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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quiet moments

Rocking on my back porch, glass of cabernet on the table beside me

Snuggling on the sofa in my Slanket, perhaps with the addition of a stripy purring Rusty

Wrapped securely in Joe's arms, his steady breathing lulling me to sleep

Laying on the beach, the sun warm on my body (and properly covered in something SPF 5000), the waves gently rolling in while the breeze blows

Cuddled on the bed with Tonya for a rare moment of petting and death rattling purring

Drinking my Sunday morning coffee, catching up on blogs while Joe reads the paper across the table, no words necessary

Curled up in the papasan with a book

Those are some of my favorite quiet moments. What are yours?


Rebecca Jo said...

Those all sound wonderful!!!

My favorite quiet moment... sitting on my enclosed back porch with the doors open when its raining, listening to it while reading a book... that's the BEST!

jenn said...

Finally getting a chance to till up the warm garden earth and tuck new little seedlings into my flower bed. It was a loooong winter here.

blognut said...

Curled up in my favorite chair with a book. sigh.

Quiet moments are few and far between when you live in a circus.

mo.stoneskin said...

Reading your blog while pretending to work.

Saturday morning coffee on the beach.

C. Beth said...

We were definitely on the same page last night while writing our blog posts.

Isabella said...

I enjoy quiet moments whenever I can - it could be something as simple as waking up before everyone and laying in bed listening to gentle breathing of hubby and baby through the monitor.
Though I really enjoy being able to crochet or do crossword puzzles on a lazy weekend morning with a cup of coffee. That's my favorite. :)

Comedy Goddess said...

Snuggling with my daughter. Anytime.

SF said...

Cuddling every morning with Z, there is nothing better than a snuggly sleeping baby.

Reading a book or magazine in a nice hot bath at the end of the day.

HiHoOhio said...

listening to children breathe when they are asleep, calming and the purr of a kitten.
Coffee brewing as I awake any morning....knowing it will await my arrival downstairs to have some.

Call Me Cate said...

Rebecca Jo - I <3 my porch when it rains. Absolutely fabulous listening to it pound on the roof.

jenn - We were able to put our garden in a few weeks ago and it's so rewarding to see everything doing so well.

blognut - I'd think the clowns would make it hard to maintain peace. We had the best chair when we lived in NY. Ugly and horrible and we didn't bring it when we moved. I miss it.

Mo - aww, you say the sweetest things. Coffee on the beach? I like that!

C. Beth - Totally on the same page. Yay rocking chairs!

Isabella - I like mornings in general. Everything's just a bit quieter and slower before the day gets underway.

Comedy Goddess - sounds like a winner to me!

SF - Can I borrow Z for a bit? Also, I thought mothers were too busy for bathing! ;)

HiHoOhio - I'm afraid if I had a baby I'd poke it to make sure it was still awake if he breathed too calmly. But yes, sleeping children and awaiting coffee? All good. Plus coffee smells nice!

H F W said...

Reading your fav quiet moments made me briefly miss life BC -- before children. :)

My favorite quiet moments now include rocking and snuggling in the chair with the toddler, snuggling him to sleep at naptime and lying in bed while it's raining with my DH. Writing this out just makes me feel calmer, so thanks.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Curled up on the couch with my love.

Sitting on the side porch with a glass of wine watching the sunset.

Juliet Colors said...

My favorite quiet moments are much like yours: curled on the couch with good book and a kitty or two, snuggled with my sweetie stroking my hair, etc. My sweetie will be away this weekend, so I'm just hoping for some quiet moments to myself with the cats.

Tori_z said...

Snuggled up in Kelly's arms while he sleeps (and I try to). Especially on nights when I know we don't have to be up early next morning if we don't want to be.

Cuddled up in a blanket with Kero, a cup of cocoa, and maybe a book too. Especially on a cold Winter evening, or while there's a storm outside.

Sitting outside listening to the birds.

Walking along the path near the river with Kero (that might seem like a strange one, but it's quite peaceful there most of the time).

Sitting in a shady spot on a beach or at the park, while children run around playing and laughing together

Call Me Cate said...

H F W - I have to imagine quiet moments are much easier BC. But all of your quiet moments sound fantastic to me.

Read Live Lesbian - I totally need a snuggly sofa. Mine isn't conducive to snuggling at all. Doesn't stop it from happening.

Juliet Colors - Enjoy your extra-quiet moments with the kitties!

Tori - Ooooh, cocoa is awesome for a quiet moment.

Hillary St. Pierre said...

Call me COOL is more like it. I found you through Heather. Check out my blog too.

Yaya said...

I'm having some cab sauv right now!!!

Megan said...

Those sound wonderful!

It doesn't happen often, but sitting on the couch, reading a book, next to the fireplace (even if it is electric :0P ).

Walking along the beach with my toes sinking into the sand, with only my thoughts.

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