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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Losing my mind... and my spatulas

A mystery is afoot. In order to paint the kitchen, I had to completely clear the counters. Also, I've decided about 90% of that stuff is not going back. Too cluttered.

One thing that definitely won't be going back at this point is my crock of spatulas. Mostly because I can't find it. Anywhere. The knife block that always sits next to the crock is on the dining room table but the crock itself is nowhere. I've checked the dining room, all the kitchen cabinets, the storage cabinet in the garage. Where else could it possibly be? It's not like I would've taken it upstairs or out of the house.

At this point, I'm trying not to think about it. I refuse to go insane over this. Like the time with the chicken nuggets. What's that? I haven't shared about the time a malevolent spirit stole my chicken nuggets?

Once upon a time, there was a scary movie in the theatres. Blair Witch Project. I was fascinated by the effort the creators put into formulating an in-depth backstory to up the "creepy" factor. All of which I shared with Joe but without mentioning it was made up. This served to create a sufficiently scary movie-going experience. I wanted him to be scared (I wanted me to be scared) and he was. Awesome.

On the way home, we hit the drive-thru at Wendys and I ordered my usual. Junior bacon cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, and a small Frosty. Joe ordered whatever it was he ordered. I checked the order, ate a piping hot chicken nugget and we drove home. Unpacking the bag when we got home? No chicken nuggets.

I double-checked the bag. The counter. The kitchen. The car. Joe insisted they must've forgotten to give them to us. Even though my tongue was still burnt from eating one.

Already a bit on edge from the movie, we managed to work ourselves into quite the frenzy over these chicken nuggets. Had some mysterious ghost stolen my nuggets? I gave up my search once I caught myself checking the shower. Because that's just ridiculous.

So I'm going to just forget about the crock of spatulas. It will turn up. And I will not be looking for it in the shower. I may, however, check under the bed to see if I can find my sanity. It's obviously wandered off somewhere again. Maybe it's with the chicken nuggets - we never found those either.

P.S. 05/01/09 - The spatulas have been found. Tonya hid them in the kitchen storage cabinet in the garage. Yes, the one I had already checked. She must've been moving them from place to place.


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

The other day, I lost a package I needed to put in the mail. I found it a while later... in the fridge. I blame Sprinkles.

Maybe check the freezer for your sanity? It might be trying to "keep."

Sass said...

Apparently the ghost needed to do some cooking. Perhaps a side dish to go with the nuggets.

When I need to find my sanity, I usually located somewhere around the bottom of a bottle of Absolut. I'm just sayin'.

Rebecca Jo said...

You actually ate a chicken nugget on the ride??? And then they were missing??? That's CRAZY!!!!

Lesha said...

During one of our moves in NC, I lost a very essential piece to a can opener. I was very upset and searched a long time for it to no avail. Two years later we moved again. While packing up I found my crock of spatulas.

Coincidence? I think not. How's your can opener? I'm just saying.

cw2smom said...

WOW! I think the universe was just helping you with the clutter issue by getting rid of that crock of spatulas! I mean, really...who needs that many spatulas on their counter? LOL! The nuggets? I am thinking it was a ghost, or a witch. For sure! LOL! That's just bizarre! But, I am with you on this loosing stuff and the mind along with it...I lost my entire set of keys in a matter of minutes the other day! They probably fell out of my sweatshirt pocket, but I swear, I lost my mind looking for them by retracing my steps a million times. Arrrgggh! Anyway, you may find my mind in your place as I certainly can't find it here...or the keys! Hang in there! Lisa

SF said...

That reminds me of my watch that I can't find. Z was playing with it while I was changing his diaper one day. He dropped it, I picked it up. He dropped it ... vanished into thin air. I've looked all over his room and can't find it. Apparently the gnomes like watches and nuggets.

Kara said...

That chicken nugget story may be the weirdest/ most confounding story I've ever heard!

mo.stoneskin said...

Ok, I'll admit it, I stole the nuggets. Indirectly.

I was experimenting with long-distance hypnosis, I used Tonya as the subject.

"Eat Cate's chicken nuggets," I said over the hypno-waves.

Apparently it worked.

Call Me Cate said...

RAS - I'm the queen of having something in my hand and then not being able to find it 30 seconds later. The fridge is a definite possibility.

Sass - Absolut? Will look there. It wasn't in the Tangueray.

Rebecca Jo - Yep, I actually ate one, burned my mouth, and told myself to wait until we got home so they would cool down. And disappear!!!

Lesha - Utensil crocks are pure evil. It's the only answer.

Lisa - chicken nuggets, spatulas, keys and sanity. All in an undisclosed location.

SF - do babies eat watches? Check his diaper!

Kara - unfortunately, there's more where that comes from.

Mo - HA! Caught you in a lie. This was pre-Tonya! (Otherwise, she would've been a suspect for sure!)

Juliet Colors said...

Ooh, spooky. I lost my sunglasses on top of my head once. But I don't suppose that will help you find your spatulas or your sanity.

Isabella said...


I once ordered a burger and fries from Wendy's and got a "bonus" in my fries - a chicken nugget. My thought is maybe this happened to you...and that is why you couldn't find them later.

As for the spatulas? Simple. Your cats are working on a brilliant escape plan.

The Wife O Riley said...

There is not a day that doesn't go by that I don't lose something, a sock, a pen, a shoe, a kid. Most of the time I find them in the fridge, kid included.

blognut said...

I'm trying to figure out what the cats are going to do with the spatulas. I'm sure they ate the nuggets, but the spatulas really can't be considered a snack. We must interrogate the kitties.

Grand Pooba said...

It was my sister. She loves chicken nuggets.

Just say Julie said...

In my house, it's the hubs who "misplaces things". He went a week looking for a phone charger that was in the car. I think it's that when we're looking for something specific, the obvious becomes invisible.
I know it happens here once a week.

Tori_z said...

Stuff has a habit of doing that. It's really annoying when stuff just disappears. Especially when you know exactly where the item was, but when you go back it's not there. Then, of course, you're the one who gets blamed for it not being anywhere. But if you put it somewhere else then you'd be able to find it there. I'm with you on the someone stole it thing. It's the most logical explanation... And, the only one I can think of.

Hope you find your sanity. I lost mine a while back and haven't found it yet. I think someone stole it.

Call Me Cate said...

Juliet Colors - I've definitely done the sunglasses trick. But no spatulas on my head!

Isabella - YOU took my chicken nugget!!!

Wife O Riley - If I found a kid in my fridge, I'd be more scared than the whole Blair Witch thing.

blognut - I have a strange bruise on my foot today. Perhaps the kitties were using the spatulas to try to kill me in my sleep?

Pooba - I should've known your family was involved somehow.

Julie - I'm definitely worse about it than Joe. Sometimes I don't know how he doesn't just "misplace" me on the side of the road somewhere. Permanently.

Tori - I guess if someone really needed my spatulas (or nuggets) enough to steal them, I should let it go. My sanity though, I'd like to have that back.

Megan said...

OMGosh! That movie was definitely scary! And I don't like scary movies. Not sure how I managed to see the movie. lol

That is so weird about your chicken nuggets! I'd be frustrated too. I might've even gone back to Wendy's and told them they forgot them.

Your spatulas? haha glad you finally found them! heehee

ChicagoLady said...

Are you sure Tonya wasn't (or still isn't) trying to drive you insane? LOL

And Blair Witch Project? No way was that a scary movie. I watched it at home, alone, by myself.