one of the coats of paint up in time for the concert thingy.

Donnetta said...

You know, it's not nice to tease and taunt the boys in your reader list by talking about cleavage without backup.


Megan said...

Painting. What's that? Oh yeah. The thing that only hubby does. :0P Good luck with getting it all done. I'm sure you'll be a rock star!

Your brain barf was quite entertaining this morning. Enjoy your weekend! =)

kristi said...

Hi, Sassy sent me over!! Don't you hate babysitting grownups?

Anonymous said...

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