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Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm a winner!

The last few days I've been absolutely overwhelmed by the number of topics that have come to me for future posts. (This is not one of those posts.) But there are definitely times when the ideas just aren't flowing and I must go searching for prompts.

That's how I discovered The One Minute Writer. The idea is to just take one minute to write something each day and daily prompts are provided. I don't participate every day but I've been responding a few times a week. I've even had a couple of wins recently!

So today, I'm going to work on writing up some of my fabulous new ideas. And in the meantime, I'll share my winning TOMW responses and encourage you to go check out that site if it's your sort of thing.

What are your thoughts about swine flu, and the media coverage of it?

I believe every word of it. The news would never lie, right? I'm sad I'll have to stop eating pork but I already knew it was a bad idea to make out with pigs so I think I'll be safe. As a precaution, I taped plastic in all my windows and gave up caffeine. Also, I heard you can get it online if you click on ads.

I think it's safest if I just move into my bomb shelter for a few months. I'll be the one rocking in the corner with my tinfoil hat.

What door would you unhesitatingly walk through, if it opened?

It was hazy as I walked down a long hallway. There were doors on both sides, each with a label.

I passed by "hot body", "bottomless bank account", "dream job", and "supportive family" though each tempted me.

Finally I found the door labeled "contentment with what you are and what you have". (Yes, it was a long label) And that's the one I chose to walk through.

P.S. TOMW is brought to us by the letter "C" - as in C. Beth. I actually discovered the two blogs independently before realizing they were from the same awesome author. Makes me feel completely clueless cool!


Tori_z said...

Awesome responses there. :)

Snarky A. said...

I love your responses, especially the swine flu one! Ha ha, "I'll be the one rocking in the corner with my tinfoil hat". Congrats on your wins!

cw2smom said...

Congrats!! You've always been a winner in my book, but this just validates it even more! Loved your responses!! Again, great job and congrats! Lisa

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

The tinfoil hat will make me laugh for the rest of the day.

mo.stoneskin said...

Phew, I thought I was the only one wearing a tin-foil hat.

If I saw a door with 'beer genie' I would dance through it.

blognut said...

I have a tinfoil beenie, but I may make a regular hat, too. You know, who wants to wear the same thing everyday?

And I liked the door you picked, too.

Comedy Goddess said...

Bomb shelters make me think of rumpus rooms. And Apollo missions.

Who doesn't love a good tinfoil hat?

Call Me Cate said...

Tori_z - Thanks. I was pretty happy with both.

Snarky - I was going to write a serious response to the swine flu prompt but I was kinda in a mood that day...

Lisa - thanks!

RAS - The best part of the tinfoil hat is that later, you can use it for baked potatoes!

Mo - Mmm, beer genie... That would be a very good door.

blognut - I'd pay good money for admission through that door. Bouncers be damned!

Comedy Goddess - Bomb shelters make me think of y2k. Still waiting for the world to end from that one!

andy said...

cate, those were totally awesome responses.

must go check it out.


p.s. you have brought my sanitizing of all things pig to a new level.

Juliet Colors said...

Those are both great responses. I've enjoyed falling the One Minute Writer for some time, although I've only submitted a couple of times.

Sassy Britches said...

This is fabulous! I can completely relate to the door post. Good call.

C. Beth said...

Congrats again, Cate! And thanks for the shout-outs!

Call Me Cate said...

andy - I'm trying not to freak that the boss is sick and was tested for swine flu yesterday. Eek! Though, really, I just don't want any kind of crud.

Juliet - I submit when the spirit moves me. It's not every day but it's been more frequent lately.

Sassy Britches - Seemed like a better door than "Ladies Room" though that's a good one sometimes!

C Beth - thanks, glad to share some linky love. Especially if it means I can sorta phone it in and reuse something I already wrote. Silly Mondays...

Yaya said...

That sounds like a nice door.