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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A quick search of the interwebz will provide many references to the obnoxiousness of the WiiFit game. I've even posted here about the WiiFit calling Joe a dog. Having tired of the snarkiness (THAT's overweight!!!!), I decided to see what other Wii workout options were available.

My hero Amazon provided several matches and after weighing reviews and prices, I ordered Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. The price was right, only $20. And the other game I was interested in (EA Sports Active) was more expensive and not available at that point (it actually released yesterday, 5/19, but I'm a bit impatient).

As I mentioned above, I read the reviews carefully. Because of this, it was very clear to me that this game does not provide a lot of workout types. It's primarily cardio boxing, starting at a basic level, teaching you the steps, and moving upwards in difficulty and skills.

After the initial setup/session, I'm now greeted with the option to pick my exercise myself or to allow the trainer to pick a sequence for me. I've been following the trainer's suggestions though I usually tack on another exercise at the end. The program tracks your progress, calories burned, weight, hit count, and adjusts your routines accordingly.

There are many options in this program, including multiple trainers, settings and songs. The Balance Board isn't necessary for this game though it does have some integration - a few exercises, such as push-ups, for example.

Now, for the more important information. What has my experience been?

I've worked out with this five times now. The first couple of times I found my back very sore, I think because I haven't moved from the sofa in so long. That's gone away, replaced now with some soreness in the arms (which would be expected). My coordination is lacking but I'm finding myself much more comfortable now. The game works up a sweat and holds my attention as I try to master the skills and move ahead.

I'd say this game provides a better workout than WiiFit. It's more structured, harder, and much more adult. Not that I'm anti-cartoons and cute but I feel like I'm actually exercising instead of playing with this game. Also, the male instructor doesn't have a stupid ponytail. And nobody has insulted my husband (so far).

The only issue I've had so far with GGWii (as I like to call it) is that sometimes I have trouble registering my hits. I haven't determined yet if that's the fault of the system or my fault for not doing it right. Regardless, I know that I'm performing the hits so for the sake of exercise, I'm fine with that. Also, I suck at jumping rope. Not surprising - I kinda suck at it for real. The game's just accurate about it - and I did make some progress on it last time.

This guy gives a pretty good review and you can see what it's all about if you're a more visual person:

So not my most exciting post. And no, it wasn't a paid advertisement. But I've mentioned it several times on Twitter and a few people asked for my take on it. Since it's too long for the 140-character treatment, here ya go! Tomorrow, another fitness-related post but much lighter.

P.S. I forgot to mention that you should really be careful doing uppercuts. I was a little too enthusiastic about one last night and almost punched myself in the face. Apparently my face-punching knows no bounds.


andy said...

i am the bitch today, cate!

numero uno:)

and it would have been so frickin' hilarious if you had knocked yourself out and joe had found you unconscious next to the Wii 'cause then you could tell everyone "if i'm willing to punch myself in the face, imagine how i can mess you up".

that would be some tough.

see, now i've taken so long there's a risk i'm no longer #1.


p.s. i'm gonna punch #1 in the face.

p.p.s. unless it's still me. 'cause my canker sore hurts like a mo'fo'.

MarjnHomer said...

I want to work out but thru a video game, i donno if it would work for me. im still skeptical and lazy at the moment. but good luck!

C. Beth said...

Thank you so much for the review! It actually sounds pretty good. I still may hold out and buy EA Sports Active though.

BTW--when I commented on your other post a minute ago I did it by my husband's account. Sorry

The Wife O Riley said...

Question: Do you need the WiiFit for this game or just the Wii System?

I really want to try an exercise game on it and see how I do. But I don't want to spend the money on the Fit in case I don't like it. $20 seems right up my alley.

SF said...

Hahahaha you almost punched yourself in the face!

mo.stoneskin said...

Phew. I would have been very upset if it had turned out you were anti-cartoon.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Forgive me for laughing about your face-punching near-mishap.

While I rather enjoyed having the fit call my husband a dog, I grew bored of the "that's overweight!" business as well. I did like the boxing, though, so thanks for the helpful review - it's hard to know what's going to be worth the money and I hate shelling out 50 bucks for something that's going to be useless. GGWii sounds like a good one.

Call Me Cate said...

andy - You ARE the bitch! Congrats! Punching myself in the face would've been really hardcore.

MarjnHomer - I desperately miss my gym membership. Not sure if this is going to work for me either.

C Beth - Joe was really interested in the other game so I don't know but I expect I'll be able to review it soon enough. :) As for the comment from the other account, it took me a minute to remember he had a real name.

Wife O Riley - you CAN use the balance board with this game but you don't have to. In fact, I have the board and don't usually use it with this.

SF - yeah, guess I wasn't happy with myself that day.

Mo - I could never be anti-cartoon. That's just crazy talk.

RAS - This boxing is way more engaging than the one on the WiiFit game. I haven't progressed to the steps and such yet, just some hitting and ducking/weaving while sorta rocking back and forth like a drunk toddler.

blognut said...

Here I am coming over here so late only to find that you're brushing up on your face punching skills.

So... I'm totally sorry for being so late. Please do not punch me in the face.

Jenna said...

I have to admit, I would laugh my ass off if our Wii Fit called the hubster a dog...

I'll also admit that I haven't used our Wii Fit for about a month now and am not looking forward to the taunting when I weigh in again... And what's up with that scary voice "measuring, measuring..."

Megan said...

Totally LMAO at the visual of you punching yourself in the face. :0P

Sounds like a fun one I may have to invest in eventually.