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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Full of Happy #2

I'm resorting to a "Friday Full of Happy" for today's post for two reasons:
  • Nothing else is coming to mind
  • I'm not feeling particularly happy so it would probably serve me well to look for some warm & fuzzy
So, what do I have to be happy about on this dreary Friday?

- My doctor's appointment went better than expected yesterday. The pH test results weren't as bad as anticipated and the doc is very on-board with pursuing other options besides jumping straight to surgery.

- I have great veins according to the nurse that took my blood this morning for a follow-up test.

- I got free breakfast (orange juice and a cookie) after having by blood drawn because I blacked out afterwards.

- The new sofa and loveseat (all nicely reclining) will be delivered on Monday, hopefully providing me with a better sleep situation. And because I was all fired up, I managed to save us $200 off the sale price AND get it delivered on Monday instead of the end of September.

- My vacation is very near.

- My sister, Tina, will be having a girl this time around. Yay for cute girl clothes!

Eh, it might not be a great list but there are a few things in there to be happy about. And, of course, it's Friday.

What's making you full of happy today? Please share - it makes me happy to read your happies!


TMC said...

Happy? Hmmm..
1. The weekend's nearly here.
2. The weekend weather is supposed to be lovely.
3. I'm expecting a few packages in the mail.
4. I have a care package plan for a few friends who could use some cheering up.
5. There's a 3 day weekend coming next week (plus I might get to take an extra day off.)
6. Husband seemed to get over whatever was making him act like a menopausal madwoman fairly quickly.

Snarky A. said...

• It's Friday
• little dog who is happy to see me even when I wake him up at 5 am
• caffeine
• under-eye-purpleness concealer
• Oh, yeah, it's Friday!!!

Happy weekend, Cate!

C. Beth said...

Those are some good happies--especially the hopefully-no-surgery happy.

My biggest happies this morning:
*I got up before the kids this morning and started the morning on a peaceful, prayerful foot. And we took a walk. I wish I started most mornings this way. (I could!)
*Still very happy about my friend who had a baby via surrogate yesterday!!

Seansmoma said...

I hope your day gets much better, Cate.

My happy today? My new phone is on the way! Fedex says it's "In transit." I'm just hoping it gets here before we leave to do some shopping around three. *Crosses fingers*

The Wife O Riley said...

My kids are spending the weekend at grandma's

Debbi said...

My 8 brothers and sisters all arrived last night for the two-week crazy wedding fiestas.

I have internet at the new house!!!

Gypsy Lala said...

Hi, just to say, I like your blog, you have been tagged here:

Jessica said...

Great veins are always a plus! Way better than bad veins. What A Nightmare!

This is a nice and positive blog post. I should do one, too. My last 2 weeks have been utter crap.

@religionbites said...

My happys:
It's Friday
I had funnel cake for lunch
boss has been in a good mood lately
kids go back to school monday.

a corgi said...

congrats on the good test results! sorry you passed out though. Do you drink a lot of water? I do and I have great veins for drawing blood too.

congrats on having a neice soon

and vacation, wow, wonderful!!!

my happy, its payday!!!

enjoy the weekend


The Tildy Spot said...

My happy? Hmmmm... it's Friday and I love my new-to-me car.

Call Me Cate said...

You all have such great happies... Don't we all feel better now?

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Girl clothes are fun - also, the shoes.

I'm happy about Monsoon going to bed early tonight (because we were up several hours late last night cleaning up dog sick and de-stinkifying the house).

Rachel said...

I am happy we share in the "Great Veins" club.

I am not so happy some of those great veins are starting to show up in spidery patches on my legs...

Quilly said...

Tomorrow I have a job interview at the best private school on the island. Just being invited to step inside the door is a major win!

Rena said...

1. It's Friday. (finally)
2. It is going to STOP RAINING over the weekend. (YAY)
3. I get to sleep in over the weekend. (ZZZzzz... :D )
4. Sleeping in means I haz a happy for rest of day. (mostly)

Okay, so they all have a common theme. I had to think hard on them, because this week has been crap.

Your blog made me happier though. :)

Moxie said...

Blogging, crafting, and being awesome make me happy.

I have good veins too. Let's form a club!

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Awww, you need a hug I think!

That is a very good list of happy I think! Congrats to your sister. Baby girls are so fun to shop for!

Waiting patiently for 6WS ;)

Lindy said...

We got the Diego kite in the air today. Really high. Just grandma and a 3-year old! That made us both really happy!

We rode trikes and he made me stop and pull over and said "Grandma, we need to talk." Cracked me up! Must not have liked my driving!

p.s. I have crummy veins. They draw straws over who has to draw my blood!

Have a great weekend!

Bridgette said...

It's the weekend!!! :)

2cats said...

My happies are:

SIL is here for weekend.
There WILL be shopping.
The first stop on the shopping list is, of course a bookstore.

cherie said...

knowing you're all right is one!

Mariana Soffer said...

It makes me happy that I am going to see my sister on tuesday after almost a year, she is comming to my country happily for almost 2 weeks. And I am also happy because I am doing great at my research, I am discovering very interesting experimental stuff and I have a group of people they just gave me to help me with my experiments.
Thats all for now
And I am happy for you great stuff friend.

Tori_z said...

What made me happy yesterday (Friday)? Let's see...

* I finally got to see Ice Age 3, after asking someone to take me for over a month.
* I discovered I'd lost some of the weight I put on while spending so much of the past year in hospital.
* Some flowers finally showed up properly on my Sunflowers.
* The hubby cooked dinner for a change (and did a good job too... And it was a proper dinner too!)

I think that's it. Not super happy things, but happy enough I think. :)

Sassy Britches said...

I'm late for a very important date--reading this post! I hope that the sofa and loveseat work out tomorrow; how exciting!

soulbrush said...

doesn't it annoy you when they say 'you have great veins' then they can't bloody well find one...grrrr. what are 'great veins'?? i'd rather be told i have great legs!!!!