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Thursday, August 06, 2009

First Fursday: Debating Healthcare

It's that time again. First Fursday. I thought I'd keep the topic light and fluffy (like Tonya!) and weigh-in on the popular topic of healthcare. Not necessarily the plan proposed by that nice guy with the big ears but more about the real topics - healthcare for felines.

Back in my days on the streets, before I moved in with these humans, I met a lot of other cats in da 'hood and then in the shelter. I went a long time without proper healthcare. I had a lot of itchies and sores from my allergies and also bugs in my ears.

Since I've lived with my humans, they've taken excellent care of me. Maybe I'm even spoiled a bit. Regular vet visits, occasional "emergency" trips, pills, shots, booty probes. Yeah, I could do without that last one. But I realize not all kitties have access to this kind of care.

Take for example Duncan. He lived with long-haired human's mother and about ten other cats. Tonya met him once but I've never been on that long car ride to the North. She said overall, those were skanky kitties with lots of diseases and creepy crawlies. They don't receive proper care. In fact, the only time they go to the vet is when they're very sick. They don't even go to be spayed or neutered which makes Bob Barker cry. (Also, how rude is it that he's Bob BARKer and not Bob MEOWer. So discriminatory.)

Anyways, Duncan got in a fight outside with some skanky barn cat. This was back in March and he was in rough shape but eventually he seemed better. Last week, he was in another fight. Finally they took him to the vet because he couldn't walk. The vet had to operate and found a lot of infection. Even though they gave him lots of kitty antibiotics, the infection had spread too much and Duncan went to the big litter box in the sky.

If Duncan had received proper healthcare, he'd still be eating his Meow Mix. Even if they had just taken him in March when he first was hurt, he would've been alright.

I wish people wouldn't take home kitties if they didn't plan to care for us properly. It makes me very sad. Unfortunately, Duncan isn't the first pet to face the same fate in that house. I'm so very glad I found a home here with my humans.

So scratch your furry friends under the chin, have our appropriate parts snipped, and keep us safe, warm and loved. Otherwise, Tonya will eat your face.

P.S. Sorry this isn't as light-hearted as other posts by the kitties. Rusty's long-haired human is pretty disgusted with her mother right now and this was the best he could do.


@religionbites said...

I feel bad for that poor kitty. I'm glad you live with a wonderful human who takes wonderful care of you. Go purr in her face a few times at 3am. I'm sure she'll love the attention.

silver star said...

If the right vet fixes you, they may even give you a tattoo, possibly one that matches your eyes like my kitty. From what I understood, she had a rough life as well before a former neighbor took her in, and eventually made our home hers. She doesn't like being stuck in a small area or our next door neighbor's cat, but loves those chin rubs and her Meow Mix!

blognut said...

Awwww - that's pretty sad.

Honestly, people should have to pass a test to have pets and/or children.

Tori_z said...

I hate when people do that. If you take any animal home... Cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig, bird, hamster, fish... Doesn't matter what it is... You should be prepared to give it the proper care it needs and deserves. Be it just keeping the fish bowl or tank clean, and feeding it reggularly, or getting it spayed/neutered and treated for things it needs to be treated for (fleas, worms, and any illnesses common to said animal, for example). And when the animal gets sick or hurt, you should take it to the vet. I absolutely hate it when people don't do that. They can see it's hurt, they can see it's not looking too good, but still they do nothing to make its life more comfortable. All animals ask is for a bit of love, decent health care, full food and water bowls, somewhere to sleep, and the occasional treat. Why do some people think that's too much to ask for? I mean, it's a lot less than most humans ask for!

Moxie said...

My cat never went to the vet barely, and he lived to be 17. Maybe if we had taken him to the vet more, he'd lived to be 30.

I hate it when people don't take care of their pets. I hate it even more when people just let their animals roam the neighborhood aimlessly. I can't tell you how many times we have dogs that don't belong to us in my yard antagonizing my poor 100 pound puppy.

Thanks for the read, Rusty. I wish I could give you a cat treat for your good work. :)

Thank goodness you have a good human. And it's a good thing that I'm not your human, or you'd be my dance partner. One of my cats gets to dance with me. You're very. very. lucky.

AmyK. said...

If you have a pet, it is your responsibility to care for it properly. Period.

My pets love me :-)

Megan said...

Ugh! Why can't people just be responsible pet owners! I think it was a week or so ago, a house in a neighboring town was reported for {something}. When the authorities went in, they found a lot {not sure of the number} of neglected and dead cats, birds and another animal that I don't remember right now. So disgusting! If you can't take care of your animals, don't get them in the first place! =(

So so sad!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

That's awful, the poor kitty. I have issues with my inlaws and their cat. The poor thing is wider than it is long, can barely walk and when it does, it's belly rubs against the floor. Sadly, they have reared 3 of their 4 children in a similar fashion. As far as pets and children go, if you can't take care of them properly, well... just DO take care of them properly anyway!

Snarky A. said...

I'm definitely with Rusty on this one - take good care of your fur babies, people! Very sad! :(

slacker-chick said...

Very good advice Rusty - I'm sorry about Duncan.

Would you consider me a bad human since I have never even taught my kitty how to type much less post something on my blog?

Loser Kitty Mom

Jewel Goodwin said...

That is very sad. My kitties get excellent care as well as their choice of warm body to sleep on whenever they wish. Even when they pee on the bed. They are very old - almost 14 - so I'm thinking they don't really mean to pee on the bed. Plus they are so cute.