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Thursday, June 04, 2009

First Fursday: Something's up

Hey folks, it's Fursday again.  Long-haired human says she's too busy to blog so while she's running around with a pile of lists, your pal Rusty here is sneaking some time on her laptop.

Something is going on and I'm really scared.  I mentioned those lists?  She's been making them for weeks.  Only now, that laundry machine is going and there are bags everywhere.

Usually this means the humans are going to leave us alone for a night or two but this looks like a lot of bags.  I even think I heard them mention the "kitty sitter".  This can't be good.

I miss my humans when they are away.  Who's going to protect me from Tonya?  She smacks me around and eats all my crunchies.  She also takes the good sleepy spots and hogs the sunshine so I can't lick it.

Plus, there's nobody to purr for.  What purpose does my little furry life serve if I'm not warming a lap and purring loudly?  The kitty sitter doesn't stay long enough for me to spend any quality lap time with her. And last time I tried to snuggle with Tonya, she smacked me across the face and left me bleeding from the head.

Short-haired human brought in a couple more "webcams" and placed them around the house. I'm not exactly sure what they do. I tried to make friends but they aren't very cuddly. I think they could be some sort of spy system to make sure Tonya doesn't eat my face.

I guess I'll have to do my best to stay out of Tonya's way and hope my people aren't gone too long. Wish me luck!


Mrs Cooper said...

Well, my little furball friend, sounds like you need to stand up for yourself. I'm not at all for domestic violence but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Your humans will be back soon. Email me if you have to my furball friend Harley will meow you back.

C. Beth said...

Rusty--Aw, being beaten up by someone you just want to be friends with--very sad. Did your long-haired human bring you a flak jacket and hockey mask?

TM said...

Knock stuff over, pee on things and pulll the toilet paper off the roll. That's what we do when we get left alone. Our peoples won't do nothing about it either because we're cute. You kitties just don't get it.

Bosco and Smooch
Super Doggies.

Lora said...

Rusty. Rusty, Rusty, Rusty. Man up and start slapping back. It's not abuse if it's between two consenting cats.

And don't pee anywhere. Please.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Good luck Rusty. Hopefully your human companions will not be gone long at all. Don't let Tonya knock you around like that. Let her know she's not the boss of you. Just keep being your loving little self. ;)

blognut said...

Good luck, Rusty. You'll be all right. Just stay away from Tonya and sleep with one eye open.

Grand Pooba said...

Uh oh, sounds like the humans want to spy on you while their gone! This means you'll have to cancel that party you were planning.

I'll call the stripper and tell her nevermind.

Snarky A. said...

Good luck Rusty!

TMC said...

Don't fret, Rusty. It won't be long before long-haired human and that other guy come back. They'll be so happy to see you!!

mo.stoneskin said...

Hey Rusty you know those webcams, they feel really great on your bottom. What you need to do is back right up to one and wiggle.

Call Me Cate said...

Mrs Cooper - Rusty isn't exactly the most badass cat out there. He's much more likely to cower in a corner than make a scene.

C. Beth - I bought him some spray for his wounds. Close enough?

TM - This is why I don't have dogs.

Lora - He does slap back sometimes. But he hits like a girl.

Omah's Helping Hands - We'll be gone an entire week. I'm the worst kitty-carer ever.

blognut - Good thing they both sleep about 22 hours a day.

Grand Pooba - As long as you don't cancel his keg, he'll be a happy boy.

Snarky A. - Maybe Moo could come supervise?

TMC - Haha, that other guy. That's gotta be good for his ego.

Mo - As usual, you are exactly NO help. Ewww...

Tori_z said...

Good luck Rusty. And, don't worry your humans will come home just as soon as they can.

2cats said...

When I first came to live here, the big cat liked to hit me too.
I fixed him though. I turned around and put my butt in his face. Try it especially if you are right from the potty box. You will never be hit again.
Hide your crunchies. Pretend to eat them but really just cheek them and then put them in a safe place.
Don't worry your humans will be back again. If you are really mad at them, grab the TP and run around all the house with it. Maybe the other cat will get the blame.

Vodka Mom said...


Call Me Cate said...

Tori_z - We may come home sooner than that if people don't behave!

2cats - Rusty has a particularly, umm, fragrant booty so you may be on to something! Also, there is a reason we keep the bathrooms shut so they can't get into tp.

Vodka Mom - Thanky.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Good luck Rusty! Maybe find a good hiding place to protect your face... I'm afraid you'll be without protection for a while.

Yaya said...

Poor poor lonely furbabies. ;(