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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The "other" side of Joe

Seems Joe is getting a bit of a hero complex reading some of the comments about him around here. And while he is my hero, I have to let you know that he's also not without a few faults.

Sometimes, when he's driving, he puts all the windows down from the controls on his door. I have longish hair. I do not want my window down. When I try to put it back up, I discover he has the child window lock thingies on so I can't. All of that isn't even the bad part. The bad part is when he laughs at me.

Remember my update about the Elevator of Death? And how it didn't ding anymore? My theory was that maybe you had to travel more than one floor for it to ding. Whatever, I totally avoided the elevator for the weekend until we were checking out because we had all that stuff. So as we hop in, Joe kindly pushes the button for the top floor. I can tell you that the ding did in fact sound if you ascended more than one floor. I can't tell you if it also sounded if you descended more than one floor because I punched Joe in the face gave Joe a VERY dirty look and hopped out when it stopped, leaving him alone in the elevator to deal with all my crap while I took the stairs.

And a final example of what a mean and horrible person Joe can be... He snores. Yep. Inexcusable. Though, it's kind of nice knowing that he's there. And still breathing. I prefer my Joe to be breathing. Just maybe not so loudly.

Yeah, that's really about the best I can share for "Reasons Joe is Evil and You Should All Stop Inflating His Ego". Guess he's not such a bad guy after all...


Astrid said...

Oh my God! My husband does the window child lock thing to me, his excuse: "uh? what button are you talking about?"

And I'm totally with you with the snoring also, I find myself waking up and almost pushing him off the bed to shut him up. Someday, they will pay for all they've done to us! All in the name of love.

C. Beth said...

Clearly he is evil to the core.

blognut said...

Be glad that he locks your window OPEN. Mr. Blognut locks my window CLOSED when he farts in the car. It's really quite charming, I assure you, and I'm pretty sure that it's cause for justifiable homicide.

Lora said...

Joe sounds like a terrible person.

If you need a safe place to get away for awhile, you know you can always come here.

Be strong.

You don't have to live like this.

Grand Pooba said...

Haha! That window trick is just unexcusable! How could anyone ever put up with such a man.

I just don't know how you do it you poor poor thing. ;)

TMC said...

Perhaps he looks you with a toussled, wind-swept look.

SparkleFarkle said...

Good Grief! I thought I was living with "Mr. Audacity"!! Chin up, Cate, I'll get the box of wine and we'll feet-up and compare notes.

Rochelle Ritchie Spencer said...

I had to wait until my sobbing subsided before I could respond to your desperate post. I think that evil Joe could be fixed-up with a good dose of Dr. Phil. I wish you all the best!

Snarky A. said...

And I totally bought the good-guy act... Well played, evil Joe, well played.

andy said...

@ least he didn't close your window using his button with your fingers in it.

and then not apologize.

'cause he's an asshole and he said that you "shouldn't have had your fingers in the window".


p.s. what a jerk.

Tori_z said...

LOL! Everyone has two sides to them. And, be thankful he's snoring and not grinding his teeth. Trust me, that's much more annoying!

The Wife O Riley said...

All and all, they don't seem like deal breakers. Although, the snoring is pretty bad. One time, Matt woke up with me on top of him with a pillow over his face because I couldn't take the log sawing anymore.

Veggie Mom said...

That Joe's a joker, huh? But that's what husbands are for, right? To annoy us?

Juliet Colors said...

Putting the windows down and the child lock on is pretty unforgivable. I hope you punched him. ;-)

Snoring is not allowed in my bedroom. If Alex attempts it, he gets a nice sharp poke in the arm until he stops. (Maybe I'm the evil one.)

I'm glad to see your feed seems to be working again. For a while there, I thought you weren't posting! (Although I'd still be behind in my blog commenting even if that weren't the case; I'm such a bad blogger these days.)

2cats said...

Well if Joe is evil for putting the windows on lock, I must be also. I do the driving in my family and I do that to my husband all the time, especially if the a/c is on.
He snores, but he also farts while he snores. It is breath in, fart out.
Naw, I don't think Joe is so evil.

Debbi said...

Seriously, Joe and Will need an intervention. I'm pretty sure I could start telling people how Will makes child porn, and they'd still think he's awesome!

If all else fails, I can at least go to Joe. You know. Cuz he'd give me that long ride.

You know, On the elevator.

......Jeez. Some people are so touchy.

PetalsYoga said...

Husbands, can't live with their giant egos, can't punch them in the face. Glad you took him down a few pegs, but seriously he still sounds pretty darn nice... I'm just saying.


Megan said...

Kyle locks the window on me too. Sometimes it's down and sometimes it's up...after he's farted. Men. Sheesh! ;0P