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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Honesty is its own reward

I'm not a huge poster of awards and such but since I'm currently running amok out of town and trying to schedule ahead of time, here we are.

I received the Honest Scrap award twice (once from Moxie at Creative Explosion and once from Rochelle at slacker-chick.

I don't quite play by the rules when it comes to being tagged with awards but this one involves posting ten facts about yourself that noone else knows. Considering how often I TUI (twitter under the influence), I can't guarantee the noone-ness of these but here we go.

1. I am morally offended by black pepper. The taste, the way it mucks up the appearance of my potatoes, the sneezing. Ugh, just don't do it.

2. My favorite color is purple. Except when it is green. Or blue. And really, I'm more about color combinations. I want it all.

3. My will includes reference to a document specifying certain aspects of my funeral (because my parents are freaks and Joe shouldn't have to deal with them), including the outlawing of any carnations. I hate carnations. Daisies too.

4. I currently have ten posts in draft for this blog, ranging from pregnancy to electric usage to single drunk girl karaoke.

5. One of my wishes is to have a birthday cake with something really crazy screen-printed and written on it (like an ugly sofa and it says LASERS!!! maybe). Half the fun will be imagining what the cake people thought when they saw the order. Normal cakes are so unimaginative.

6. Sometimes I wonder how tired celebs become of repeating their trademarks. Like Roger Ebert - did he ever want to shove his thumb up someone's @$# because he just didn't feel like a thumbs up that day? And does Sting get totally tired of "Don't Stand So Close To Me"? I bet they do.

7. I once altered a picture of Rusty online to protect his anonymity.

8. I've been banned from my hometown Sears.

9. My first piano solo was How Great Thou Art and I was so embarrassed afterwards that I hid in the bathroom and cried.

10. As a child, I was teased for being tall. Now I'm teased for being short

Oh yeah, a few of those might be lies. Feel free to amuse yourselves with guessing which and I'll post the results on Monday.

I also received the Best Blog Award. Probably that one can and should be revoked but booyah anyways! Oh, and I got an award from mzbehavin but it had a dirty word in it so I'm all "thank you" but decided not to post it..

What I really want is that Zombie Chicken award. Or maybe I'll create my own Robot Armadillo award. Awesome, right? You know you want one. And it will have LASERS!!!


Tori_z said...

LOL! Interesting post!

Are you trying to get laser in the July search thingy or something?

Tortuga said...

Lasers! Woot!

LOL at your list.

Unknown Mami said...

Booyah, indeed! I don't know which are the lies, but if being banned from Sears is true, I'd love to know why.

blognut said...

Congrats on your awards.

I have no trouble at all with believing that you have been banned from Sears. You probably pushed someone down or punched them in the face for trying to take the last plastic container, right?

The Wife O Riley said...

Nice Honesty!! Carnations are filler flowers and should be kept out of every arrangement!

Betty said...

LOL, love your list. Can I guess which is true? Being banned from Sears? :) What did you do?

Congrats on the awards!

C. Beth said...

I hope the cake one is true because I like it!

I had one particularly embarrassing piano solo at church one time....

cindy said...

I'm going to venture a guess & say you haven't been banned from your hometown Sears. Cuz srsly, doesn't Sears need all the customers they can get?!

Melissa B. said...

Congrats to you on your accolades! Have you really been banned from your hometown Sears? I'd say that's worth blogging about!

Mariana Soffer said...

I see now that you do not play by the rules, I can check just by reading the text in one or two of the numbers I choose. I also can see there that you do not intend to get the honesty award from now on.

1 you can not be offended by something, unless you are crazy

2 doesn t make any sense but is not necesarely a lie

8 I do not think you can be banned from there

So my bet is 1 2 and 8 are false

just one question, how do you get so many awards?what are they usefull for?

Mocha Dad said...

I've never been teased for being tall.

slacker-chick said...

Personally I'm looking forward to the "single drunk girl karaoke" post. And who does one have to suck up to to receive a Zombie Chicken award? Thanks for playing! :)

a corgi said...

congrats on the awards! loved reading the 10 things about you; I can't imagine what you must have done to be banned from your local Sears store!

enjoy your time away......


Sassy Britches said...

I once made a cake for my mother that said "Happy Bar Mitzvah Cheryl" on it. Would you like one of those?