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Monday, June 01, 2009

May in review

Ahh, May, where did you go?

Popular Searches:

I am dominating the interwebz in the area of Alan Rickman. Can you imagine the people who come here looking for hot photos of the guy only to find a dream about how he steals babies?

Also, Call Me Cate nephew. Chances are you are NOT my nephew. He doesn't have internet access. Or a computer. Or the ability to type.

Chocolate covered spinach also got a hit. Sorry to disappoint - only Nutella-covered kittens here.

Someone was searching for Tonya's tail. It's currently on the coffee table in the living room. Swiping back and forth in anger because I made the mistake of trying to pet her. She'll probably eat my face when I fall asleep tonight.

For the person who thought Cate is dumb - you can bite me. I'm really not in the mood. And don't think after calling me dumb that I'm going to be willing to share my MC Hammer pant pattern. Not until you apologize.

When you find out it was all a lie for 4 years, I suggest you punch him in the face. HARD. Then take a stroll through the neighborhood to find that hot running neighbor guy.

Others of interest: big booty woke, booty in my face, and something about lobsters that I won't repeat here. You sick, sick people.

And here's a Wordle for the month of May:

It took several tries to ungroup "pregnancy", "xanax" and "drink".

June's going to be an interesting trip around here with family vacation. If I come out on the other side with my sanity, I think we'll all be amazed.


C. Beth said...

I love the searches! I have to say, I think your Alan Rickman dream is even better than a picture of him.

The Wife O Riley said...

That's great. I have mine scheduled for tomorrow on the most visited day of the month.

andy said...

omg i totally almost peed myself over your error in giving tonya some love. here's to hoping there is no eating of cate's face tonight.

you should start that "google search" thing-y into like a six word saturday routine and do a mr. linky. some of my hits are say the least. but i think it's due to my inappropriate titles and shit.

whatever. it's kind of just like entering into dirty people's thoughts.



Juliet Colors said...

Nice new header. :-)

It really is fascinating the google searches people do.

I think it's kinda funny that the word "pregnant" features more prominently in your Wordle than in one I just generated for my blog. But then in mine, the word "nausea" features just as prominently as "pregnant". I guess in my case, the two are interchangeable.

Isabella said...

(Let's try this again...without my crappy HTML)Heh...I was just going to tell you that one of my search engine hits was "call me cate nephew." Not sure how that got someone to my page...but glad to know they eventually found the right person. :)

Call Me Cate said...

C. Beth - I'm not sure if Mr. Rickman would agree. Hopefully I'm not greeted by a cease and desist any time soon!

Wife O Riley - Very exciting, I'll look for it!

Andy - I had a momentary lapse in judgment, thinking I could pet that beast.

Juliet - The lobster search just terrified me. People are really warped. I can see why pregnancy=nausea in your Wordle!

Isabella - I wonder why everyone is searching for my nephew? Is he missing? Did they not tell me? I'm always the last to know.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Your searches are so interesting. It must be a reflection of your blog (in which case, I should reconsider what I'm posting because my searces are boring).

I might be a bit creeped out about someone searching for Tanya's tail - thank goodness you haven't shown your face.

mo.stoneskin said...

There's always a chance this is just Blognut right? Doing a random search and going next next next until eventually finding your blog, just to mess with your mind.

*smiles smugly and does another random search...*

blognut said...

Here's to another exciting month. Of course that doesn't include the family vacation, but I totally believe in you and I know you will come back with your sanity. :)

kj said...

hi cate, human being told me i'd best show up here and i'm glad i did. i'll be back to browse and linger in my own time; for now i'll try to figure out how to link for six word saturday. i know it's simple but for some reason i ended up technically challenged. but i'll get it done.

meanwhile, i am a fan of words, and it seems you are too.


Yaya said...


chocolate covered spinach...Mmmmm..

Amy K. said...

I love Wordl! A friend gave me a framed one for the holidays. And ungrouping xanax, pregnancy and drink was probably a good idea...if only for appearances sake ;-).

Grand Pooba said...

booty what? Ha! I wrote about my nephew always stripping down to his diaper and now everyone looking for strippers gets sent to my blog lol! Oh the dissapointment they must feel.

Call Me Cate said...

Ryan Ashley Scott - Funny, I was just thinking how boring my searches and Wordle were last month.

Mo - You're probably right. Blognut seems to really enjoy torturing me.

blognut - I'd say no guarantee on the sanity but I shall come back with stories!

kj - Thanks for stopping by! I post up Six Word Saturday at midnight my time. It's simple if Mr. Linky cooperates!

Yaya - I'm wondering about the nutritional info on that spinach. It sounds kinda icky though.

Amy - I love the idea of a framed Wordle! I may actually play with that today while I'm bored, using different calming words. Love it!

Pooba - I love to read my search terms and laugh at the disappointment people must feel when they reach my blog. Maybe after vacation, I can post about stripping nephews as well!

Tori_z said...

Some people are weird... Even compared to me!