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Sunday, August 02, 2009


Main Entry: com·fort
Pronunciation: \ˈkəm(p)-fərt\
Function: transitive verb

1 : to give strength and hope to : cheer
2 : to ease the grief or trouble of : console
3 : Rusty

Sometimes all it takes is a purring cat in your lap to make the world right again.

Thanks Rusty, you da man.

What's your idea of simple comforts?


SisterFriend said...

Hearing about baby crap. ha ha! I kid!

Elle Bee said...

A big hug from my hubby. :o)

PetalsYoga said...

Being with family and friends and laughing our keesters off at nothing in particular. That is when I feel most comforted and happy.

Love ya,


Kay said...

Eh... that wasn't supposed to be a hard question, was it? Cuz it is right now.
I'll blame PMS for the fact that I cannot come up with a SINGLE answer to that question right now.

Shayla said...

When I get super stressed out about exams and life, my boyfriend brings me my favorite starbucks coffee and will just let me vent for five minutes straight. He then gives me a hug and a kiss and says something sweet that makes me feel everything will be okay soon...He's even done that at 10 o'clock at night, when he was ready to go to bed! He still went out of his way to come to my house and make me feel better!

The Rambler said...

When my 2 year old brings me back to the land of the coming to me and randomly kissing me and just saying..."You awight Mama!"

Beth said...

Same thing but with the dog. Wha!? This dog can purr with the best of the kitties.

AmyK. said...

My kids. Or if they aren't around, the dog usually will suffice. She likes me no matter what. And if I give her cheese she will lay her head on me and look longingly into my eyes.

It's nice.

Kat said...

My cats seem to go above and beyond - almost borderline molesting you.

I love the comfort of ahot cup of joe.

Tortuga said...

Oh a purring cat IS just awesome. Sam (cat) likes to crawl onto my shoulder and just purr.

I also feel comforted when Molly (dog) crawls under my chair and sleeps on my feet. Just something about her being ok with things means I should be and can be too.

And, ok, this won't work for everyone, but I love rocking in my rocking chair on my back porch with a good book where I can watch my turtles just do their thing.

Mariana Soffer said...

Sweet post this one. My idea includes the following items:
1. being barefoot
2. throwing things to the air
3. kicking a football strongly
4. being in disguise

Nikke said...

Being able to come home and my hubby has my loungy pants, a nice warm sweatshirt and my favorite throw blanket ready for me with the remote.

JennyMac said...

awww...cute. And I vote for a big hug too.

mo.stoneskin said...

My idea of comforts?

As a self-confessed comfort whore I'll give you a list.

1) Freshly ground (and freshly roasted) coffee. The smell of opening the bag of beans, the smell of them ground, the smell of them brewing, the satisfying taste.

2) Wine. Spanish, or French. Sure, I'll do a few others, but they're my favourite. Rioja, St Emillion, Crozes Hermitage, Albali.

3) My baby's smile. The one she reserves for her daddy.

4) A big juicy burger. Real meat. Gonna get one now...

(I could go on, but I need to indulge in some simple comforts...)

Tori_z said...

My idea of comfort is being curled up somewhere with a blanket, a cup of tea, a book, and - if possible - a furkid. The furkid thing isn't always possible though, because dogs aren't generally as eager to cuddle as most cats are, and Kero often gets up and goes to lay somewhere else. That's what I miss most about my cats... They - especially my Chance cat - used to love to cuddle up with me.

blognut said...

I think I need to borrow your cat for a minute.

You know, the nice one. Not the one who wants to gouge out my eyeballs.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Chocolate ice cream with potato chips crunched in. Never fails.

Or hearing giggles from Monsoon. That sound could wake me from a coma.