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Thursday, May 07, 2009

First Fursday: Filling in for busy human

First Fursday! And since long-haired human had such a busy day on Wednesday, this is good timing. I'll write a quick post, she can catch up on her comments and reading.

Tuesday night, there were a lot of ba-booms outside. Also, pretty lights! I decided to go upstairs and take an awesome nap but it wasn't long before the humans scooped me and Rusty up, threw us in our cages, and then we all (both humans, their clicky computer machines, and both kitties in cages) crammed into the bathroom downstairs. Short-haired human kept talking about tornadoes nearby and I don't know much what a tornado is but it sure did ruin my snooze! Rusty, of course, was all scared even in his cage so he had to smash around and try to escape. He's such a girl.

Wednesday a bunch of people showed up at my house. They were loud but they brought food with them. I guess pizza isn't good for cats but I really wanted to try some. They all stayed on the porch most of the evening and even though I tried to be a good hostess, everyone was rude and ignored me. I finally retreated back upstairs. If they aren't going to appreciate my presence, I'm not going to bless them with it. Ingrates.

In other news, I overheard the humans talking earlier and it seems like they might be leaving for a few days. Rusty and I will be totally running amok. I've spotted some new green things on top of the kitchen cabinets so I need to figure out how I can get up there. I'm thinking if I leap from the table to the counter to the toaster oven, it just might work. Wish me luck!


SparkleFarkle said...

The whole house to yourselves?! Sounds purrrrfect!

andy said...


if you can just get to the top of the fridge you're set. you can see everything from up there.

and rusty does sound like a girl. maybe next time you should fake a seizure so you can steal some of his thunder. sounds like he's malingering for attention.


p.s. make sure that the green thing on top of the kitchen cabinets is not plastic. that will hurt to poop out.

p.p.s. good luck.

Snarky A. said...

Oh, good luck Tonja! Don't eat anything your humans would not give you to snack on, and please make sure Rusty does not vomit all over the carpet.

E. Sloane Cannon said...

I thought I'd drop by and say hi since I've been on a mini leave of absence. I giggled out loud at your cat post, love it :-) I think you're on twitter...I just joined...what's your twitter name so I can follow you?

Yaya said...

Don't you feel guilty when you leave your kitties? I always do, I know she'll be fine, but I still feel bad she's all alone. Maybe we should get another cat so she has a friend!

mo.stoneskin said...

Hello my little feline friend. Let me tell you a few truths.

1) Pizza is great and makes cats strong and smart, for cats it is the fountain of all knowledge.

2) With a bit of trial and error you can probably turn the oven on and open the door. Place the pizza on the shelf and shut the door.

3) After 12 minutes or so you can take the pizza out and turn off the oven. Then scoff the damn thing.

4) The oven may look warm and cosy but don't climb inside. Otherwise you'll leave long and short haired humans a nasty shock.

blognut said...


Invite friends over and get into the booze cabinet. I know it's up high, because short-haired human complains via twitter when she cannot reach it, but you can get to it if you apply yourself.

Go wild!

Grand Pooba said...

I'm never worried when I leave my kitties home alon. They rule the roost as it is. It's the dog I gotta worry 'bout!

Call Me Cate said...

SparkleFarkle -the house is even clean! They better not have any parties.

andy - In our apartment, she loved going from the counter to the fridge and then running on top of the cabinets. It's not as easy for her to get on the fridge now. And she doesn't often get on counters when we're around (but I still see pawprints sometimes). And, yeah, we bought a fake green thing (and a real one) for on top of cabinets and she was NOT impressed.

Snarky - What if Rusty barfs rainbows?

ESC - Welcome back. My twitter is showmyface. I'm tricky like that.

Yaya - I do sometimes feel bad. In fact, our first long trip away from Tonya is why we brought Rusty home, thinking they could be friends. Only, she hates him. And beats on him. Sometimes I think he'd rather still be at the shelter. If we're gone more than 2 nights, we get the kitty sitter to come in so Tonya can beat on her instead.

Mo - I see whose side you're on. She still lacks thumbs though. I shudder to think what cats would do if they had thumbs.

blognut - Yeah, that made me lol. She's only been up there once. And it was very odd. I couldn't *quite* place my finger on what was out of place. Until I realized she was staring down at me. And she didn't even bring the bourbon on her way back to the floor!

Pooba - Leaving a dog alone would terrify me. We've only had one time we left kitties that was a problem - because we accidentally closed the door to their litter box room. Oh, the mess from 3 days of 2 cats with no access to litter boxes.

Grand Pooba said...

Ewww! I don't even want to think about that!

2cats said...

Dere Tanya,
Mi Mommi dont no i am usin her compewter, pleez don tel her.
Wen Tubby and me (Ozzy) get to stay hom alon, we luv it. We learneded to opin cup boreds an everthin. One time we opended thee flower canster.
Mommmy was not happea when she gotted hom.
So if you plae in flower bea carful and cleen it up before yor mommmy getss hom.
hav fun.

The Wife O Riley said...

You go get those green thing! And remember Tonya, curiosity killed nothing but a few hours.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Oh, much luck with the counter-jumping!

Tori_z said...

sorry to hear that your beauty sleep was disturbed. And that the humans who visited didn't appreciate your presence.

Good luck with the counter jumping.

Call Me Cate said...

2cats - Oh, I can only imagine the mess from that flour. And that's not easy stuff to clean! I'll be sure to lock the cabinets before we go.

Wife O Riley - I love how you all encourage her, which only creates more hassle for me.


Tori - She usually hides from other humans. I think she expected treats.

Lora said...

Dear Tonja,

Growing-out-hair-human leaves me sometimes. I often leave "appreciation" gifts for her in places that make her shriek and give me the silent treatment. This is mainly because she lets the neighbor with the DOG come check on me while she's away. That means the DOG comes too.

There are no enticing green things in our kitchen or otherwise. GOHH can barely keep the peace lily alive.

- Emi

Lora said...

(little does Emi know that as soon as we can swing it she will have a puppy sibling. shhhhh)