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Friday, July 31, 2009


By the time Friday rolls around in my world, I usually find myself completely exhausted mentally from work. Add sleeping issues the past few months and I'm also physically depleted.

Friday means I stumble out of bed, driven by the knowledge that this is the last work day before a break. Around 3pm I usually catch my second wind and start feeling excited for the weekend.

The evening usually promises a nice meal at home, some wine, and a movie. Joe works such long days during the week that sometimes I feel like I don't see him until Friday nights so that's our time to catch-up.

Friday night also means crawling into bed knowing I don't have to wake up in the morning. Not that I really sleep in but it's still comforting to realize there will be no alarm clock.

For my coworker, Friday night is pizza night and all of the families in his neighborhood take turns hosting. For a friend, Friday night is "date night" with her husband and they dress up and head out on the town. For my BIL and his family, Friday is "camping night" and the entire family "camps" somewhere together, whether it be the living room, the backyard, or the lake.

What does Friday night mean to you?

P.S. Friday night is ALSO when I make sure my Six Word Saturday post is ready to go. Please come back tomorrow!


C. Beth said...

For me Friday means I can look forward to having time with my husband over the weekend. Sometimes I can even stay up late knowing I don't have to get up, but we take turns on that luxury. Mostly it's just nice knowing we'll have family time.

Today I know I have a big weekend ahead of me since we're heading out of town early Monday morning. Lots to do to prepare. Also have a baby shower and will be hanging out with a friend who is celebrating quitting her 2nd job & doing a real estate mentoring appt since I'll be gone next it'll be busy around here!

@religionbites said...

good post Cate

Friday nights mean time with the family. We try to do movie night and hope to get back to it very soon. Fridays also mean I'm close to cuddle time with hubby on Saturday morning.

@religionbites (patti)

Grand Pooba said...

Friday means one of two things. We are exhausted from the work week so the hubster and I crash at home. Or our friends drag us out of the house and make us "hang out" which usually just involves watching TV at their house.

Either way Friday's are pretty exciting for me.

blognut said...

During the summer, Friday often means a night swim and fire at our house, with beer and pizza.

Happy Friday, Cate!

Isabella said...

I agree with you. I look forward to having time with my husband as he works crazy hours most of the time. Friday seems to be the only night we are we can have a nice family dinner and just relax.

Our weekends tend to fill up with parties, family visits and friends visits that we don't get as much time together as I'd like. By the time Sunday rolls around, I feel like I need another weekend to recover. :)

It's not that bad though...anti-social is not a good look for me.

Eric said...

You are bad, making people think of things other than work on a Friday. To me it usually means hanging out with museum friends, or getting ready for weekend art projects.

Robynbeth said...

Fridays just mean we get a chance to slow down. My mother would run errands on Fridays, and that just drove me nuts as a kid. No bank, no dry cleaners, no groceries on Fridays, not if I can help it. Tonight is homemade pizza and a movie.

Anonymous said...

I forgot it was Friday till I saw your post. Working in school and being off during the summer sure messes time up for you along with your money.
When I am working Friday's mean payday for me, so I get my kids something to eat from the local Chinese place or Mickey D's and a movie. It's amazing what you start to look forward to after 20 years of marriage and kids. Ha!

Tori_z said...

Friday nights don't mean a lot to me. I can't work, so I don't have days off to look forward to, and I don't go out on set days really, so... *Shrugs*

The Rambler said...

Sigh. Usually work. That's what Friday night means for me :(

One day I'll switch to a normal 9-5 Mon-Fri work job. One day.

Hope everyone enjoys their Fridays!!

AmyK. said...

Friday night during the school year means I am too tired to go out...But Friday night in the summer means we usually go out for dinner with the kids. Although tonight the spouse and I are going out with friends! fun!

Betty said...

I love Friday´s too! When I come home from work, my cleaning lady has cleaned the house and I get to just enjoy it! :) (Cleaning lady´s are really cheap down here, and everybody has one....)

slacker-chick said...

Friday's meant a lot more to me when I wasn't one of the unemployed masses. Now, every day is like a Friday, and my tired hubs gets home from work on, say, a Tuesday, and I'm like a slobbering puppy, (but potty trained), "Wanna go out? Huh? Huh?" Not that I'm complaining.

a corgi said...

I hope you are having a nice relaxing Friday night; Fridays use to mean a nice dinner out with hubby, then we had kids so it changed and became making a nice dinner at home with a bottle of wine; now with a change in work schedule, I work Friday nights until 9:30 my time. All in all, though, I'm always glad when Friday arrives!



Mariana Soffer said...

Friday for me is a nightmare, I am usually unable to get up, need to use 3 alarm clocks. Need to skip lunch cause it makes me sleepy. Indeed what I need to do is to stop going out on thursdays.