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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Walrussians: It's what's for dinner

I have been abducted by Vladmir the Walrussian. It happened sometime yesterday though I can't quite pinpoint when. Consider yourself warned and feel free to skip this one - I'm totally puking out this post.

Yesterday, I woke up in a fabulous mood. Beautiful weather so I opened the sunroof and blasted some U2 on the drive to work. Once I arrived, there was an email from the drama llama boss saying he'd be out for the day. I grabbed a coffee, eager to make progress on some work projects so I could finish the afternoon with blogging.

Instead, I found myself bombarded with work issues. Ok, not a big fan but it happens. It brought me down a bit (mostly due to the people involved - I'd like my job a lot more if the people-factor could be removed) but I soldiered on.

Next, an email from my mother. "Did the check I sent you for vacation bounce? Did you get charged fees?". Short story is that she didn't have the money in her account to cover it so they charged her $30 to cover from her line of credit. We were paid fine, no fees. Knowing my mother, this is her way of making sure we know they're short on cash. Maybe because they're covering my sister's share? More on HER later.

Accident on the highway equals drive home from hell.

We then attended a sporting event. Not only did the score not bring me joy but this woman behind me kept screaming in my ear. It was all I could do to not turn around and punch her right in the face. You would've been proud (or horribly disappointed), folks.

Upon arriving home, I found out Twitter has decided to be stupid, hiding @replies to people you don't follow. This was already an option! But now, it's not an option. Twitter has drastically decreased the social networking capabilities of their site. It's worse than the Facebook redesign debacle and the natives are staging quite the uprising.

And then, the final straw. Which I'm not ready to talk about yet because I'm still processing it. It was an email from a family member and it's going to make things quite interesting for family vacation. Mostly from an emotional standpoint for me. Yes, still trying to figure out my feelings on this one.

Thankfully, half a sleeping pill let both my body and my mind rest. Today shall be better. Right? Yeah... Or I'll punch it in the face.


TMC said...

Sounds like you might have a better vacation if you camped out in my backyard under a tarp. Which you're certainly welcome to do.

Yaya said...

Argh. What a day you had.

My mil would totally do that same thing about letting us know she's short on funds....

twitter. can't stand it. When I used to do it it was always having technical difficulties.

Hope today is a better day

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Yup, you punch that day in the face if it messes with you! Tell it I sent you!

andy said...

i hear you on twitter...there's always something pissing me off.

i am tiring quickly of it.

and you know me cate...i totally would have encouraged the punching in someones face. (as my balls are usually sucked up for confrontations;)


p.s. ativan was my friend yesterday. perhaps if i HAD punched people i would not have had to utilize its services? must ponder.

p.p.s. love you:)

The Wife O Riley said...

You can also do a quick round house kick to the day too, Chuck Norris style.

Snarky A. said...

Sorry about the terrible day, today is bound to be better, yes, after checking with the all mighty "it can't rain all the time" probability, today should definitely be better!

Cate, you are so incredibly brave with your vacation plants. Kudos! HUGE kudos! And good luck. I really hope that it turns out the way you want it to. Much love,

blognut said...

I have a hug for you today, Cate. Do with it what you will.

Skip the vacation and come to Chicago. We'll get drunk and shoot walruses. (Please don't call PETA or the Walrus Protection Police. I really wouldn't shoot a walrus, and I don't own a gun, and I'm not even allowed sharp objects.)

blognut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blognut said...

Apparently blogger thought my comment was worth making twice.


*sigh* I'm leaving now and I'm done cluttering up your post.

Call Me Cate said...

TMC - Hmm, I'm not big on camping but that is a very tempting offer!

Yaya - I'm not surprised the "money is tight" card was played yesterday. She started it when I called Sunday for Mother's Day and I deliberately ignored it.

Petra - I'll totally use your name if it will make the day more cooperative.

Andy - I can't imagine yesterday without my meds. I would've had at least three panic attacks, if not more.

Wife O Riley - Chuck Norris is my cousin. Jack Bauer's my brother. Don't mess with us!

Snarky - if I make it through the week without fighting or leaving early for home, I'll consider the trip to be a success.

Blognut - Maybe blogger thought I just needed two hugs so it double-posted you? I'm not allowed sharp objects either. Think we could punch a walrus to death? I might let it live if it brings us some good vodka.

Juliet Colors said...

Yes, today will be better. Or else.

Sorry you had such a rough day. I'll be rooting for you in the Cate vs. the Family Vacation episode.

Thank goodness for drugs and alcohol! (Which I, um, obviously will not be partaking in for a while.)

Sassy Britches said...

It is always good to have the "punch in the face" backup plan for when things go awry. Here's to a better day and some closure on the BIG ISSUE that you're still grappling with.

mo.stoneskin said...

Would you like me to teleport you a beer?

Grand Pooba said...

Maybe you should start out the day with punching it in the face. Then it'll definately behave!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I know where the day went wrong. Boss guy wasn't there for you to punch in the face. Hope you got to him today. ;)

Tori_z said...


Call Me Cate said...

Juliet Colors - With my anxiety, I've learned to tackle one "thing" at a time. Now that last weekend's trip is over, family vacation is "next". But one month from today, it will be all over!

Sassy Britches - Things are looking up for whatever reason. Not gonna question it.

Mo - You always know the right thing to say. Yes, beer me please!

Grand Pooba - Yes, some people wake up and pee. I'll wake up and punch the day in the face.

RAS - I've been boss-free since 2pm Monday. It's sorta awesome!

Tori - thanks!

Megan said...

Sorry you ended up with a bummer day! =(