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Monday, April 13, 2009

Teeth, eyeballs and bar soap, oh my!

Sorry I'm late with today's post - I was waiting on photos. Also, you'll probably be disappointed because the post isn't even that exciting. Come back tomorrow - I'm announcing a "thing" which may or may not involve a prize.

This post is the fault of inspired by Pooba. A couple of weeks ago, she posted about her adventures in closet organizing and I had the bright idea that this was JUST what I needed. Dammit, I may not be able to control my health or a myriad of other issues in my life but I sure as hell can control my hall closet!

After three trips to Target (oh, how Joe loves me...) and about a zillion dollars later, we had purchased 24 small bins, 3 medium bins, and 1 slightly larger bin. Plus a bunch of things for outside, some Easter candy, a movie, three notebooks and a new purse. Hey, it's Target! You can't just buy what you went in for!

And now I present to you the before and after of our hall closet (you may click for a slightly larger version if you feel so inclined).

Yes, that's Tonya's tail in the lower left of the "before". She almost ended up in the "after" as well but Rusty ate her face chased her away.

See how much more space? We now have such fabulous containers for Sun & Bug, Rx Meds, First Aid (which Joe wanted to call "Emergency" so he could file the pregnancy tests in there), migraine, and Tummy & Booty.

I also took the opportunity to clean our bathroom and organize under the sinks. More accurately, I organized under my sink. When I reached under Joe's sink, the first thing I pulled out was a bag full of teeth (technically, it was a mold of his teeth from sometime during the process of his braces). That was the end of that - I told him to clean under his own sink and let me know how many bins he needed and what labels to print.

Mine isn't that interesting - bins for hair tools and hair accessories, a bag of "woman products", and a bag of nail polish. The two bins Joe requested? "Travel" and "Nookie". Seriously, the husband wanted a Nookie bin. So of course I obliged!

Next, our master closet. Which is a teensy little claustrophobic casket of suck. There's no way I can work in there so it's going to require trashing the bedroom for a weekend.

My life has felt so chaotic and it amazes me how much better I feel with a clean house. I'm working through one room at a time and our Goodwill pile is growing. But little by little, progress is being made.


Juliet Colors said...

That's awesome. I love the satifying feeling of getting things organized. Makes me feel like I have some semblance of control of my life.

blognut said...

I may take a photograph of my hall closet, my bedroom closet, and my son's closet and send them to you. I swear to God, they will keep you up at night! You'll be chartering a flight to Bumblefuckville to organize my closets just to right the serious wrongs that live in them.

Sassy Britches said...

I think I might have done a little something in my shorts just now. And it wasn't pee or crap. I LOVE a good organization escapade. Seriously, invite me over for the master bedroom closet to-do.

I'm fanning myself right now.

Debbi said...

I want a nookie bin too.
Although, I'd settle for just nookie at this point! ;)

mo.stoneskin said...

You have no idea how long I've spent hitting refresh waiting for you to post.

I'd like to see a "five weeks after" post, just to see how tidy it is.

andy said...

Still laughing @ the "nookie" bin.

I have to hide that stuff in my house or else I may traumatize my children.

I am totally jealous of your organization.

Call Me Cate said...

Juliet - I'd like to take on the kitchen next but I'm not sure I'm strong enough for that...

blognut - I took "before" pics of our bedroom closet and it's not pretty. I also have no idea how to tame it. You can keep your closets. As long as you can live with them, enjoy!

Sassy Britches - I know, right? All my little plastic bins were $1 each (and I still have 6 left!) and they make me so happy.

Debbi - Joe's an odd one for sure. Nookie bin. And he didn't want to keep it near the bed, which would make so much more sense.

Mo - Sorry I was such a slacker. It's Monday and the planets are out of alignment. Also, I put a note in my calendar. I WILL revisit the closet in 5 weeks.

Andy - most of what's in the nookie bin assures we have no children. At least he put the bin in our bathroom instead of in the hall closet.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I am inspired - my hall closet looks to be about the same size as yours (could be a tricky camera, but if your closet is also the size of just the freezer part of a side-by-side fridge, you have my empathy). I keep throwing things away and they keep coming back, and we don't even have room for the towels anymore! The bins and labels look like the way to go.

And the "nookie" bin - Joe is hilarious, and the fact that you actually did it is even funnier.

Snarky A. said...

Wow... I am seriously impressed! Want come over and do the same thing with my house when you're done? I'm sure it will make you feel all warm, fuzzy and accomplished, and I'll even bribe you with booze. Whatcha say? Fun, right?

Grand Pooba said...

Hey, no playin the blame game! LOL, I LOVE that you did this! First, again, I'm at work and can't view the pics but as soon as I get home I'm coming back!

I need to see those pics! Comon, I need my crack for the day!

Tori_z said...

Ah, it seems a lot of us are doing the same thing at the moment... Organizing and de cluttering.

"'Tis the season to reorganize. Tra la la la la, la la la la!"


Call Me Cate said...

RAS - yes, I'd say it's about the same size as a freezer. I measured it at about 14 inches deep, 24 inches across. The bins I bought had pictures of shoes on them, just to give you an idea.

Snarky - I'll come only if you don't cook for me!

Pooba - so, what'd you think? Did I do good?

Tori - who knew this Spring Cleaning thing could be so cathartic?

C. Beth said...

That is fantastic!!! Good for you. I need to do that--it used to be sort of done and the Second Law of Thermodynamics has gradually turned it more chaotic. (Yes, I know, the Second Law doesn't really apply because this isn't a closed system. Whatev.)

Just say Julie said...

That looks great.. Istarted doing it, but got sidetracked by items that I found whcih created a whole nother set of problems.

And I would probably have come out with more extras at Target too. Can't pass up anything for $1.