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Thursday, July 09, 2009


A bird was outside my window screaming today and I totally thought it was a kitten. Because that's what I need in my life, another cat. But no, it was just a bird. An annoying, obnoxious bird. That needed to die fly south for winter immediately.

And speaking of cats, yes, Tonya (she of the "all the cat hair you can eat") is sick. She was quite sick last fall as well, back when none of you were reading my blog. And since I had just started out, I didn't give a final update on that situation because I was afraid this was going to become the crazy cat lady blog. Anyways, last fall, she started sneezing then she became congested and couldn't breathe out of her little speckled nose. When cats can't smell their food, they quit eating it. And when cats quit eating, they kinda forget to start again, becoming anorexic and causing possibly severe and permanent damage to their kitty kidneys. Or is it the liver? Maybe that's if she drinks too much. Whatever it was, it cost us about a zillion dollars but after a week of not eating, the vet gave her a shot of valium and we spent the next few days hand-feeding her baby food until she returned to her usual crazy self.

So this time, she started sneezing towards the end of last week but we kept an eye on her. The appetite is amazing. But by Tuesday of this week, I could hear a bit of congestion and her eyes were watering. Since the vet is terrified of Tonya is familiar with Tonya's history, they gave me meds for her without bringing her in for an appointment. Three pills a day for seven days, 21 pills in all. It's like we're being punished. As I write this, five pills have successfully been crammed down the kitty throat. And only one bandaid applied to the human.

And to answer the questions posed in yesterday's post by TMC:
  • Tonya only gets a runny nose, not boogers though some cats do
  • her meds are pills, not liquid
  • Rusty's pissed that she's receiving extra attention and what he thinks are treats but are really antihistamines and antibiotics
Also, they don't have an online presence (anymore, except for the catcams). And it's entirely possible that Tonya is a drug dealer. Hey, it's a tough economy and her crunchies aren't cheap!

Ok, enough of being the crazy cat lady blog. Tomorrow I'll be posting about the bathroom in our first apartment, assuming Princess Andy quits being all princess-y and tells me which post she prefers. Otherwise, you may just get another post full of cat hair.


Beth said...

Poor kitty! I hope she feels better soon.

Sunshinemeg said...

Poor baby.

Mrs Cooper said...

Awww, Harley sounds much meows her way. He said she'll know what they mean.

TMC said...

Best be sure she's really swallowing her meds because if you add a little coke & rat poison to them, you've got a little kitty meth house going on.

pssst, Tonya, call me!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I've found that cats are a wonderful cure for screaming birds outside the window.

C. Beth said...

Poor Tonya. I've been having luck giving Zoodle his meds by mixing them with granola, or yogurt w/fruit. A big drop with every bite. So, just buy some cat granola and a cat spoon, and grind up the pills, and you should be fine. ;)

Meg said...

Poor Tonya. (I'm just barely brave enough to say poor birdie.)

Cat boogers? Most thankfully, I've never seen animal boogers of any kind!

Debbi said...

ew. Sick cats are the worst!!!

Grand Pooba said...

That makes me so sad when kitties get sick! Both my kitties are so fat, they could use a little annorexia in their life!

Comedy Goddess said...

Those screaming early birds ruin my beauty sleep. And I need all I can get at my age!

mo.stoneskin said...

Speaking of cat hair my wife bought a jigsaw puzzle froma charity shop. The box was full of (the pieces and) cat hair. What I want to know is where the cat is.

a corgi said...

poor Tonya! hoping she feels better soon; its okay to have a crazy cat lady blog; I somehow can relate, having a crazy dog lady blog :)


Princess Andy said...

holy good god cate, what did i forget to do?!

crap! was i supposed to pick up milk, or did i not clean the bathroom okay?

AAAGGGHHH...i'm a little frightened.

and sorry...'cause apparently i've let you down?

i'm going to go and rock myself in the corner until you get back to me.

your faithful minion,

p.s. give tonya kisses from me...or maybe just blow some;)

Princess Andy said...

never mind.

found it.


p.s. please everyone disregard my previous rant. thankyousomuch

slacker-chick said...

So glad Tonya will be getting better soon. Taking my 20 y.o. fur-baby to the vet on Monday and crossing my fingers that everything is still in working order.

2cats said...

A few years ago we had 5 cats. They go together and decided to all get sick at the same time. I had three cats on 2 of the same meds and two cats on 2 different meds. And all 5 were on one of the same. Some were pills some were liquids. They were all on a different schedule. I spent 2 weeks doing nothing but being a kitty nurse.
Hope kitty feels better soon

blognut said...

Poor kitty. I hope you're clearing up all the cat snot for her and she remembers to eat.

Did Andy get back to you? 'Cause if she didn't, I still want to hear all about the bathroom. Potty talk rocks!

Critty Critty Bang Bang said...

Poor you! Cats are diva enough without being sick...then it's multiplied ten fold!

Tori_z said...

My blog was mostly cat themed at first. It's lucky I expanded my topics of discussion after a while though, or I'd have nothing to blog about now. LOL!

Anyway, hope Tanya's cold gets better quickly, and that you don't lose any limbs while attempting to persuade her to swallow the pills.