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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Your turn

I have a confession... I don't want to write this post.

This makes me feel bad because I'm pretty sure I've been phoning it in most of the week. But it's almost midnight, I've spent 10+ hours helping Joe with taxes, and I'm fried. Also, I accomplished a lot yesterday and there's a lot on my Sunday list as well.

In addition, I told myself that I'd write my Saturday and Sunday posts during the week and obviously I failed at that this week since I took Friday off.

So how about you all confess something instead? Not too big of a request, just in the comments.

When's the last time you phoned in a blog post? Or took the lazy way out of something? Or kicked a puppy?


mo.stoneskin said...

Kick a puppy a day it helps you work, rest and play. I kick a puppy every day. There, I've admitted it.

Hit 40 said...

Gosh when you have kids you still overthink things. Way more overthinking! This is why most take prozac. I guess I am taking some time off too. I have a hot student teacher. So, I can sit back and watch him teach writing blogs in a notebook!! Good gig while I have him this spring.

Sass said...

I confess...I phone it in most days. Oddly enough, those are the days I get the most comments.

And...I had a very, very, VERY naughty dream last night about someone, and I only feel guilty that I woke up! hee hee.

Tiffany said...

I've fallen behind on posting on Poetry and Hums. I didn't even play 6 word saturday this week :-(

blognut said...

I haven't kicked a puppy, but I'm thinking about kicking a 7-year-old labrador right now. He's got gas and he's making himself difficult to be with at the moment.

Melissa B. said...

I don't phone it in. Rather, I tippy-tap it in on my computadora, oui? BTW, don't forget today's Sx3. Celebrating All Things Cherry Blossoms!

Donnetta said...

Confession - I cheated on Six Word Saturday. Still waiting on my punishment.

Grand Pooba said...

Well I've never kicked a puppy, that's just mean. But when I was younger I was deathly afraid of cats and I had 13 evil cat dreams where I had to kill the evil cats, which included drop kicking one. Does that count?

Anyway, so when blogging becomes a chore, that's when you know it's time to take a break. We'll still be here when you done taking a breather! Blogging is supposed to be an outlet right? Not an obligation.

Take a break girl!

Megan said...

I've been feeling a bit lazy with my blog posts this week. I just can't think of anything to write...although I obviously did, but not too much deep thinking. lol

Snarky A. said...

I'm with Grand Pooba; outlet, not an obligation. No worries sweetie. Have a great Sunday!

Yaya said...

kicked a puppy! *GASP*

My only confession is that I'm insanely jealous of my bff w/ a newborn.

Ribbon said...

Yep I'm with the other guys...Have a break.
Blogging is for pleasure and anything else that works for you, but you're not supposed to get done in by it.
We're relatively faithful and there's plently of us if some drop off along the way.
take a rest... enjoy yourself...we'll be here when you get back.
There's no rule that you have to post everyday. Actually it's better for your viewers if you don't.

best wishes Ribbon :-)

Lora said...

i feel like i've been phoning it in for 3 years now. with work and everything non-jake at least.

Beth said...

Sounds like you needed the break. No big deal.

Heather said...

i've never kicked a puppy.


i'm feeling worn out. so i will confess that i went to sleep around 3am and slept til 9pm. yes i slept THAT long.

while i'm sitting here catching up on blog reading, i have noticed i could use a diet coke. but my body is sore from all that sleep. so i've sent an email to my husband in the other part of the house, to ask him to bring me a drink.

so far i don't think he's gotten the message...

Annie said...

I had no idea a post could be phoned and learn.

Sassy Britches said...

I've pretty much been taking the lazy way out of July through March. Tomorrow, I begin anew.

Take a breather, my friend. We all think that if we don't post regularly that people will hate us and leave. Hey, if they do, we didn't need 'em. The real friends will be here when you return from R & R.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Confession: I stepped in poo today. On carpet. With socks. Ick.

Tori_z said...

I often schedule posts then take days off blogging. I haven't done it recently, but I do it a lot. Most of the posts for last December were scheduled. I just popped on from time to time to check comments on them and on other people's blogs. And I miss days sometimes without giving any warning or explanation. Sometimes people just need a break.

Call Me Cate said...

So nice to see new faces today!

Mo - So apples keep doctors away but kicking puppies helps you work, rest and play? I'll make a note.

Hit 40 - I need a hot student teacher. Which would probably require me to be a teacher or student myself. That might be too much work...

Sass - Doesn't it make you crazy when you write something you think is fabulous and it receives no response? But then the next day you write crap and everyone oohs and aahs over it? Not that I've ever seen you write crap. But still. I've also had a naughty dream or two recently. Waking up stinks!

Tiffany - I was so glad for 6WS. It's my weekly phone-in.

blognut - Sounds like that dog needs some quality time outside or in the other room. Yuck.

Melissa - One of these days, I *will* make it to DC for cherry blossoms. My timing is just off.

Donnetta - Your punishment is coming. But not until you're no longer expecting it. Live in fear...

Grand Pooba - You are so right and so wrong both within the same comment. I'm a cat girl! (Dogs are awesome but more effort.) No drop-kicking cats! But 100% correct about the blogging. My next post shall be about that.

Megan - Deep thinking gets me in too much trouble. I do my best to avoid it. Sometimes I'm full of ideas, others I've got nothing.

Snarky - Sunday was fabulous. And exhausting. Necessary for sure.

Yaya - Totally understood.

Ribbon - Quality vs quantity I suppose. Thank you for your wise words.

Lora - Maybe that's it. It's not just the blogging but life in general that I'm phoning in. No wonder I feel blah.

Beth - Next time I take a break though, I'm totally going to spend it poolside sipping drinks instead of taxes, gardening, and cleaning! At least Thursday night was fun!

Heather - If you slept that long, your body must've needed it. I hope you awoke refreshed. I *totally* msg Joe online to bring me things from other parts of the house. And if he doesn't answer, I call whatever phone he's near from my cellphone. Is that weird?

Annie - I'm perfecting the art!

Sassy Britches - Can't wait to come along on the trip!

RAS - ewwwww... Hope it was dog poo. And your husband's socks.

Tori - Sometimes I'm good about scheduling posts. I try to do that for the weekend. I really need to get back on track with that because I'm just somehow obsessed with having a new post of some sort every day, then I feel bad when it's junk.

Just say Julie said...

I confess that I ate a pan of brownies on the saturday following my epic challenge.
Oddly enough, my catchphrase for this year teaching has been "phone it in" cause that's about all I've got time for. Last year's was "whatever", so I'm sure you catch my attitude :)
Don't feel the need to explain yourself to us, it's your blog and your sanity.

geminigrl24 said...

I made $160 in tips today and I feel like I should have gotten more! ... Selfish!