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Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day

It's that time again! Except I really don't feel like going back through those resolutions. That alone should give you an idea how that's going.

Instead, let's look at how the blog is doing.

Popular searches:

Booty shots
confessions of a woman driver
bum shaped cake
play pop out the bubbles and the scary face pops up

Disappointing. Not a single hit for robot armadillos. Also, no visitors from Wyoming, West Virginia, or Delaware. Where ARE you people?

April's Wordle:

And an update: The spatulas have been found. My sanity? Not so much.

Please come back tomorrow for Six Word Saturday!


mo.stoneskin said...

Damn, now people will know I like to drive pretending to be a woman.

Deb said...

i am with you on the resolutions. i think we should just leave the past in the past and move on.

C. Beth said...

Oh, oh, oh, I LOVE that Wordle! I will probably be stealing that idea in the near future for a blog post.

C. Beth said...

I purposefully looked for "punch." It's far, far smaller than "Joe;" does that mean overall it was month with more good than bad?

Hit 40 said...

I feel clueless? May day? I should be thinking about my resolutions today?

I am no good with rules. And.. I definitely do not like to evaluate myself more than I already do. How do we get these old customs abolished??

Sass said...

I love wordle.

And i'm with Deb...leave the past with your behind. No wait, leave the past behind you, and just move on. ;)

blognut said...

Are you kidding me? You can't mention that you've found the spatulas without coming clean. It's unfair, and just plain wrong!


andy said...

i can't even find the word "punch"

yippee for fridays girlfriend.

plus, i think that alberta totally counts for 2 Wyomings...or was it Delaware?

never mind.

short term issues.

Sarah said...

That bee's going way too fast and is going to take a face full of flowers like never before.

Call Me Cate said...

mo.stoneskin - Most of us won't be too surprised.

Deb - I don't even care so much about the resolutions. It's knowing that I'm not doing the things I should that's frustrating.

C. Beth - next time, I'll use the tall/narrow orientation for Wordle. I even decreased the size and it still ended up too wide. And yes, more Joe than punch. Slow month!

Hit 40 - I usually look back at my progress on certain goals when the new month begins. No other association with May day.

Sass - I'd LOVE to leave the past with my behind. Possibly along the side of a highway. Is that considered littering?

blognut - Tonya hid the spatulas in the kitchen storage cabinet in the garage. Naughty kitty!

Andy - Find "Joe" and work left. Kitchen, punch. Alberta definitely is way cooler than Wyoming.

Sarah - Maybe I should add a police bee behind him to give him a ticket.

andy said...

frig cate, i totally forgot to tell you that i LOVE the may header.

full of colour and all that happy shit.

i'm going to come here just to feel happy.

Juliet Colors said...

It's good to know the spatulas turned up and sanity's overrated.

Nice new header!

TMC said...

What, no "amok"? Was that last week? I can't remember.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Bum shaped cake. Hmmm... I've seen one in the shape of a penis before. Bum seems a little... dirtier.

Good luck with your sanity.

Intense Guy said...

Its Chicken Time Joe!!!!

Yaya said...

Love it!

Tori_z said...


Glad you found the spatulas. Hope you find your sanity too. ;)

Megan said...

Had no idea you were supposed to reevaluate your resolutions in May. lol Learned something new.

Love your Wordle. Bright and fun!