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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Somehow I topped Monday

Tuesday was a stellar day. I started off in the pool with Collin and Tina. Afterwards, I took off with Joe, my brother Rob, and SIL Rochelle for a fantastic lunch, some shopping, and a visit to a turtle rehab hospital. (No, the turtles were not recovering alcoholics or drug addicts.) Then a swim, Rochelle's awesome spaghetti, and a nice walk on the beach with the whole family.

Which is about where the day went to hell.

Rob (my brother) pointed out that instead of walking on the road, there was a little wooden boardwalk. The short story is that for a million reasons, I tripped, fell on my ass, and broke myself. I swear I heard Collin smile and say something about karma or revenge. Speaking of swearing, I let out the mother of all obscenities but I think only my brother heard me. Appropriate since I've decided it was his fault.

My knee and both hands are scraped but my right ring finger and right elbow took the worst of it. I'm not sure if the finger is jammed or sprained or what you want to call it but it's not taking pressure very well. Not even for typing this post.

While insisting I was ok to finish our walk, a storm blew in, sending us all flying back to the house. Joe, BIL and brother ran as fast as they could with Collin in the stroller. (Collin of course thought this was brilliant fun!) The rest of us followed as fast as we could with two old people, a pregnant woman, and me hobbling along. We spent the last of the night hanging out inside, hiding from the storm.

So on Monday I broke the baby, on Tuesday I broke me. I'm hoping that on Wednesday I don't cause any breaking to anyone or anything. Is that too much to ask?

P.S. I really miss Tonya and Rusty. I hope they're behaving and the kitty sitter is taking good care of them. I haven't managed to catch her on the webcams.


The Wife O Riley said...

I'm sorry you hurt yourself! This vacation is sounding alot like the book "And Then There Were None". Can't wait to hear who gets it today.

Tori_z said...

Ouchie! Sorry you hurt yourself.

HHope you don't break anyone (or anything) else.

TMC said...

oh dear. Sorry you hurt yourself. :( But look at what a trooper you are, sitting down in all your pain and agony to type a post. :)

It seems I can't express myself without (a) myriad of emoticons so here's one more just because.


I dunno what it means.

Debbi said...

no more breaking, okay???

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I think I broke my ass, too. There's a big crack in it.

I'm chuckling over the thought of a bunch of sea turtles sitting around, talking about how many days they've been off the stuff. The mental image of a sea turtle smoking makes me laugh, for some reason.

Mrs Cooper said...

This is turning out to be a not so good trip health wise. Hope there's nothing serious with your finger. I did giggle over the baby thinking Karma. Hope things improve for today (Wednesday)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you keep breaking people - how painful.

Hopefully today will the day that things turn around. Or maybe at least someone else will start breaking people. No, wait... that wouldn't be good.

Fingers crossed for well-being all around. (you did bring shark-away, right?)

Accidentally Me said...

Can I tell you that I have never heard of anything as totally and completely adorable as a Turtle Rehab Hospital?

SisterFriend said...

Owch. Hopefully you are done breaking things and can enjoy the rest of your vacation.

How's the sister, is she hormonal and bitchy?

andy said...

poor girl.

and i'm sure the kitty cats are just fine...but probably missing you:)

because you're awesome.

and tonya knows that noone else would put up with her shit.


p.s. other than all the injuries and weather mayhem i hope to heck you're having an acceptable vacay.

Snarky A. said...

owe! Sorry you got hurt Cate! I am sure the kitty cats are fine. They just miss you guys, and are probably just sleeping their loneliness away. That is usually what my cats do when I am away.

Enjoy your vacation!

Grand Pooba said...

I'm sure their fine. If their like my kitties, their probably planning on throwing a party while you're gone. Bad kitties!

You seriously need to stop this breaking streak! Nobody is safe! LOL

You know I totally am the same way!

Jenna said...

Sorry to hear about all the breaking. I hope today is much better!!

C. Beth said...

Love The Wife O Riley's comment about "And Then There Were None."

Hope you're feeling better very soon....

mo.stoneskin said...

"the turtles were not recovering alcoholics or drug addicts"

Yeah right, you'll believe anything.

Tonya came over to say hello. I gave her a beer and quizzed her on how she managed to make it over the pond. "By ocean liner you twerp" she replied.

Beth said...

Dang it! I hate tripping and falling. I hope you feel better soon.

Lindy said...

Hope today went better. Can it get worse? Be careful out there!

Call Me Cate said...

I managed not to break anyone on Wednesday. And I'm still sore but the hot tub is good!