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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Guess who's moving?

Nope, not me. Though after the past couple of days with the lightning strike, it's kinda tempting.

Apparently our entire neighborhood is evacuating. Abandoning ship. Running for cover. Moving to Canada. Going into hiding. Of fifty homes, two have just been sold, three are on the market, and two more are preparing to go on the market. I exclaimed to Joe that this was like half the 'hood! "No, did you fail math? That's 14%, not fifty." Bah.

I could be concerned that we missed a memo. I could take it personally (especially since one is right next door and the other is next door to them). Instead, I shall rejoice.

I like having the 'hood to ourselves. The house directly next door has been empty for a couple of months now. They come back to mow once a week and workers come and go all day working on floors or bloodstain removal or something. They were never troublesome anyways.

But the best news EVER is that the neighbor next to them? This guy. That's right folks, it appears Angry Neighbor is on the move. I'm thinking of sending him a going away gift by toilet papering his lawn or something.

(Actually, the BEST news may be that Totally Hot Running Shirtless Neighbor is going nowhere.)

Plus, I'm fairly certain that someone awesome will move into one of these houses. I'll take them a welcome basket of fresh from the bakery oven cookies and they shall be my new BFFs. We'll be like Paris Hilton and whoever her latest BFF is, but without all the diseases and skank. And it will last longer than one season.

Or maybe one of you would like to be my new neighbor. We can party on my deck, you can complain when I don't mow my lawn, and you can take care of my cats when I'm away. Yes, awesome plan. Any takers?


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Angry neighbor leaving/hot running neighbor staying put? Sounds like peace and unicorns to me!

silver star said...

You have no idea how tempting of an offer that is for me! I want to move so badly!

Lori J said...

Well my friend, I was feeling rather down until I read your blog and it gave me a chuckle and lifted my spirits. Thanks.



PS Canada is really not a bad place to live..NOW that is Western Canada mind you

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I'll move in. But, um, just don't complain about when I don't mow my lawn because it's 90+ degrees. I'll do the same for you.

Grand Pooba said...

Do your cats like dogs? Really big dogs?

sherri said...

Your offer sounds awfully tempting...

Fannyfanackapan said...

Yay on getting rid of angry neighbour.

Would love to offer to cat sit, but it's a bit far :-)

Lani said...

hey I am with you...what the H?
Now I would probably take it personally because that is me...the way I am ...LOL Glad angry guy is on the move...and running shirtless isn't :-)
Thanks for stopping by!

See you Sat!

Good luck on you New BFF!

Tori_z said...

Hope it's only the annoying neighbours that are moving, and that the ones you like don't start packing up too. :)

I wouldn't mind being your kitty sitter neighbour. Just one small snag... I couldn't afford to move right now, even if I wanted to. Tell you what though, if I happen to win the lottery some time soon then I'll consider taking you up on the offer. ;)

slacker-chick said...

Maybe a hot-shirtless-lawn mower guy will move in next door, and, because he loves mowing so much, he'll mow yours too...shirtless. Hey, a girls gotta dream!

Moxie said...

I fail at math too. My friend had to explain that 14% was 7 out of 50. V_V

Congrats on your empty hood. Do you have any houses with a built in craft room, ready with supplies and everything? If so, I'll totally use my imaginary super hero monies to move next door to you. [In your dreams, Moxie...]

blognut said...

Well... okay. I'll move in, but if I watch your cats when you go on vacation, you have to watch my dogs when I go on vacation. Deal?

Oh, by the way, when you watch the dogs, you have to bring them to your house because they have separation anxiety and they need to be with people. Actually, only one of them has this problem, but we don't which one, you have to take 'em both.


Lizze said...

Hey, I could move next door to you and then we can say "I didn't mow my lawn because you didn't mow your's and really, what's the point?" ;) Then we'll grow an urban jungle and cut super-secret pathways between the houses that no one else (except our husbands - bah!) will know about. And my dog Maggie can use it as cover when she captures Totally Hot Running Shirtless Neighbor for us.

I haven't put any thought into this, not me.

*shuffles feet*

angi_b72 said...

The only going away gift i would give "angry neighbor" is a punch in the face!! lol

Unknown Mami said...

I'm so glad your eye candy is not moving.

Kay said...

I would SOOO love to live next to your unmowed lawn so that mine would blend right in. Instead, I live next to the uber-perfect neighbors that never have a blade of grass out of place. Ugh. They're probably wishing WE would move.

Megan said...

That is pretty weird. I bet if I roamed my neighborhood I'd probably find something similar, but since I stick to my cul de sac, I've no idea. LOL All of my cul de sac neighbors are staying put.

Lucky for you that Mr. Angry Neighbor is leaving. Maybe you should get out there and do a cheer in front of his house. Haha!

And hotty-shirtless-neighbor is staying? Wooohooo!!! =D