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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Adventures in Kittysitting

When we go away on vacation for more than a couple of days/nights, we hire a pet sitter. She is a lovely lady and stops in every day to feed, scoop and pay attention to the kitties. At the end of each visit, she leaves a quick note on the counter. Here are her notes from last week:

Day One:

Dear Cate & Joe -

No problems today letting myself into the house. Rusty was a bit wary at first but accepted some treats and seemed happy to see me. Tonya was on the coffee table.

Day Two:

Dear C&J -

I am enjoying my time caring for Tonya and Rusty. Rusty let me hug and kiss him yesterday after we played for awhile. He seems to be running around everywhere as usual. Tonya was hanging out on the coffee table.

Day Three:

Dear C&J -

Today Rusty greeted me at the door. He even meowed for his food when I filled his bowl. So cute! Tonya was asleep on the coffee table.

Day Four:

Dear C&J -

Rusty has been following me around and rubbing against my legs while I watered your plants. Is Tonya supposed to be on the coffee table?

Day Five:

Dear C&J -

I said my goodbyes to Rusty today and assured him you'd be returning home tomorrrow. I'll miss that friendly little guy. I decided I should make sure Tonya wasn't somehow permanently attached to the coffee table and tried to pet her. I'm hoping she comes out of the hall closet before you return home but if you're looking for her, try there first. Otherwise, give me a call - I'll have my husband answer if I'm not back yet from Urgent Care getting my wounds stitched. Sorry.

P.S. I'm never sure what to tip the kittysitter. 20%? Or just offer to pay for her medical care?

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TMC said...

well, gosh. I'd just go with a tip and then avoid taking her calls for a few weeks. Paying medical bills opens a pandora's box of sorts. Besides, if you get close enough to a cat to let it scratch you, it's kind of your fault anyway.

Astrid said...

I'm with TMC. Tip her, if you pay for medical care now you'll have to keep paying for whatever happens next. Tonya was protecting the table, that is all.

Next time, leave alcohol and bandages available for her.

And pet both cats for being such good kitties! ^.^

Snarky A. said...

Ha ha, Tonya is so hilarious, and Rusty sounds like my two little love-crazy kitties - they will cuddle up to anyone who has food.

Isabella said...


Was she joking about the hospital visit? (it seems like something I would write in jest, if I knew the person well. Though I'd probably follow it up with a smiley face or "just kidding").

I try to tip 20% to just about everyone that gets a tip - hair stylist, waiter/waitress, etc...but I never had to do it for a pet sitter. So, I'm not much help. Sorry.

TM said...

OK - you begged. I read. : )

What a waste, I would have read this post anyway.

We take out dogs to the Pet Spa, which, going by the doggies' reacation when we pick them up, is akin to Gitmo. No notes, no tips.

Check the silverware before you tip.

andy said...

good gravy that was awesome-ly funny.

funny enough for me to attempt typing after stabbing myself in the thumb...more on that later;)

your pet sitter sounds almost as funny as you.



p.s.i still remember the name of the first cat that bit me: tony macomber. no word of a lie. that fat bastard was AT LEAST 29lbs of feline nasty.

a corgi said...

I like how she left a personal note daily about the pets and her interactions with them; I hope she was making a joke about the wound with the cat; have no idea what to tip her; we take Koda to a dog hotel where they charge an arm and a leg but he's worth it :)


Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh, I love that your sitter writes a note every day! That is too cute! My dad is our pet sitter, maybe I should make him write notes. If he does maybe he'll get a tip!

C. Beth said...

Ha! I think this post is totally funny, so I'm blaming the lower number of comments on the domain issue.

(I don't have that excuse since I don't have a custom domain, so I'm thinking my post kinda sucked today. Oh well, can't win 'em all.) :)

Tori_z said...

LOL! Love it!

How badly did Tanya damage the Kittysitter?

Call Me Cate said...

TMC - We do generally go with the tip. And she knows Tonya well enough to be cautious.

Astrid - I think you may have a point with adding a first aid kit for humans to our "kitty supplies" pile when we go away.

Snarky - yes, have food, will love!

Isabella - Her email actually included a "j/k" - it was more of a swat.

TM - There's no way we could kennel Tonya. Nobody's insured for that kind of damage.

Andy - Our pet sitter is great. We've had people before her but she is made of win. And 29lbs is WAY too much cat.

Betty - Her notes are always great. She GETS my cats. And nope, she said her wound "barely bled".

Pooba - I bet your dad would leave awesome notes from your dog.

C Beth - I thought your post was good! Better than my petsitter phone-in!

Tori - She said she didn't even need a bandaid. Crazy petsitter.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

You can't make this stuff up - those notes are hilarious. Sounds like she has a sense of humor about the whole thing, at least. You know Rusty was probably licking the outside of the coffee table so she couldn't get down without stepping in his slobber.

blognut said...

I think I knew Tonya in a previous life.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

That was hilarious, and what stars your cats obviously are!

Yaya said...

Oh my gosh, hahahahahahahahaha.